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Saturday, July 2, 2016

On My Music Playlist!


My dearest apologies for the time that's passed since I last posted!! *averts eyes down to the floor to avoid guilty eye contact with you* ahahah! :p I've been so wrapped up in life and reflecting on where I've been and who I am and who/what I'd like to become...and I'd be lying if I didn't admit how many emotions, both amazingly positive and liberating as well as not-so-positive feelings, have been flowing through me as of late, lol. AND I AM MOVING DOWN TO GEORGIA SO SOON, AHHH! It's been around 100 degrees there... I'm used to only around 86, tops, being here in Old Lyme!! #ThatNewEnglandLyfe

With all of the thinking (and daydreaming and reflecting and planning and wondering... :p!) I've been doing lately, naturally, a music lover such as myself would like to accompany those thoughts with some ~*background tunes*~ !

These songs are listed below!! There's a little something for everybody on it, whether you like to listen to music while you dance, while you cry, while you werkk it out at the get the picture! P.S. - ~~peep the graphic; feast your eyes upon the font with HEARTS IN IT!!!!!!!!! *squeals with the utmost delight* lmao!!! :D ~~

What songs have been on your music playlist lately!? Tweet at me @ThePinkLyme or just comment below if that's easier!! I'd love to hear any recommendations you may have!! <3
xoxo, Brooke

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