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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

My New Hair!

If you follow me on Instagram ( @ThePinkLyme ) or on Snapchat ( buhhrook ), then you've seen my new hair!! *cue sassy hand flip* lol! I really wanted to go for the "old school Hollywood glamour" kind of vibe, and my hair stylist really helped to bring my vision to life!

After the heinous experience I had at the previous salon I went to in Savannah (they're pretty lucky I didn't post a review online.... *growls casually*), I decided to forsake a fancy salon and just go to the Regis salon in the Oglethorpe Mall... MAN, DID I WISH I HAD JUST GONE THERE ORIGINALLY! It was absolutely the best hair salon experience I have ever had in my entire life. My hair stylist and I really bonded so well and everyone else in there was super nice, too! But like GENUINELY nice. Which is ~*key*~, friends!! Also, jussayin', there was a hilarious guy talking about the pigs he owns and how to care for pigs properly (the thick southern accent of his, as you may imagine, really made it so authentic and funny!) And I am absolutely thrilled at the final results of my #LusciousLocks!

Although it's important to note, my natural hair color is pretty dark, so in order to fully get it to platinum, we have to do it in steps! I'll be returning in the beginning of October to truly finish the look! Right now, there are actually still some brown pieces and yellowish-blonde and blueish-blonde; if you squint hard enough, you can spot 'em! :p JUST A NOTE: IF YOU HAVE DARK HAIR LIKE ME AND GO PLATINUM, THE TONER AFTER YOUR BLEACH FOILS WILL BURN YOUR SCALP SO BAD BECAUSE OF THE CONTRAST AGAINST HOW IT JUST HAD THE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE ON IT. I almost cried at how itchy and stinging it was, omg...Kinda really scared for that next time, not gonna lie. But heyyy, I survived. And it stopped burning after it got washed out, basically! And my hair looks ~*fab*~ because of it, so it's kk, lolz.

Anyway, without further ado, here are my before and after pictures!! *drumrollllll*



I really do truly love both hairstyles, though, don't get me wrong! I've just been wanting to channel the whole "Alfred Hitchcock movie actress" look/ "Marilyn Monroe-style" of glitzy, classy hair for a while now, so I'm glad that I found such an amazing salon that made my dreams come true, haha!! I want to learn to use a curling iron (I've only ever used straightening flat irons before!) so I can achieve the same look on my own.

Have you ever changed your hair color before? If so, what color(s)?
xoxo, Brooke

Sunday, August 28, 2016

What's Next (Grad School, Becoming A Certified Personal Trainer!, Beauty And Style Vlogs, New Friendship, & More)

Wow!! So much has changed these past few weeks, but I'm glad to say I'm back at it again with blogging. Let me fill you in on the whirlwind that has been my life lately:

1 //

I resigned from my position at the magazine I was working for. It was an AMAZING experience -- I learned so much and met so many amazing people. I learned that editing and writing really ARE my passions and that it is always a good idea to follow your heart. Now I will be focusing on my academics as ~*numero uno*~, as grad school starts beginning in September, which is VERY VERY EXTREMELY SOON AHH!! *happydances all around* :p I'm SO excited for classes!

2 //

Ooo, motion shot. XD ! AND HOW CUTE ARE THOSE WORKOUT SHORTS, OMG!!!! They're by Lauren James.

On this "time to focus on academics note" note, not only will I be going to grad school for Writing BUTTTTTTTTTTT! *DRUMROLLLLL* I AM STUDYING THROUGH THE ACE (American Council on Exercise) PROGRAM TO BECOME A CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS SOMETHING I HAVE WANTED TO DO FOR THE PAST YEAR AND NOW I AM GOING TO MAKE THIS DREAM A REALITY! I love helping people and influencing their lives for the better...usually with my words/writing. However, being a personal trainer, I will be able to see transformations first-hand, something that you can't always see with writing unless the people tell you, "Hey what you wrote really changed my life!" (which I definitely do get a lot of and it brings me such deep, intense, incredible joy and gives purpose and meaning in my life, to help others in this way, but it is still cool to physically see changes on someone's body, too, lol! :D) Ya feel me? Yeah, ya feel me. Sooooo yeah!! I'm so excited to get started with materials will be arriving some time this week!

3 //

I would most definitely give CPR to this ice cream bar, lolz!!!

