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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Part-Time Grad School!? (What I'm Going To Be Doing This Winter)


^unrelated stock photo that I found on Google that looks super cute but has absolutely not much to do with this post other than the fact that these cookies seem to have a ~*winter vibe*~ about them. XD

But! I'm baaaaa-aaaaaaack!!! *throws arms around dramatically*

So, for those of you who I'm Facebook friends with, you've already seen my status that this past quarter I received a 4.0 GPA while taking the maximum possible course-load for the Master of Fine Arts graduate program in Writing at SCAD. This is a huge accomplishment to me, for many personal reasons. I'll keep it short, as many of you have already read the status so just to be brief: Back in my first two years of high school, I was told some highly discouraging comments by teachers about my writing. However, this is a real "touche" to their rudeness, and I'm so glad that I didn't give up on my passions, merely because a few people were unable to see what I had to offer.

NOW, I want to fill you guys in on what I'm going to be up to next quarter!

Next quarter, I will only be attending grad school part-time which means taking only one course. "Writing For Fashion" is the one I picked! *cue sassy hand flip* So what else will I be doing to occupy this extra time!? (Besides blogging again, ayyyyy! ;) )

Well, as you may have guessed, I had absolutely no time to study for the Certified Personal Trainer exam that I'm going to be taking sometime in 2017, most likely this spring (lol.) Because of this, I'll be taking this quarter to study for this CPT exam. It really is a ton of material... There's a lot of anatomy, science, memorization...but I totally got this! *cue "Eye of the Tiger" playing in the background* "Nothing great ever comes easy," as they say, amiright!?

Although my grades came out wonderfully, I was neglecting my physical health by the end of the quarter. I stopped cooking for myself a few weeks in, in favor of relatively unhealthy take-out options, and even though I've been working with my own personal trainer to be able to more "look the part" and learn firsthand about what works and what doesn't work when working with clients/ creating fitness plans + schedules for people, my schedule got to a point where I wasn't really able to hit the gym as much as I'd like to. Running errands, feeling physically exhausted, emotional stress, nourishing my romantic relationship, being social, completing schoolwork assignments, completing household chores, etc. just seemed to keep taking priority over the gym, and that's about to change -- for good.

We only get one body in this lifetime and it's our duty to keep it healthy (and healthy can taste -#veggiewraps- and feel -#energizerbunny-  and look -#croptopcity- really really good!) This quarter is going to be all about the "Writing About Fashion" grad school class, studying for the Certified Personal Trainer exam, getting into really great physical shape myself, BLOGGING (AND FINALLY LEARNING HOW TO VLOG BECAUSE WHAT IS A CAMERA TBH LOL also how does everyone make those little graphics with the channel name in their videos like what the heck I need those in my life for realz), learning to cook healthy meals that still taste amazeballs, aaaaand I'm planning on doing some volunteer work with the community...but I'm keeping that a surprise for now! More to come on that later! :D

Oh and, of course, continuing to grow together with Matt in our relationship is numero uno!!!!! Let me just give this total sweetheart-bae a shoutout right now. He dedicated a song he wrote to me in honor of how I did so well in school, and he wrote an accompanying Facebook post that was an incredibly sweet, heartfelt message of encouragement. Literally I'm #shook by him every day and I just need to say that he's so supportive and fantastic and he's such an amazing person with the biggest, kindest heart. You can check out the song out here (his work is mainly instrumental, which makes it really great to chill out to), and see the rest of his music, too: !

Alsoooo, Matt has some really cool guest posts about some ~*dank*~ vegetarian food (when a guy goes vegetarian for you, you know it's true love, tbh~ LOL.), so keep your eyes peeled for that headed your way in the future! And naturally, videos on my new YouTube channel in which he will be making a cameo appearance are both most inevitable and most welcome.

Get excited for what's to come, friends!!
xoxo, Brooke