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Saturday, September 3, 2016

15 Things You Need To Do This Month! (September)

From now on at the beginning of each month, to celebrate the way a season makes its mark throughout the year, I'll be doing a fun "bucket list" type of post about "15 things you need to do this month!" Woohoo!!! I'm super excited about this, and I hope you will be, too!  Here is the first post in this series! *drumrolllllll*....

Ahhh, I wanted to publish this post earlier ~*but alas*~ the power went out, c/o Hurricane Hermine... you da real MVP. At least the power is back now, though!! *happydances all around* 

Happy September, everyone!! The month has just begun and although fall might not officially begin until Sept. 22, since Sept. 1, I like to pretend that it's already fall, ya feel me!? I've never experienced fall down South before, but this is my absolute FAVORITE season (I may or may not be biased having grown up in beautiful New England, having that Connecticut fall foliage and the smells of burning leaves/wood and hot chocolate and omg omg omg, okay I need to stop now before I start missing it way too much!), but every season is beautiful and has something to offer.


You guys, it's BACK!!! *squeals with delight* At least for Gold Card holders, that is. Regardless, be sure to grab one of these babies this month. (Try it my way: decaffeinated, with whipped cream.) I recommend getting a Venti because even if you can't drink it all at once, you can just pop it in your fridge and reheat it later in a mug in your microwave. #100

2. Get lost in a sunflower maze.

While corn mazes are always a true classic, why not give this beloved favorite a new update and go to a sunflower maze, instead? Sunflowers are my favorite type of flower (they're so beautiful, but are also kinda scary in a way! hahah, yellow is one of my favorite colors and their huge dark centers stare into your soul.... *shivers*)

3. Volunteer at a local food bank or soup kitchen.

While many people think to do this around Thanksgiving, it's really never too early to start doing some good for those in need. Why wait 'til Turkey time!? People still need your help today.

4. Join a "genre" book club (or start your own with others!)

Quite often, book clubs read stereotypical chick-lit book club books like "The Help," for example. While those kinds of books are always great, why not take your book club to the next level and specialize in reading only a certain genre? Mystery, science fiction, biographies...there are so many other amazing types of books out there that would make great material for group discussion, so don't be afraid to branch out from the typical selection of books and find a new niche!

5. Set up a new workout routine with a personal trainer.

Plot twist: you don't actually need to wait until the New Year to get in shape! The fall is a perfect fresh start to begin your healthy lifestyle journey. As I am currently studying to become a certified personal trainer, I can tell you that creating a healthy, active lifestyle for yourself is always a good decision. The way I look at things, which I don't mean to be morbid at all but like jussayin'!, is that the money you invest in your health now will be money saved from less doctor visit bills later on.

6. Take a walk in nature early in the morning.

Will the pace be peaceful and meditative or brisk and empowering? The choice is yours! Either way, surrounding yourself with Mother Earth's beautiful gifts -- the dirt beneath your sneakers, the tall + sturdy trees beside your path, whatever wildlife is scampering around or flying above you -- will help ground you and remind you that all creatures, including yourself, exist because we are all essential to the harmony of the world.

7. Attend a local sporting event.

College football, a 5k race, your little cousin's soccer game... whatever it may be, go all out and get really into cheering on your favorite team/participant! (Then, naturally, when the event is over, repeat #1 on this list to celebrate a win or console a loss~~) Depending on where you live, temperatures might drop so low during the winter months, that the fall is the last time in a while that you're going to have the chance to engage in outdoor activities (unless you're into like, skiing or snowboarding or snowmobiling or something like that.... #Pass #I'llJustStayInsideAndEatSmoresThx)

8. Buy new nail polish -- the darker, the better!

Tell your neon hues, "Ta-ta for now!" and bring on the heavy, dark glossy shades, metallics or mattes for an alluring, sophisticated nod to the upcoming colder months. I'm currently loving bordeaux (I remember it having a moment during my sophomore year; I was obsessed with all-things bordeaux-colored!), mauve, bronze and elephant gray. Oh, and midnight navy is always ~a given~ !

9. Make your own butternut squash soup.

Not as heavy as pumpkin, butternut squash still screams, "Fall is here!" without being too cliche. +5 bonus points to you, you little chef!, if you make your own croutons to put on top of the soup instead of your common crackers or artisan bread slice. Better yet, why not give a thoughtful gift to a neighbor or friend who could really use a pick-me-up? Buy a cute thermos and fill it up with the soup, putting the croutons in a side container. Their day = made.

10. Invest in a solid pair of cowboy boots.

Before you say I'm biased because I live in the south... okay, okay, fine, ya got me. I'm biased. BUT! You honestly can never go wrong! Dress 'em up, dress 'em down -- even if the rest of your outfit is totally mediocre (think: plain jeans and solid-colored t-shirt), the boots will really pack a punch. There are so many different colors and styles to choose from, too: square-toe, pointed toe, maroon-colored, light tan and turquoise, black and glittering silver... honestly, there's a style for everybody!

11. Experiment with new lipstick shades.

What worked best for your summer complexion will begin to change as fall temps set in and you spend less time basking in the sunlight. Before you're all about that pumpkin orange shade, take into consideration that lipsticks with blue rather than yellow undertones make teeth appear whiter! Browns, mauves and other neutral shades are of course (#ThxKylieJenner) totally in style right now. Browse around on Pinterest and Instagram to pick out a few products in mind before you go to your nearest Ulta, Sephora or pharmacy so you don't wind up leaving with more lipsticks (and less cashola $$$) than you can afford!

12. Pick up a new hobby.

Crocheting, drawing, learning a new language ... it can really add a sense of richness (which is what the fall is all about, richness, in flavors, colors, abundance of loved ones/friends/family, etc.!) to your life this fall season, particularly on the weekends when you might have some free time. Because I view the fall as a great time to give back to others, some ideas for this include perhaps donating the crochet blankets you make to women's shelters, or tutor high school students in the Spanish language that you've mastered! Fall in love with something new, gain the skills to do it well and then spread your knowledge around to others, you know!? <3

13. Try out a new signature scent.

Many fragrances are better suited for different times of the year, so this month, opt for those vanilla, cinnamon and musky notes that celebrate the season. For me, personally, I'm a huge fan of Victoria Secret's Noir Tease and I don't use anything else regardless of the season (teehee! *cue sassy hand flip*) because most perfumes give me a migraine headache, actually! So I don't have the ability to play around like most people do. Buuuuut, thankfully, there are still definitely vanilla notes in Noir Tease, so I've lucked out! :p

14. Grab fall-flavored ice cream while the temperature is still socially acceptable for ice cream consumption mood-setting purposes.

Let's be real, ice cream is great at any time of the year, but it's still warm enough outside where it seems like a legit thing to do and no one will look at you all funny when you suggest it! If you have a Bruester's Ice Cream near you, I highly recommend the Caramel Apple Crunch flavor *swoons* *faints* *dies* !!!!

15. Switch up your home decor.

Add in some warm accent pieces and cozy throws on your couch to create the right kind of snuggly, home-y vibe! Of course, you can't forget a fall-themed wreath on your front door (if you live in an apartment or dorm rather than a house, be sure to check if this is allowed, first!) or some pumpkins/gourds to further set the "Yay for fall!" mood.

What's on your to-do list for this month?
xoxo, Brooke

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