Also, I will be taking a CPR/AED certification class which is a requirement before I take my final exam for becoming a CPT (certified personal trainer!) I'm taking this one-day, two-hour class in just a mere two weeks away, so I'm excited to feel accomplished so quickly/early on in my studying for the CPT exam!! Additionally, I just feel like CPR is something that honestly everybody truly should know. They should definitely make this class mandatory in all high schools/colleges. I used to babysit, but I never knew CPR. Looking back, I wish I had known to take the class because if anything scary happened, I would have been able to potentially save a scary situation from turning into a deadly one! Thankfully, nothing of that nature ever happened when I was babysitting, though; my experiences were mainly just a whole bunch of playing pretend "cats" or "princesses"... or being told that I have to lose on purpose and let them win at Mario Kart... lol -___-. *casually growls at the thought*

4 //

I also got this bracelet at Target! It's made of healing stones, which bring luck, protection + prosperity to the one who wears it! I'm getting really into "crystal healing," lately!

Yesterday, I was invited to attend a local church!! A sweet lady named Jean approached me in the Target ~whilst I was shoe-shopping bc let us be real here: Target's got the best shoes~ and asked me if I'd been to church lately. Then she asked me if I'm from Savannah or just visiting, and we chatted about how I moved down here for grad school and all, and then ultimately we discussed the church and I agreed to come visit for the Sunday morning (aka today) 11:00 a.m. service. But, I was so excited to go but then ~*lady cramps*~ began and now all I want to do is curl up into a ball with Advil and chocolate so now I told her that instead of today, I'd love to go next weekend when I don't feel sick anymore! I'm really very incredibly excited, and I'll be sure to let you guys know how it goes!! It is a "full gospel non-denominational church" :D which I'm not entirely sure what that means, but I'll be finding out!

5 //

One of my favorite outfits that I've featured ~*thus far*~ !!

Recently, I've been obsessed with beauty/makeup & style !!! So I've been posting some videos on Snapchat + my Instagram Story about step-by-step how to achieve my makeup look, and also my OOTD ("outfit of the day.") I'm so excited to be embracing my passion for different products and sharing them with y'allz :p <3. Also, you'd think that guys wouldn't like to watch that sort of thing, but quite a few have reached out saying they appreciate it because that's all so foreign to them and because of my videos, they kind of understand "girl stuff"a little better now! Ahaha!! I would definitely make a YouTube channel, but people can write the meanest stuff in the comments, so I much prefer Snapchat or Instagram Story as a medium for posting videos, as people can't write anything nasty about the way you look or anything like that. If people respond in a message to your videos, only you can see their responses, and usually people don't have the guts to be as mean when in a private chat. YouTube comments can just get flat out ugly!! Again, to see them, add me on Snapchat: buhhrook And add me on Instagram: ThePinkLyme !!! (Disclaimer: I want to be honest here: I did remove quite a few people from my past off of social media. This is not because I hate them or anything. Some of these people definitely did hurt me in the past and I wanted to free myself of the memories associated with them every time their name would pop up. Others just reminded me of a horrible time in my life and I realized in order to leave the past in the past, I kind of needed to remove them, too, from my social media feeds which sucks a little but it is what it is, I suppose. And then finally other people never really interacted with me on Snapchat, so I deleted them because I like to keep my Snapchat buddies a really tight-knit (yet still pretty big, actually, now that I think about it!) group of people. So if you're only watching one or two videos and then clicking off, I'm probably gonna instead make room for someone more actively engaging, you know!? I hope you can understand. I never meant to hurt anyone; I just only wanted to do what it takes to heal myself and move forward. I'm very sorry if I caused any offense by this -- I just have to seek peace to move forward, and this is what worked for me and helped me to achieve it.)

6 //

When Barnes & Noble sells Starbucks that sells The Cheesecake Factory's cheesecake #Inception
Sometimes, life has a funny way of bringing people back into your life from your past. A guy friend of mine and I have really gotten closer and I'm pretty glad about it! He helped me to feel more reassured after I quit my job, and I helped remind him to keep doing the things that make him happy after he had a romantic breakup in his life. It's cool because we went to college together, but just never really saw each other much after freshman year because our lives just went different ways -- he continued on with the Pre-Med track whereas I realized that English was the major I wanted instead, so we no longer had classes together for the entire rest of our college career. Now, though, we both live in Georgia which is really cool (+ random!) because who else from our Connecticut College lives in Georgia!? Hint: like, probably nobody ahaha! It's so nice to have a good friend, as good friends are hard to find in general, but also particularly when first starting out in a new city!! Definitely lucked out that we got back in touch after the years!

