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Friday, July 15, 2016

Currently Trending

Okay okay okay so I know I just posted saying stay tuned in the future for posts but SURPRISEEEEEEE!!!! You guysssss, it's been far too long since I've shared with you what I've been watching, reading, eating, wearing, listening to + inspired by! Here's the low-down on culture in my life lately!

Watching: Pretty Little Liars
It's baaaaaaack! And you guys, HOW FRICKIN' GOOD IS THIS SEASON!?!?!? After last season, I won't lie, I thought that it was going to head downhill. But, in reality, it did quite the contrary. THIS. SEASON. IS. AMAZEBALLS. It's arguably very dark, though, but to be honest, I think it's extremely fitting. The Liars have grown up and matured, so I think that it is only natural that the subject matter follows suite. BUT ARCHER DUNHILL, WHYYYY!?! *shakes angry fists up at the heavens* ahahah!!

Reading: "Save The Date" by Mary Kay Andrews
Now, I'm not usually one for "chick lit" type, "beach read" books, but since this one is set in Savannah (WHERE I'M MOVING TO NEXT WEEK, AHHHH!!! :D :D YAYAYAY!), I just had to read it. I'm a little over halfway through, and while I absolutely loved the beginning learning about the main character's life as a florist, once the romance started my initial opinion of the book began to change. The main character is described as "pathetic" for wondering if her romantic interest would ever talk to her again after they have sex. Since when is wanting somebody to treat you as an equal and to show you some respect pathetic!?! On this note, the love interest said he was annoyed that his girlfriend wanted to be a priority in his life -- if you don't want to make your girlfriend a priority, then what the hell are you doing having a girlfriend!?!?! They aren't just there for your entertainment!! They are real human beings with passions of their own, and if you don't want to make a girlfriend a priority then it's best you don't have a relationship because it clearly shows you are not ready/do not want to put in effort needed to maintain a blossoming, growing, HEALTHY relationship. Nobody deserves to feel like they are taking your precious time away from things you care about more than them. Also, the book slams girls with very thin frames, as well as girls who genuinely enjoy working out. It says only women with big curves have the body of a "real woman." Now, I personally think, just like my own body, most people's body shapes are somewhere in between this range, and I think it's really ugly to shame people's bodies so callously! And I also think, that working out is great to do for your health, because screw just working out for vanity. Show your heart and your muscles that you love them. I treat the gym like a playground for the body + soul; it's a great way to burn off some steam, have a lot of fun and be in your "happy place" in your mind! :p Also, there are some jokes made about drinking and alcoholism that some people could definitely find either offensive or unfortunately encouraging to drink whenever a personal problem arises. Again, I really loved the book when it discussed different flowers and weddings and the accurate + detailed descriptions of the city of Savannah, but once romance got into the picture, the whole book kinda took a weird, offensive turn! I'm having a lot of difficulty getting through + finishing this book. Honestly, I might not even finish it. There are so many other good books out there that are deserving of my time!! :p

Eating: Califia Farms Coconut-Almond Milk
YOU. GUYS. I drink this every stinkin' day and I LOVE IT. It's so delicious as a cow-milk substitute (it tastes 100% better than cow's milk) and the flavor goes great with anything you add it to: smoothies, oatmeal, HOT CHOCOLATE... you name it! :p Just try it. You'll see what I mean.

Wearing: Hippie-style clothing from my favorite retailer in Maine -- Mexicali Blues (I shop at the stores in Freeport + Portland!) 
Quite honestly, although I do love me some tight crop-tops on days when I'm not in labor w/ a food baby~, there's nothing more awesome than wearing really loose stuff. Like, I have some loose printed almost-bermuda-lengthed shorts with a draw string, a breezy sundress, shorts with little hot pink pom-poms on the bottom + an elastic waistband, and more and I have to say, I'm glad that this "70's" look is in style again because I'd be wearing this stuff even if it weren't. There's too much pressure to always look "sexy" or "hot" or "attractive." But newsflash, maybe we don't always want to look this way. Maybe we want to slap on some green lipstick onto our pouts + put up our hair into a messy bun and call it art. Maybe we want to look "edgy" or "artsy" or "cute" or "adorable" or "trendy" or "mysterious" or "sleek" or "sharp"...maybe sexy + hot + attractive is not the look we need to always be trying to achieve. Just because you aren't aiming for sexy or hot or attractive doesn't mean that you don't look good for whatever look you're trying to achieve. Case in point: I wore some long-ass hippie dress (that I may or may not have worn to my college graduation, hmmmm...) to Dunkin' Donuts the other day. Didn't shave my legs in about a week. Cut my hair myself to above-my-shoulders-length and threw half of it up into a messy topknot, letting the rest of the pieces fall where they may land on my neck. Wore just some mascara and some lip balm that smells like coconuts. And yet, I got hit on by two gentlemen, merely as I was trying to just get me summa dat Almond Joy swirl in my iced decaf w/ almond milk. Not that I'm interested in having a romantic relationship right now, because I'm not lolz, I actually want "me-time" for a [HEALTHY] change!!!!, but what I'm getting at is this: you don't have to go for "sexy" to be admired. You really, really don't. Even if you wear jet-black lipstick and overalls-shorts, you're still gonna be admired if that's actually being true to what you're going for. Trust me on that, friends. Authenticity is what will attract others to you, more than trying to look "hot" ever will. Don't really know who you are just yet? That's 100% okay!! I don't either, and that's fine. Just wear whatever the heck you feel like. Because there's not much more authentic you can get than going by your emotion + intuition! Some days I want to be a preppy pretty princess, other days I wanna be grunge-ish hipster-y AF, and then most days I want to be a lil' hippie fairy lmao!! It's all fine. Never let yourself get boxed into just one specific style, if you don't want to.

Listening To: "All In My Head (Flex)" by Fifth Harmony, Fetty Wap
Fifth Harmony, G.R.L. and Little Mix are definitely my favorite girl music groups by far. I'm a total sucker for anything poppy, danceable and overtly feminine. Honestly, these groups make the absolute best music for listening to in the mornings while doing your makeup and hair and brows, for real. And anyone who provides tune-age for this princess primping time is a true favorite of mine!

Inspired By: (surprisingly here!) MYSELF!
I've accomplished so many huge things in the past four years of college and then also the four years of high school prior to college. I've grown so much and I'm a very different person than I used to be. Incredibly different. I'm really proud at the progress I've made in personal development thus far, and I feel like I can rest assured that I'm only going to keep on growing and changing into a person who I can honestly say is exactly the kind of person whom I'd like to be. While I'm heading in a great direction, I certainly have a LOT more growing to do first -- and by growing, I mean exploring, learning, experiencing, trying, etc etc etc! Fun times await, and I'm excited to get out there and have a great time.

What's been currently trending in your life lately!?
xoxo, Brooke


  1. I always like reading these currently type posts. I have not heard that song by fifth harmony yet. I will have to look it up!

    1. They're also very fun to make!! ;) ahaha!!! YESS, ASHLEY, YOU MUST LISTEN TO IT!! You will love it!<3