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Sunday, August 7, 2016

My New Job, Husky Dogs, Gospel Music, A Ghost In The Apartment + Red-Headed Southern Gentlemen (Savannah Chronicles No. 1)

So, I'm thinking each weekend (for a little while, at least!), I'll try to write a recap of what's been goin' down in my brand-new Savannah life. Picking a few main points of interest (read: approx. 3-5) from the week (although this will have points from the last two weeks!), I'll chat with ya about the absolutely hilarious, the just-plain-hideous and everything in between that's happened as of late!

~*welcome to the neighborhood*~

ONE. THERE ARE SO MANY HUSKIES IN SAVANNAH. Just wanted to get that out there, because I forgot to mention it in my previous post about 15 things I've learned, hehe! At first I was absolutely shocked but then I found out that their coats are pretty much like a Tervis tumbler.... keeps 'em hot OR cold! ;) lololol!!!!!!!! I get such a kick out of that. I've seen eight huskies since I've moved here. Literally eight different huskies. I thought they only lived in frigid cold climates, but au contraire! On this note, dog hunting has certainly become one of my new favorite hobbies. Pretty much, here is exactly how to be a v good, v skilled doge hunter: see one you like, then follow it, but not too closely so the owner doesn't think you're a total weirdo. Then, be all endearingly awkward + charming and casually speed up and begin to pass them when all of a sudden, what do you know! You -love- dogs! Can you pet him/her!? How old is she/he? And more importantly, are there any other doggies that you or somebody you know owns that I can pet, as well? :D Ask questions, pet the fur-babies, repeat. In fact, I highly recommend that you ask as many questions that you can get away with in order to stall them walking away, and thus taking this doggy that you're currently petting along with them. My neighbor Mike (of course, as mentioned in that last post about Savannah, everyone in this place tends to be named Mike. When in doubt/if you forget somebody's name, just guess Mike! :p ), he has a wiener doggy named Greta! However, this reminds me, I forget Mike's wife's name (gotta rip the band-aid + just ask her again...or try to catch Mike when she's not with him and ask him for her name on the down-low.)

TWO. So, Friday night I was brushing my teeth and I turned the faucet handle off because I don't like to waste water. So I'm brushing and all of a sudden, the handle turned on and all the water started gushing out of the faucet into the sink. YEAH. You read that right. The frickin' sink turned frickin' on. I cried a little bit. But then I knew the handymen guys were coming Sunday morning (aka today!) to fix some other stuff in the apartment so I figured not to worry, it's probably just because this apartment building is old AF (over 100 years old, in fact!) so they probably just need to fix the handle. WELP, as soon as I asked them about it, they said that's nothing they can fix because IT WAS A FRICKIN' GHOST. YA. THAT'S RIGHT. A GHOST. Then, one of the handymen proceeded to tell me ghost stories -- and not the made-up kind, either. He told me how the blocks of the city in this area were once a big cemetery for all of the British soldiers who were killed in the Revolutionary War. However, the developer had no soul and threw away all the tombstones and proceeded to build on top of thousands of dead bodies. My apartment was then built on top of this once-graveyard. The handyman also told me about one home where a homosexual male couple lives and how an old lady who was highly religious had died previously in their home. They (the couple + the handyman, too) believe that being gay must go against the old lady's religious views because he said the home "literally fights you." He said that when he goes to work on the home, the tools go missing, and all sorts of weird problems occur. Also, he told me how he and the other fellow handyman fixing stuff in my apartment had quite a few experiences where when they had gone to people's homes to do work, and when they would have to dig in their lawns to get to underground pipes and stuff, they often found dead body skeleton remains stuff so they'd have to call the police and make sure it was from the Revolutionary War + wasn't like from some murder....LOL I'M LITERALLY ALL SET FOR HALLOWEEN NOW. *is never able to sleep again*


Feast your eyes on these three little kitties, friends!!!! I wish I could bring them inside my apartment, for real. They keep trying to sneak in, but they aren't allowed in because of the possibility of fleas/disease.