7 //

I GOT MY HAIR DONE! You can see pictures on Instagram!! BUT THERE IS ENOUGH ON THIS POST FOR NOW! I'll be doing an entire post very soon (probz tomorrow!) just on my new hair. Keep yo' fiiiiine eyes peeled! ;) ahahaha! <3

I've missed writing to you guys so much! Happy to be back at it!
xoxo, Brooke

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Walk Your Own Park

Today was a hard day. As some of you guys know, I was sexually assaulted in my past; first something bad happened to me as a kid and then later on again –-approximately four times-- in college by somebody whom I had trusted with my whole heart. I always get the question, why would you stay in an abusive relationship? Well, that’s so eerily simple. Because I was a scared freshman, who didn’t know what my identity would be if I left him. Because I thought my “no” was less important than his “yes.” Because he had first done all sorts of things to me to lower my self-esteem, mainly comparing me to other females (both celebrities and girls we would see/know in our daily lives), so I thought I could never find better. Because he made me feel like there are so many other girls out there, why would any guy ever pick me for? Now, I know better. Anyone who makes you feel that way is the real loser, not you. I’m not ashamed of it, because there’s no reason to be ashamed of it. However, I’m still a little traumatized by it.

So giving you that background, now you can understand where I’m coming from when I tell you about what happened today: I’m started out when I went to the mall this morning; I was walking through the food court, and I was pretty far away from the security guy standing in the doorway of a jewelry store. I know that what you’re wearing shouldn’t even matter, but I was wearing a very modestly-cut sundress. No cleavage, and the length of my dress falls just above my knees. He looked me up and down in a way that made my stomach hurt, and he shouted out “How’re you doin’ today!”, still looking at me like that. I just offered a half-smile and walked away, making sure to avoid him later entirely by taking a different way to exit the mall when I left. Whenever I get a little creeped out, I repeat in my head, “My body is all mine, my body belongs to me only” over and over again until I begin to believe it is true and feel more relaxed.

So, I tried to shake it off and forget it, but then when I got home, well, I live right by the park, so I thought I would go enjoy the sunshine and take a walk around and look at the pretty fountains. I was feeling so great, just soaking up the hot temperature and the beautiful palm trees and Spanish moss around me, when two guys on bicycles rode up beside me really fast. They smacked me on the butt so hard (which definitely triggered a LOT of painful feelings, because not ALL sexual assault is P-in-V, you know…) and they started cracking up with laughter, pedaling away even faster than they were before. I was wearing sunglasses, so thankfully nobody could see my tears. After repeating to myself over and over this morning how my body belongs to me, it certainly felt like I had been telling myself a lie. A while back, there was a point of time in my life after I was sexually assaulted where I didn’t want to leave my house because I was so afraid of somebody touching me, or worse. Thankfully, in the park today, though, like I said, I was wearing sunglasses so nobody could tell I was crying behind the lenses.

I immediately began heading towards my apartment, no longer feeling happy and at peace with myself and the nature around me. But then I realized – I would be DAMNED if I ever let anybody take away my happiness again. Nobody deserves or gets to make me feel endangered or afraid of anybody. Nobody deserves to trigger post-traumatic flashbacks, or nauseating feelings. Nobody deserves to make me feel like I have to throw up to rid myself of everything, and all of the emotional poision that I so desperately wish I could get out of my system.

So, instead, I marched myself right past my apartment building. And then? I kept on walking. I walked and I walked; I walked so many laps around that park that I lost track of how many times I did. I only stopped walking when eventually my Birkenstocks gave me a huge blister on my foot and I wanted to put on a band-aid. But the whole time I walked, I smiled genuinely at everyone who walked by so nobody knew. Nobody could see the hidden tears. People even kept saying hi to me, because the look I kept on my face was so friendly. Now this is important to note: I wasn’t being fake. Quite the contrary. Just because my own happiness in that moment had been robbed from me doesn’t mean that I still couldn’t spread happiness and joy and love around to others, even if I didn’t have it at that particular moment, myself.

The lesson I would like to share here with you is this: Walk the park. Even if you literally JUMP every time another bicycle riders rides past you for the rest of the time. Walk the park. Even if you’re hiding your tears behind your sunglasses. Walk the park. Even if you flinch and your hands shake a little when a runner runs by you. Walk the park. No matter what you have been through, no matter if you have gone through periods of time in your life where you didn’t even think you would honestly ever make it to 22, you keep pushing on for me. You don’t focus about the “hows” or “what ifs”, you just keep walking. Walk your park… And you will never be a “victim.”


