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Monday, June 6, 2016

Mindfulness Monday! (with a Surprise!!)

I'm excited to announce that from now on "Mindfulness Monday!" is going to be a 100% totally free (!) weekly email newsletter sent straight to your inbox every Monday morning, first thing (think: pretty much at the ass-crack of dawn, ahaha! :p)

This way, I can personalize it to you even more than I already do, and it rewards ~*the most loyal of readers*~ with this extra specialized personal treat that nobody can see unless they sign up for Mondays!, too. Oh yeah... so you're part of the super exclusive elite who's not only devoted to living a healthier, happier life start each Monday of the week but you get FREE!!!!! "secret" content that only subscribers get access to. Talk about living a life of bad-assery, amiright!? ;) ahaha!

I've been working with Mail Chimp to set up a list where you can enter in your email address to get the Monday email newsletter designed to help you have a positive + healthy + inspirational start to your week! :D Buuuut the thing is, it's being stubborn about getting set up because I use a Gmail email address and Mail Chimp has issues with people who use Gmail (for delivery purposes, sometimes the emails sent out may be accidentally marked as spam! :0 not good, friends, not good.)

The thing is though, I kinda sorta really need to get a list together for you to enter in your email so I actually know how to get your Mindfulness Monday! email to you!! Because you deserve it :p!! ahahah! <3 While that whole shenanigans is being worked out, I figured out another way for you to enter in your email *strokes thinking cap lovingly* lmaoo!!

Please enter your email + first name into the Survey below to sign up for Mindfulness Monday! in your inbox every Monday!
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So excited to have you along for the ride with me!! :D
xoxo, Brooke

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