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Friday, October 14, 2016

(VIDEO!!!) Long Chit Chat: Why I Haven't Blogged Lately + What's Been On My Mind

Hey you guys!!!

BIG NEWS!!!!!!! A couple of people by now have asked me if I'm going to start a YouTube channel, I guess because of my Snapchat hahah and well, yeah!!!! I finally took the leap and I'm going to start having a more active channel! YouTube is something I've always wanted to attempt, but I've always been scared to (read more on why below). Basically, I absolutely love talking to you guys + sharing my life with y'allz on my Snapchat story and I decided it would make a lot of sense if I continued that passion with longer videos via YouTube! The makeup reviews, the discussions about life, the funny stuff that's happened recently, advice about how to grow up into the person you've always wanted to become (hint: it's never to late to become this person, no matter how old or young you currently are!!!)... these are just some of the things I touch upon in my Snapchat videos, and it's finally time to take it to the next level.

So two things: super sorry that in this video I said "right" like x103829204 million times!!! XD alsoooo, I realize that at a few points it kind of unfortunately looks like I'm not wearing any pants....denim shorts will have that effect. I tried editing the video to make it less apparent but alas~~ didn't work out. Anyway, please just ignore it/no need to be creepy about it!! Thanks for being understanding. In the future I will make sure to wear longer bottoms!!! :)

This video is super, super casual, just hangin' out with ya and chatting about some things that have been pretty relevant to me lately: blogging, boyfriend stuff, Hurricane evacuation, grad school life, personal growth, spiritual realizations and all that jazz!­čĺ×thanks for watching!!

Note: I have been really hesitant to make YouTube/vlog/blog videos because of how nasty comments can be that people write, so this is really a step out of my comfort zone. Pleeeease be respectful and kind!! Let's build others up; don't tear 'em down. Hurting others says more about the person who is rude than the person they are mean to.


Stay tuned!!! <3
xoxo, Brooke

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