Sunday, August 7, 2016

My New Job, Husky Dogs, Gospel Music, A Ghost In The Apartment + Red-Headed Southern Gentlemen (Savannah Chronicles No. 1)

So, I'm thinking each weekend (for a little while, at least!), I'll try to write a recap of what's been goin' down in my brand-new Savannah life. Picking a few main points of interest (read: approx. 3-5) from the week (although this will have points from the last two weeks!), I'll chat with ya about the absolutely hilarious, the just-plain-hideous and everything in between that's happened as of late!

~*welcome to the neighborhood*~

ONE. THERE ARE SO MANY HUSKIES IN SAVANNAH. Just wanted to get that out there, because I forgot to mention it in my previous post about 15 things I've learned, hehe! At first I was absolutely shocked but then I found out that their coats are pretty much like a Tervis tumbler.... keeps 'em hot OR cold! ;) lololol!!!!!!!! I get such a kick out of that. I've seen eight huskies since I've moved here. Literally eight different huskies. I thought they only lived in frigid cold climates, but au contraire! On this note, dog hunting has certainly become one of my new favorite hobbies. Pretty much, here is exactly how to be a v good, v skilled doge hunter: see one you like, then follow it, but not too closely so the owner doesn't think you're a total weirdo. Then, be all endearingly awkward + charming and casually speed up and begin to pass them when all of a sudden, what do you know! You -love- dogs! Can you pet him/her!? How old is she/he? And more importantly, are there any other doggies that you or somebody you know owns that I can pet, as well? :D Ask questions, pet the fur-babies, repeat. In fact, I highly recommend that you ask as many questions that you can get away with in order to stall them walking away, and thus taking this doggy that you're currently petting along with them. My neighbor Mike (of course, as mentioned in that last post about Savannah, everyone in this place tends to be named Mike. When in doubt/if you forget somebody's name, just guess Mike! :p ), he has a wiener doggy named Greta! However, this reminds me, I forget Mike's wife's name (gotta rip the band-aid + just ask her again...or try to catch Mike when she's not with him and ask him for her name on the down-low.)

TWO. So, Friday night I was brushing my teeth and I turned the faucet handle off because I don't like to waste water. So I'm brushing and all of a sudden, the handle turned on and all the water started gushing out of the faucet into the sink. YEAH. You read that right. The frickin' sink turned frickin' on. I cried a little bit. But then I knew the handymen guys were coming Sunday morning (aka today!) to fix some other stuff in the apartment so I figured not to worry, it's probably just because this apartment building is old AF (over 100 years old, in fact!) so they probably just need to fix the handle. WELP, as soon as I asked them about it, they said that's nothing they can fix because IT WAS A FRICKIN' GHOST. YA. THAT'S RIGHT. A GHOST. Then, one of the handymen proceeded to tell me ghost stories -- and not the made-up kind, either. He told me how the blocks of the city in this area were once a big cemetery for all of the British soldiers who were killed in the Revolutionary War. However, the developer had no soul and threw away all the tombstones and proceeded to build on top of thousands of dead bodies. My apartment was then built on top of this once-graveyard. The handyman also told me about one home where a homosexual male couple lives and how an old lady who was highly religious had died previously in their home. They (the couple + the handyman, too) believe that being gay must go against the old lady's religious views because he said the home "literally fights you." He said that when he goes to work on the home, the tools go missing, and all sorts of weird problems occur. Also, he told me how he and the other fellow handyman fixing stuff in my apartment had quite a few experiences where when they had gone to people's homes to do work, and when they would have to dig in their lawns to get to underground pipes and stuff, they often found dead body skeleton remains stuff so they'd have to call the police and make sure it was from the Revolutionary War + wasn't like from some murder....LOL I'M LITERALLY ALL SET FOR HALLOWEEN NOW. *is never able to sleep again*


Feast your eyes on these three little kitties, friends!!!! I wish I could bring them inside my apartment, for real. They keep trying to sneak in, but they aren't allowed in because of the possibility of fleas/disease.

