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My Wanderlust List

The following is a running list of places I've never been before but would love to visit! I will be sure to check off the places below as I visit them! ;)

1. Charleston, South Carolina, USA
2. Chicago, Illinois, USA
3. Saint-Tropez, France
4. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
5. Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA
6. Perugia, Italy
7. Milan, Italy
8. Houston, Texas, USA
9. Geneva, Switzerland
10. Quebec, Canada
11. Athens, Greece
12. Montreal, Canada
13. Paris, France
14. Portland, Maine, USA Completed: April 2015
15. Florence, Italy
16. Seattle, Washington, USA
17. Basel, Switzerland
18. Portland, Oregon, USA
19. San Francisco, California, USA
20. Rome, Italy

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