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Friday, July 29, 2016

15 Things I've Learned During My First Week In Savannah!

I'm half-asleep in bed right now, but I realized that it has officially been one week since I've moved to Savannah -- woohoo!!!! *happydances all around* :D !!!!! I absolutely LOVE it here, and tomorrow I'll be sure to post a more in-depth overview of my experiences thus far. For now, though, here are 15 things I've learned during my first week in Savannah that I've typed up from my journal into this blog post:

1. There is a grand total one Dunkin' Donuts in the entire city of Savannah. Yes, you read that correctly. One. #ConnecticutGurlProbz

2. Everybody is INCREDIBLY and (more importantly) GENUINELY kind! <3

3. ...except for that one exception who works at Victoria's Secret that your Snapchat fam knows all about, hahahaha.... *casually growls like an angry skunk*

4. Whoever said dry, desert-like heat is better than moist, cozy-blanket heat was vv mistaken!!!! Ironically, the humidity + moisture in the air is exactly what makes the hot temperature down here bearable.

5. Your fear of spiders is no longer. Because you found a whole new animal to terrorize your life. That's right, friends...COCKROACHES CAN FLY. *soul withers away + dies~~*

6. They aren't kidding around when they named it SWEET tea...! Note to self: avoid this, b/c you don't enjoy making visits to the dentist.

7. The three stray kitties that hang out around the back entrance of your apartment building are adorable, even if you can't touch them in case they have fleas and/or rabies. [Also, if you're like me, you're allergic to cats + they make your throat close up... *dramatically clutches a box of antihistamine tablets to bosom*]

8. ...but you can still name the kitties!! They are now officially called Cleo (the sassy ginger who likes to claw at the others' faces #charming), Theo (the gray one who literally looks into your soul via a stare-down), and Leo (the raven black with some brownish tint when sun shines on it one who enjoys trying to run into the building when you are entering it, yourself) <333

9. Whole Foods is the most amazing supermarket in the entire world, and there should ideally be one on every street in case hunger strikes, jussayin'.

10. Even if you feel really guilty about it now, eventually you'll come to terms with the fact that it's okay to prefer the more "suburban"-feeling outskirts of the city over the touristy downtown area. [I'm all for believing it's important to venture out of your comfort zone, but as I've just mentioned, the main downtown can feel rather touristy (read: overwhelmingly loud AF + swelteringly hot AF!!) at times, and I want to meet locals who actually say "y'all(z)" on a daily basis! Also, keeping it real here, parking is not exactly easy to come by downtown unless you park in some dark garage where you have to pay for your spot, and while I could just walk downtown, walking in 102 degrees isn't exactly my first choice, ya feel me?~]

11. Getting a Barnes + Noble membership is probably the best decision you will ever make in your life, to this day.

12. Many people down here are named Mike. So far, you've met a neighbor, an AC repairman, a furniture salesman, a few other citizens of Savannah, and some lawyer guy on a billboard all named Mike! Many, many Mikes, people.

13. Just because your condo apartment is small AF doesn't mean that it can't still wind up being absolutely palatial! Now by that, I don't mean fancy expensive furniture -- no, no! It's all about having things in your home that make you happy, the things that you genuinely like. I have only coral, white, yellow, aqua, gray and black in my entire condo. While The Pink Lyme's colors, as y'allz know, are hot pink and lime green, the coral and aqua accents in my apartment are a nod to these hues, just... ermmm, slightly less neon! :p

14. It's okay to admit that being vegan is difficult, particularly when in a new place where you want to try every pizza place restaurant you possibly can. It's okay to switch back to being vegetarian instead of vegan on some days. Heck, it's also okay to switch back to vegetarian every day. But... it's also okay when you have certain days when keeping vegan for just that particular day seems doable, or even for a few days. Any step you take against animal products, whether a humongous step (vegan) or a large step (vegetarian), you are still taking a stand, regardless of the size of the step that you've taken. Any effort should be applauded, and no need to feel like you've failed at life just because you're craving some of that ~~~AMAZEBALLS~~~ Chocolate Raspberry Truffle ice cream at Bruester's... *le sigh*!

15. You will find yourself getting teary-eyed while walking around Forsyth Park or driving to Target, just because of how much you absolutely love this place.

Have you ever been to Savannah? What was your experience here like?
xoxo, Brooke

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