FOUR. I have never seen so many red-headed southern gentlemen in one place and I am interestingly falling prey to the beguiling nature of ~the ginger~. *insert shy monkey emoji hiding behind its hands here!!!!* I'm guessing this is because I think there's a solid Irish population here (the St. Patty's Day parade in March is a BIG BIG BIG deal!) Such aww-dorable, enchanting + majestic gentlesirs can often be found at Forsyth Park, but considering I'm usually too busy doggy-hunting, all my energy goes towards that instead. I'm very blushy about all of this ginger-guy stuff, though. Mainly because, well, I need one in my life. I think it's so freaking adorable and unique. SO IF you happen to know a red-head Southern gentleman guy who's extremely preppy yet a sensitive, loving type (not the "I'm-cooler-than-thou" type because, yuck. But you know, the kind of guy who likes to dress in a presentable, WASP-y way of fashion but is still down-to-earth <33 omggggg *swoooooooooooon*!) and doesn't mind reading books together whilst cuddling and will happily aid me in fulfilling my dream of going to a Savannah Bananas game (YES THEY ARE ACTUALLY CALLED THE SAVANNAH BANANAS AND THEY ARE A LEGITIMATE MINOR-LEAGUE BASEBALL TEAM, I KID YOU NOT~) and would be into holding hands and talking about his feelings and also mine while we go for walks in the park and consuming socially unacceptable amounts of pizza, please send him to me and/or ask him if he will plz marry me on my behalf. Also would preferably call me "darlin' " and speak with an authentic southern accent. And no mean streaks. And would write me love letters on occasion, too. Kk, thx~

FIVE. So unlike in Connecticut, there aren't very many "Top 40 hits" music stations down here in Savannah. I've found 97.3 which is about it. Then 100.1 is like throwback jamz, and country is 96.5, and then gospel is 103.5 I've definitely been listening to tons of country and gospel when driving around + exploring everywhere. Also, not gonna lie, they've been having gospel music concerts outside of my apartment every single morning for the past few days that echo all the way over from the park into my bedroom loud + clear and it's been making me highly grumpy. While I absolutely love this music, I just can't handle "leaving the river vein, Lord Jesus!"at 8:30 a.m. I simply just cannot. It is too early for anybody to be leaving anywhere. Even a river vein that apparently desperately needs to be left. My sincerest apologies to the Big Man, but I personally need to wait until at least noon. That being said, though, I may be leaving it quite a bit earlier than noon because.....*DRUMROLLLLLLL!!*

BONUS: I'VE GOT A NINE-TO-FIVE! So turns out I'll be needing to wake up prior to 8:30 a.m. anyway, which means I'll be leaving the river vein, personally, at about 8:37 a.m. in order to get to work 10 minutes early. I WAS HIRED BY SOUTH MAGAZINE AND I AM NOW THE DIGITAL EDITOR OF THE MAGAZINE!  *sobs tears of joy* *floods apartment with said tears* *purchases a finely-crafted yacht + sails around in them* #DreamsReallyDoComeTrue #DreamJob #Hashtag And get this, my boss's name is Michael (remember I told you how everyone I've been meeting in Savannah is named Mike? I really wasn't kidding around!!) Being an editor for a magazine, and a SOUTHERN MAGAZINE AT THAT!, is literally my absolute dreamiest of dream jobs and I'm so happy and thrilled and honored and excited and feeling blessed in every way.

What's been going on in your life, lately?
xoxo, Brooke

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

On My Music Playlist

WOW! I can't believe it's been over a month since my last post in this series!! :0 Here are 15 songs on my music playlist lately (the ones that have a * next to them are my absolute favorites!! *cue sassy handflip*). Also, I'm currently in the process on working on a few special blog posts: some personal, some photograph-oriented, and (of course!!) the next "Currently Trending" post! <3 Get pumpedddd! *casually raises the roof*

1. "Capsize" - FRENSHIP, Emily Warren

2. "Working For It" - ZHU, Skrillex, THEY.

3. "That's My Girl" - Fifth Harmony*

4. "You Would Not Believe Me" - People The Kangaroo

5. "Don't Mind" - Kent Jones

6. "Closer" - The Chainsmokers, Halsey

7. "2 Steps" - Emma Gatsby

8. "Final Song" - MO

9. "Cold Water" - Major Lazer, Justin Bieber, MO

10. "Wildlife" by RYE

11. "Hometown Girl" by ZHU*

12. "Thank You" - Meghan Trainor, R. City*

13."The Life" - Fifth Harmony

14."Together" - The Magician

15."Into You" - Ariana Grande

What's been on your music playlist lately?
xoxo, Brooke