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Hey, you guys!! <3 This is basically a running list of notable pieces in which I have either been mentioned, or articles/guest posts/creative writing (poetry, short fiction, etc.) that I have written for other sites! Hope you enjoy my writing! :)

Odyssey Online:

Odyssey, "What Home Means To Me," January 2016

Odyssey, "5 Books Being Released in 2016 That You Should Get Excited About" , January 2016

Odyssey, "9 Reasons Why Dating Your Best Guy Friend Is The Most Magical Thing Ever", January 2016

Odyssey, "What College Girls Really Look For In A Guy" , December 2015

Odyssey, "What It's Really Like Being A Republican At A Liberal Arts College", December 2015

Odyssey, "Why You Shouldn't Have A Five-Year Plan", December 2015

Odyssey, "10 Tell-Tale Sings You're An ENFP Personality Type", November 2015

bSmart Guide:

Inkling Writing:

theLOOK, "Must-Have Mondays":

theLOOK, "Must-Have Mondays: Me And My Crew", April 2014

theLOOK, "Must-Have Mondays: Jack-In-The-Box", April 2014

theLOOK, "Must-Have Mondays: Antique-Chic", April 2014

theLOOK, "Must-Have Mondays: Feeling Uptight", March 2014

theLOOK, "Must-Have Mondays: Loafing Around", March 2014

theLOOK, "Must-Have Mondays: As A Last Resort", March 2014

theLOOK, "Must-Have Mondays: Nailed It!", February 2014

theLOOK, "Must-Have Mondays: Gone Hunting", February 2014

theLOOK, "Must-Have Mondays: Footie Pajama Frenzy", December 2013

theLOOK, "Must-Have Mondays: The Red Lip", November 2013

theLOOK, "Must-Have Mondays: Sock It To Me", November 2013

theLOOK, "Must-Have Mondays: In The Trenches", November 2013

theLOOK, "Must-Have Mondays: Gotta Give Back", October 2013

theLOOK, "Must-Have Mondays: Halloween For Your Weener (Dog)", October 2013

theLOOK, "Must-Have Mondays: We Love Jack Wills!", October 2013

theLOOK, "Must-Have Mondays: Sweaters (we want all of them!)", October 2013

Her Campus:

Her Campus, "Camels Are Thankful For...," November 2014

Her Campus, "Awkward Questions At The Thanksgiving Dinner Table," November 2014

Her Campus, "Spooky Destinations For Local Halloween Fun!", October 2014

Her Campus, "Not-So-Traditional Halloween Candy," October 2014

Her Campus, "Best Halloween Costumes For Your Major," October 2014

Her Campus, "Campus Celebrity: Hayley Smith '17," October 2014

Her Campus, "Get Pickin'! - Best Local Orchards For Fall Festivities," September 2014

Her Campus, "Five Nautical Towns To Visit Over Fall Break," September 2014

Her Campus, "10 Easy Tips For Time Management & Studying," September 2014

Her Campus, "Green Dot Week," February 2014

Her Campus, "A New Look At New Year's Resolutions," December 2013

Her Campus, "5 Festive D.I.Y. Ornaments," December 2013

Her Campus, "Where Would You Rather Be During Finals Week?", December 2013

Her Campus, "5 Easy Pieces To Transition Your Wardrobe For The Chillier Months Ahead," November 2013

Her Campus, "My Favorite Part Of This Outfit Is...", October 2013

Her Campus, "Campus Celebrity: Oliva Dufour," October 2013

Her Campus, "10 New Albums For Fall 2013," October 2013

Society19 (formerly SRTrends) :

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