FOUR. I have never seen so many red-headed southern gentlemen in one place and I am interestingly falling prey to the beguiling nature of ~the ginger~. *insert shy monkey emoji hiding behind its hands here!!!!* I'm guessing this is because I think there's a solid Irish population here (the St. Patty's Day parade in March is a BIG BIG BIG deal!) Such aww-dorable, enchanting + majestic gentlesirs can often be found at Forsyth Park, but considering I'm usually too busy doggy-hunting, all my energy goes towards that instead. I'm very blushy about all of this ginger-guy stuff, though. Mainly because, well, I need one in my life. I think it's so freaking adorable and unique. SO IF you happen to know a red-head Southern gentleman guy who's extremely preppy yet a sensitive, loving type (not the "I'm-cooler-than-thou" type because, yuck. But you know, the kind of guy who likes to dress in a presentable, WASP-y way of fashion but is still down-to-earth <33 omggggg *swoooooooooooon*!) and doesn't mind reading books together whilst cuddling and will happily aid me in fulfilling my dream of going to a Savannah Bananas game (YES THEY ARE ACTUALLY CALLED THE SAVANNAH BANANAS AND THEY ARE A LEGITIMATE MINOR-LEAGUE BASEBALL TEAM, I KID YOU NOT~) and would be into holding hands and talking about his feelings and also mine while we go for walks in the park and consuming socially unacceptable amounts of pizza, please send him to me and/or ask him if he will plz marry me on my behalf. Also would preferably call me "darlin' " and speak with an authentic southern accent. And no mean streaks. And would write me love letters on occasion, too. Kk, thx~

FIVE. So unlike in Connecticut, there aren't very many "Top 40 hits" music stations down here in Savannah. I've found 97.3 which is about it. Then 100.1 is like throwback jamz, and country is 96.5, and then gospel is 103.5 I've definitely been listening to tons of country and gospel when driving around + exploring everywhere. Also, not gonna lie, they've been having gospel music concerts outside of my apartment every single morning for the past few days that echo all the way over from the park into my bedroom loud + clear and it's been making me highly grumpy. While I absolutely love this music, I just can't handle "leaving the river vein, Lord Jesus!"at 8:30 a.m. I simply just cannot. It is too early for anybody to be leaving anywhere. Even a river vein that apparently desperately needs to be left. My sincerest apologies to the Big Man, but I personally need to wait until at least noon. That being said, though, I may be leaving it quite a bit earlier than noon because.....*DRUMROLLLLLLL!!*

BONUS: I'VE GOT A NINE-TO-FIVE! So turns out I'll be needing to wake up prior to 8:30 a.m. anyway, which means I'll be leaving the river vein, personally, at about 8:37 a.m. in order to get to work 10 minutes early. I WAS HIRED BY SOUTH MAGAZINE AND I AM NOW THE DIGITAL EDITOR OF THE MAGAZINE!  *sobs tears of joy* *floods apartment with said tears* *purchases a finely-crafted yacht + sails around in them* #DreamsReallyDoComeTrue #DreamJob #Hashtag And get this, my boss's name is Michael (remember I told you how everyone I've been meeting in Savannah is named Mike? I really wasn't kidding around!!) Being an editor for a magazine, and a SOUTHERN MAGAZINE AT THAT!, is literally my absolute dreamiest of dream jobs and I'm so happy and thrilled and honored and excited and feeling blessed in every way.

What's been going on in your life, lately?
xoxo, Brooke


  1. Congrats on your dream job! That sounds amazing!
    Also, um girl I would move in half a second if my apartment was potentially haunted. Eek! That sounds so creepy. Good luck with that!

    1. Ahh, Kym I'm so sorry for the late response!!! Life has been ~*wild*~ lately!! But thank you so much for your kind words, lol! AND I KNOW HAHAHA nothing weird like that has ever happened since, so I'm really thankful! :p ahaha! <3