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Friday, December 30, 2016

16 Truths That I Learned in 2016

Man, oh, man. WHAT A YEAR. I'm glad 2017 is fast-approaching to say the least, LOLOLOL. The first half was absolutely heinous, but the second half was a total change of pace. Seeing the positive aspect in every situation (and then clinging to it for dear life!!!) helped me through the bad parts, and the good parts were humbling and filled with gratitude rather than making me egotistical. Here are 16 truths that I learned in 2016!

*insert quote about learning to make lemonade out of lemons here* or should I say... pink lyme-ade, maybe!? ;)

1. Fear of being disliked or not being approved of by others is probably holding you back much more than you think.

2. Also, don't fear the journey that leads you to the destination you want to reach.

3. Your emotions cause physical sensations, too. (i.e. whenever I'm upset, my throat hurts because of the whole #FightOrFlight situation, so the good ol' the glottis opens so that more oxygen can pass through if ya gotta flight LOL, etc. etc.) I always thought I was being silly if I had a physical pain and thought it might be linked to an emotional pain but guess whaaaaaaat! It's true. As in scientifically-proven true. Who knew, lol!? Not me.... :x.

4. Almost everyone has cellulite on their body. Like lol, don't worry. It doesn't mean you're not "fit!"

5. Safety is number one when living in a city, so you're better off living on the more cautious side.

6. LISTENING TO YOUR INTUITION IS NEVER STUPID. YOU ARE NEVER "BEING SILLY" FOR FEELING SOMETHING BUT NOT BEING ABLE TO EXPLAIN WHY OR PROVE IT. IT IS 99.9999% OF THE TIME GOING TO HELP YOU OUT. Like, by this I mean that people and places and things actually do give off vibes. And your first instincts about them rarely lie.

7. Social media might [[deep down]] really be hurting your self-esteem if you are particularly vulnerable to it, [[even if you don't want to admit it at first.]] Instagram selfies of glammed-up people can make you feel ugly AF, and rude/unecessary belittling political comments about your party can destroy friendships. Go ahead and delete the apps off your phone, and only use them if/when you need to, for like business purposes, etc. For me, I only have Messenger for Facebook (not Facebook, though; I deleted that off my phone, too) SNAPCHAT ( @buhhrook is my username; go follow me + I'll of course accept and follow you back -- super cool to learn more about my bloggy readers! :D ), and GoodReads.

8. Even the most perfect romantic relationship will have its ups and downs, and this is healthy and normal. For example, ups: supporting each other through what I like to call "personal growth growing pains" (see point #10 below), having video-game + board-game nights, laughing about a bunch of coupons in the newspaper and then getting them framed like artwork (don't even ask...) For example, downs: when you're tired AF and tryna sleep but bae starts snoring loudly LOL X( !!!!, when it's that oh-so-unpleasant lady-time of the month so basically everything makes you cry and bae has to reassure you x10284309583985839 times that everything is/will be okay, when competition strikes whilst playing the QuizUp app and it's a struggle because neither of you wants to lose but you also don't want bae to lose, either because <3~ It's all good. It's all fine. It's all normal. Ups and downs. They happen. The love will still be there.

9. Accepting yourself doesn't mean there aren't things about yourself you want to change; rather, it means that you understand that you, and everyone else living on this earth, have strengths and weaknesses, and that's totally okay!

10. Having a "balanced" life is relative to how each individual defines "balance" -- some people genuinely enjoy to be busy AF, and some people genuinely enjoy to never have any set plans. Or balance can be defined in terms of alone time versus people-time. For me, personally, back in August when I first got to Savannah I truly felt like I was "finding" myself, but then I got absorbed with schoolwork and focused on that (didn't have time to read for fun or blog, etc.). Then, when I found the amazing Matt (lol!! <3), I found that I was losing myself in the relationship because I was either in school-Brooke mode or girlfriend-Brooke mode...but where was Brooke-Brooke mode!? And what really even is Brooke-Brooke mode!? So I took a step back. I realized if your partner truly respects you, they will give you alone time that you need. Now obviously you don't need to ask for permission of course, but out of communication and love and kindness and respect, you ought to tell your partner that you're feeling a bit lost when it comes to your sense of self, and they need to say that it's okay for you to have more time away from the relationship to figure yourself out. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to end a relationship just because you want more time to go figure out who you are. The right partner will understand why it's important to you to spend time doing things by yourself and give you that space. No dramatic ending needs to happen. But they do need to give you that space and be supportive and respectful about it, and not make you feel guilty about it (though this can happen unintentionally at times, so don't be too hard on them if it does.) They are allowed to be bummed or upset, too, of course, at this need of yours for more alone time, and that shows that they love you and value spending time with you, but also having that element of being supportive and understanding from them is key.

11. Before, super skinnier-than-skinny was "beautiful." Now, that's portrayed as not being a "true woman," because now apparently having a "fat ass" is "beautiful." News flash: who cares? The right partner for you will find you attractive. Whether you're skinny, fat, or neither - you will find someone who likes your body the way it is and won't want you to change it (unless it is for health reasons, of course!!!!!!) When I was younger, I was always ashamed because I thought I was really fat. Now, I'm always ashamed because I feel like my curves aren't big enough. See the absurdity of the societal expectations of beauty? They are always changing! Having "Sharpie eyebrows" would have been committing "social suicide" back when I was in middle school.....

12. It's okay to go on and on and on talking forever on your Snapchat story. Seriously. I used to feel insecure about how lengthy mine are, but then I realized that I always love when other people do long stories because it makes it feel like you're watching a more personalized YouTube video, kind of! So I know that if I enjoy it, then maybe a few other people will too. In the end, gotta please yourself, though. So if there's something you want to do but you don't know if other people will approve, do it anyway because your own approval matters most!

13. Pain ends. But it can return. But it will go away again, too. No matter how much something hurts -- emotionally, physically, etc. -- it will pass. Even if it comes back for a short while, for a long while, what have you... it. will. pass. We've all been there. We've all survived, somehow, someway. You will find a coping mechanism that works for you during the hard times. You will make it through, and you will be able to see beauty much more easily when you make it through.

14. It is possible to go from loathing cats to absolutely loving them more than most humans. *meows in agreement*

15. Forget that saying that people don't change. They often do. Many do not. But many do. And then it's up to both you and them to decide whether or not you think they've changed for the better or worse, and then act accordingly!

16. It's okay to be scared to make 2017 a great year, but you can do it, anyway. That's what courage is all about.

BONUS!!!! 17. Moving to a brand new place (for me, it was the South) can be the greatest, healthiest decision you will ever make. GO FOR IT!!! Have you been waiting for a sign to make a move? Now you've gotten it. This is your sign!!!!!! Do it.

What lessons did you learn in 2016?
xoxo, Brooke


  1. EEK, welcome to the South! ;) Sounds like a lot of big lessons were learned- I completely agree that our fear of what others think may be holding us back. Cheers to a wonderful year!

    1. bahaha, oh, why thank you, Molly!! :p YES definitely...but that's about to change, for sure! <3


  2. These are all really great life lessons! I'm definitely with you on moving--I've been doing a lotttt of that over the last year, but am [finally] situated in a place for the next couple years. I'm hoping my next move will be back to my home state! *-*

    And yay for cats! :D