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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Why The "Day Designer" Is The Best Planner Out There

If you're like me, then you are the kind of person who loves having some sort of a schedule. Although I don't like to schedule things too exactly, I do like blocking out chunks of time in my day for different activities/events to ensure that I get stuff done!

Personally, because of this, my favorite type of planner offers a DAILY (hour-by-hour) look at your schedule, as well as a monthly overview with space to both write in your goals in for that particular month and put in holidays/important major events. Quite honestly, although I've tried ~*many a planner*~ in my day, the Day Designer planner by Whitney English is my absolute favorite. You can get it from the website here (and be sure to use that particular link, actually, because I'm affiliated with the company!! <333 Only the best for my reader-baes!!! :p :D LOL!!)

They have so many amazing color choices and prints. I usually stick to stripes, but this year I got an animal print -- super cute! Here are some of the other options offered, although some of these are currently sold out (clearly I'm not the only one who loves these planners!!!) lol! :




While some people are pretty devoted to one type of popular planner like the Lilly Pulitzer or the Kate Spade, I do definitely still recommend the Day Designer because it is SOOOOO incredible for actually visualizing your day, as I mentioned earlier, hour by hour so that you can actually see where your time is going to be spent. Other "weekly" style planners just do not have much structure at all; even if it's great to see all the things you've got to get done that week, without having the actual hours in there for planning purposes the way the Day Designer does, it could be pretty difficult for you to actually make stuff happen + get shizz done! Hands down, that's why the Day Designer is #bae -- it gives you the structure you need so you can actually make your goals + dreams a reality <33.

Have you used the Day Designer planner before? Are you as passionate about it as I am!?
xoxo, Brooke

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