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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Life Updates A'Plenty! (New posts to come, my trip to Portland, and GOING VEGAN!?!)

Ayyyyyyy! :p ahahaha, I'm really sorry it's been several days since I've posted last!!! EEEK! But I was traveling up in Maine with my mom! Maine is so beautiful. I've been reluctant to let it into my heart (lmaoooo!) because of my loyalty to Connecticut, and Old Lyme in particular, but Maine has definitely beguiled me and won me over. We're remodeling our other, non-Old Lyme house that's in Freeport, Maine so most of the trip was spent hanging out in the nearby city of Portland which is without a doubt one of my absolute favorite cities (along with Savannah <333 and Boston!) There were so many cool boutiques; I'll have to do a post to show you some of the goodies I got while there!! I also visited a farm in Freeport, though, with such amazingly sweet animals. There were mama chickens and big cows and baby ducks and lots of tiny sheep and sassy AF goats!! Which brings me to my next point...

(Btw, new posts are deffz heading your way this upcoming week, just realized I forgot to mention this, but I'll make sure to keep my editorial calendar booked for y'allz! ;) ahaha! Definitely have some cool stuff in the works, and actually one or two sponsored posts but as you guys know I only write sponsored posts for stuff I actually really love!! :D <33) BUT BUT BUT for right now, I have an exciting new announcement..... I'M VEGAN NOW!!! I finally took the plunge after been pescatarian/vegetarian for a long time! I know that I am supposed to be sticking to the Candida diet for health reasons, but it is very very restrictive and incredibly tricky to do so (I kept getting Dairy Queen <333333 even though I can't have dairy nor refined sugar...) Vegan diets can actually cause Candida if you eat nutritional yeast too much (!!!), + if you continuously eat too many carbs or sugars (read: fruits + pastas). I ~clearly~ cannot eat nutritional yeast because of the whole Candida thing, even though the yeast tends to be a part of many vegan diets, but that's okay because you don't need nutritional yeast as a vegan! *happydances all around* Once I get used to a vegan diet, ultimately taking it a step further + adhering to some of the stricter rules of the Candida diet (no gluten, no alcohol, no refined sugar to name a few!!) will be easier because I'll be used to primarily eating veggies and beans, anyway. :p

Here's actually my Facebook status from my personal Facebook account that if you know me personally (and therefore we are Facebook friends on my personal page, rather than on The Pink Lyme's FB Fan Page!) you have most likely already seen:

This has been long overdue, but I am excited to announce that after being a vegetarian/pescatarian since 2010, I am officially going vegan!!!😍💚this change is something that I have wanted to do for a very long time, but never thought I could do. But it seems every gloomy cloud does have its silver lining: due to health issues I'm not supposed to have gluten or dairy, as it is, + I'm also supposed to stick to a "low glycemic" diet (read: no refined sugars, alcohol, yeast, super carby things), so this seems like a natural next step to take. Although I have definitely slipped up ~*many a time*~ with my fave gurl Dairy Queen🍦👑 recently , ((my bad my bad~))...but this is going to end today. A plant-based diet just makes sense for me. Also, I eventually plan to switch over to all cruelty free makeup, & donate + no longer use leather goods (like designer purses, etc.) but I will be making this change gradually so I won't feel some big loss all at once! No, I do not hate you if you choose to eat animals, or anything like that, but for me, this is my own personal decision that I have made!!!! I am so excited to give back to the world + sweet innocent animal friends🐷🐮🐔🐠 in this way, and additionally make some lifestyle changes: more walking (even if I am a bookworm!!) + more dancing around my room (because Meghan Trainor's new album is just too good, okay!!!)...literally just anything to be more active, using less harsh chemicals in household products + makeup/etc., and getting more in touch with my spiritual side by doing more journal-writing + yoga-doing, things like that. For me, I personally believe a healthier life = a happier life!! Again, maybe this isn't the right choice for every single person and I don't judge. BUT! For Anyone else who wants to make a change for the better in your lifestyle, I highly recommend you go for it☺️because you CAN do it!! Just take baby steps, at first! (Don't worry, you don't have to eat tofu, I promise😂👌🏻!!)

I think it would be super cool if I do a little video about what I eat in a week as a vegan, to show you how easy it is to still eat yummy foods yet help save the animals! Whaddya think!?

Write more soon! <3
xoxo, Brooke

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