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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

My New Hair!

If you follow me on Instagram ( @ThePinkLyme ) or on Snapchat ( buhhrook ), then you've seen my new hair!! *cue sassy hand flip* lol! I really wanted to go for the "old school Hollywood glamour" kind of vibe, and my hair stylist really helped to bring my vision to life!

After the heinous experience I had at the previous salon I went to in Savannah (they're pretty lucky I didn't post a review online.... *growls casually*), I decided to forsake a fancy salon and just go to the Regis salon in the Oglethorpe Mall... MAN, DID I WISH I HAD JUST GONE THERE ORIGINALLY! It was absolutely the best hair salon experience I have ever had in my entire life. My hair stylist and I really bonded so well and everyone else in there was super nice, too! But like GENUINELY nice. Which is ~*key*~, friends!! Also, jussayin', there was a hilarious guy talking about the pigs he owns and how to care for pigs properly (the thick southern accent of his, as you may imagine, really made it so authentic and funny!) And I am absolutely thrilled at the final results of my #LusciousLocks!

Although it's important to note, my natural hair color is pretty dark, so in order to fully get it to platinum, we have to do it in steps! I'll be returning in the beginning of October to truly finish the look! Right now, there are actually still some brown pieces and yellowish-blonde and blueish-blonde; if you squint hard enough, you can spot 'em! :p JUST A NOTE: IF YOU HAVE DARK HAIR LIKE ME AND GO PLATINUM, THE TONER AFTER YOUR BLEACH FOILS WILL BURN YOUR SCALP SO BAD BECAUSE OF THE CONTRAST AGAINST HOW IT JUST HAD THE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE ON IT. I almost cried at how itchy and stinging it was, omg...Kinda really scared for that next time, not gonna lie. But heyyy, I survived. And it stopped burning after it got washed out, basically! And my hair looks ~*fab*~ because of it, so it's kk, lolz.

Anyway, without further ado, here are my before and after pictures!! *drumrollllll*



I really do truly love both hairstyles, though, don't get me wrong! I've just been wanting to channel the whole "Alfred Hitchcock movie actress" look/ "Marilyn Monroe-style" of glitzy, classy hair for a while now, so I'm glad that I found such an amazing salon that made my dreams come true, haha!! I want to learn to use a curling iron (I've only ever used straightening flat irons before!) so I can achieve the same look on my own.

Have you ever changed your hair color before? If so, what color(s)?
xoxo, Brooke

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