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Sunday, October 23, 2016

How To Turn Your Life Around (5 Steps)

5 steps to turn your life around are listed below!
(hehe picture of my shoes while I'm tryna wait in line patiently for my Starbies <33 because feet take steps, get it!? ahh it's so pun-ny! ;) ahaha!)

I'm not going to lie, living on my own in a new city in a new region of the country is definitely a transition. I manage the best I can, but somewhere, as time went on, I began to slip up: the apartment became increasingly cluttered (lol what is a "floor" lol????), cooking healthy/balanced meals turned into just getting takeout because of exhaustion both physically and mentally, hitting the gym five days a week turned into "maybe I can just work out at home or something" (hint: didn't happen), daily yoga practice with YouTube videos to guide me turned into a desperate act only when I had tummy cramps to try and soothe the pain, enjoying my time with Matt in a worry-free way turned into constant panic about whether or not I should get some homework done ~whilst cuddling~ or if I actually had the time to go on an adventure together and make some cute memories, blogging a few times a week turned into a horrible weighty guilt in the back of my mind and happened maybe twice a month, YouTube plans became paused when I got a most unfavorable comment about my video even though this is something I want to do very very much, laundry is no longer a weekly occurrence, fruit flies mate in my kitchen on the regular because something got caught somewhere in my garbage disposal in the sink and it smells like ~dead animal~ tbh, working to keep up my straight A's GPA so I won't lose either of my two merit scholarships, not spending too much money even though in a new place it's sort of bound to happen...

I have not written in my journal in weeks. I have not really meditated (unless watching ASMR videos or during yoga counts) in weeks. The stray kitties sense my anxiety and no longer want to cuddle; I extend a hand out to pet them and they shrink from me and run away. I don't like this stress monster, feeling burnt out and panicked about the future, that I've turned into...

HOWEVER!!!! Silver lining alertttt! Today, I began to turn my life around! I think evacuating because of Hurricane Matthew really screwed up everyone's schedule and life plans (if you watched my most recent video, then you know that I can no longer go home for the holidays because the academic quarter was extended...), but the time has come to just metaphorically (or hey, literally if you'd like!) shout: "STOP!!!!!!" Really!

"Enough is enough" is a phrase that has been on my mind for quite a while now. And you can say it, too. Have you been heading down a path you really do not like? Well then, "enough is enough!" Let's get you back on track, shall we!?

1. Clean your living environment.

You can lie to both me and yourself  (LOLOLOLOLOL) and tell us both that you don't need a clean home/apartment/house/room to function best, but when there's no clutter, everything just feels better. You can find things a lot quicker when everything is in its proper location (hint: why are your cheese puffs on your nightstand!? hmmm....), there's less of a chance of cockroaches scary bugs will make their home in your home, you can actually invite people over to your place to hang out for a change... trust me when I say, this makes a huge difference. Take out that trash! Launder those clothes! Scrub that shower floor! Oww owwwww, werk it! *cue salsa dancing emoji here* Enough is enough!

2. Make healthier choices.

Baked potato instead of loaded chili cheese fries. Yoga before bed instead of drinking a beer. End toxic friendships that make you dislike yourself. Don't be afraid to force yourself into going to sleep earlier so that you can wake up earlier, even if you've never been a "morning" person. You've only got one life, so what're you waiting for!? (Even if you believe in reincarnation, as I think I might, it still won't be this particular life, and each should be treated with respect and be treasured!) Nobody's going to be able to make these choices for you. Not your parents, not your significant other. You've got to realize that you are your very own person, and you must take responsibility for yourself, even if you felt like you never learned to before. The time is now. Enough is enough!

3. Don't try to change things you can't possibly change.

Maybe a family member talked bad about you to someone else. Maybe you have a chronic health issue that you struggle with. Maybe there's a girl who keeps liking all of your boyfriend's pictures on Facebook. Maybe you're regretting that junk food you ate last night. Regardless of what it may be, many things are out of your control. You can only do so much to try to "fix" things. Eventually you have to realize that there are better things spending your energy focusing on, such as planning a schedule so that you have time each day to cuddle up with a good book, or look up funny memes on ~the Interwebzz~. You'll only make yourself sick otherwise. Enough is enough!

4. Understand that no matter how amazing you are, there is at least one person in the world who won't like you for whatever reason.

If you love humankind, this can be really difficult to accept. Sometimes though, it's like point number 3 - it could be something like you got the job someone else wanted, or you look like someone's ex which makes someone act bitterly towards you. Honestly, not everyone is going to get along, no matter how much we might wish we all could. All you can do is be the most authentic version of yourself, and you will attract people who love you just the way you are. Pretending to be someone else just to get people to like you will only leave you feeling unfulfilled and pressured to keep up some artificial act. No bueno. Enough is enough!

5. Do that thing.

You know which thing I'm talking about. The thing that has been on your mental to-do list for pretty much forever but you're too scared to go for it so you keep putting it off. It will never get done until you make it get done, you know? Tell that person how they made you feel hurt by their actions, even if they get mad at you for speaking your truth. Apply for that dream job even if you aren't sure you have all the qualifications for it (trust me, you can learn many things while on the job, so just go for it! Let them be the ones to tell you no if they feel like it wouldn't be the right fit.) Get a gym membership even if the thought of people seeing you do squats in public makes you want to throw up and never leave your house again because chances are, they have their own insecurities too so they really have no right to judge you. Friend, I believe in your power and abilities, even if you don't. We are always so much more capable than we think; we just need somebody to believe in us. If you don't have that person in your life, let me be that person to tell you: go for it. You got this. Enough is enough!

So no matter why you're feeling stuck, try these five steps to get things back under control!

...because enough is enough!
xoxo, Brooke

Friday, October 14, 2016

(VIDEO!!!) Long Chit Chat: Why I Haven't Blogged Lately + What's Been On My Mind

Hey you guys!!!

BIG NEWS!!!!!!! A couple of people by now have asked me if I'm going to start a YouTube channel, I guess because of my Snapchat hahah and well, yeah!!!! I finally took the leap and I'm going to start having a more active channel! YouTube is something I've always wanted to attempt, but I've always been scared to (read more on why below). Basically, I absolutely love talking to you guys + sharing my life with y'allz on my Snapchat story and I decided it would make a lot of sense if I continued that passion with longer videos via YouTube! The makeup reviews, the discussions about life, the funny stuff that's happened recently, advice about how to grow up into the person you've always wanted to become (hint: it's never to late to become this person, no matter how old or young you currently are!!!)... these are just some of the things I touch upon in my Snapchat videos, and it's finally time to take it to the next level.

So two things: super sorry that in this video I said "right" like x103829204 million times!!! XD alsoooo, I realize that at a few points it kind of unfortunately looks like I'm not wearing any pants....denim shorts will have that effect. I tried editing the video to make it less apparent but alas~~ didn't work out. Anyway, please just ignore it/no need to be creepy about it!! Thanks for being understanding. In the future I will make sure to wear longer bottoms!!! :)

This video is super, super casual, just hangin' out with ya and chatting about some things that have been pretty relevant to me lately: blogging, boyfriend stuff, Hurricane evacuation, grad school life, personal growth, spiritual realizations and all that jazz!­čĺ×thanks for watching!!

Note: I have been really hesitant to make YouTube/vlog/blog videos because of how nasty comments can be that people write, so this is really a step out of my comfort zone. Pleeeease be respectful and kind!! Let's build others up; don't tear 'em down. Hurting others says more about the person who is rude than the person they are mean to.


Stay tuned!!! <3
xoxo, Brooke