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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Feeling Moody AF Lately? It Might Be The Chemicals In Your Makeup...

You might check to see how many calories are in your morning granola bar breakfast, but do you also check the ingredients of your mascara to see if there are mood-altering chemicals in it?

I found myself having to write this post, because after experiencing this firsthand, I never want anyone else to go through this, too. In fact, if you love wearing and experimenting with makeup on a daily basis like I do, you might be going through this and just be unaware. It is important to note that the chemicals we're about to examine are more harmful in higher doses than in smaller quantities. But the saying "It's all the little things in life that matter" unfortunately also rings true in this case: if you use these products daily, or even worse don't take your makeup off before you go to bed at night (I'm so guilty of this -- sometimes I would keep my makeup on for two or even (*gulp*) three --yes, three-- days on at a time because I was too exhausted at night to take it off and because it's waterproof didn't come off in the shower and it still looked damn good :p !) the harmful chemicals add up, polluting your body.

Additionally, not all organic or "all natural" products are mood-friendly substances. This is really shocking, I know! I was like, definitely disturbed for the rest of the day after I first learned this. You'd think that anything natural or organic is 100% safe, right!? Well, this is not necessarily true. Sometimes, these products contain natural ingredients that are still "endocrine disruptors" -- how sneaky of them!! ;)

"Endocrine disruptors" are substances that cause an imbalance in the levels of the hormones you have, which is just incredibly yikes. For example, if your endocrine (aka hormone) system in your body was a metaphorical rum + coke drink, an endocrine disruptor might cause too much of the coke, and not enough of the rum! Simply put, this is because the molecules of the endocrine disruptor substance (whether "natural" or not) can mimic the shape of your hormones' molecules, so your body thinks that the substance molecules are actually your hormones :0 ! So, if a product you use frequently contains an ingredient that mimics estrogen, the "female" hormone, you can have mood swings, tenderness in the boobage region, intense headaches, and a whole bunch of other unfortunate symptoms.

Although this was a Snapchat from one night when I was stuck in traffic, this certainly applies here, too!! Ahahah :p !

These are just a few of the nasty chemicals you want to avoid in your makeup (check those labels, friends!!)...

Sodium Laurel Sulfate / Sodium Laureate Sulfate 
It can cause symptoms of depression, launch panic attacks in those with anxiety, cause irritation reactions on the skin/lungs, and give some people ~*diarrhea*~. Fun times all around, with SLS it seems!! -___-

Retinyl Palmitate 
It's supposed to be an anti-aging antioxidant, but in the presence of sunlight, it actually speeds up the development of cancerous tumors :'( !!

Parfum/Fragrance is particularly sneaky because companies have the right to keep their secret scent formula, well... secret. This means that there's no way to tell if they've snuck in some chemicals that they would otherwise get in trouble for using if they actually listed it in the ingredients individually rather than summing it up as part of this mystery "fragrance." The truth is, friends, your beloved "cherry blossom" scent is not merely created by cherries and blossoms (lmaooo!); there can be a multitude of potentially harmful chemicals to acquire a desired scent.

Dibutyl Phthalate
It is a hazardous air pollutant and disrupts the balance of your hormones. So, not only does it harm you, but it can harm other creatures that might be sharing that air with you, ya feel me!? 'Nuff said.

Propyl Paraben
This mimics estrogen, and also can be harmful for reproduction/ reproduction development! So if you wanna get preggers or already are, seriously avoid!! :/

This seriously alters estrogen levels, and can even screw up gene expression...Not cute, butylparaben, not cute!!! *furiously shakes heads with disapproval*

So now that we know this, what are some tricks and tips for those of us who still absolutely love makeup and can't bear to cut it out of our lives for good? Other than merely just avoiding those chemicals listed above, these are some practices that I've implemented into my life that seem to help me, but ~*disclaimer time*~ everyone is different, so I can't 100% promise that they will help you as well. If you find things that work for you, please do let me know!!

1. Avoid wearing makeup during your period. 
Your hormones might already be going a lil' cray-cray, so this will prevent even further mayhem to occur!
2. Always take off your makeup before going to bed, no matter how sleepy (or drunk... #SaturdayNightzz!) you are.
Get those chemicals off you, ASAP!
3. Eat a diet that is also low in endocrine-disrupting ingredients.
For example, soy sauce (!!!) is an endocrine disruptor, so be sure to go easy on it the next time you grab sushi for dinner! The more level your hormones already are, the less of an effect you might notice from the chemicals in your makeup.
4. Get more sleep. 
This takes a lot of inner strength; with all of the Netflix shows, interesting books, text messages or emails to answer, it can be difficult to take a time-out for some much-needed Z's. But getting enough sleep at night can help to regulate your hormones, so treat going to bed earlier in the same way you eat chocolate... (hint: an everyday occurrence!!!)

Aaaand here is a great site about these topics if you want to learn more! It has a database with the ingredients lists of your favorite cosmetics as well as a ranking from 1-10 as to how dangerous the cosmetic product is, overall. Life is a precious thing -- let's choose to live ours healthily!

Because knowledge is more beautiful than wearing makeup will ever be.
xoxo, Brooke

(Pssst... feel free to send this along to a makeup-loving friend/loved one! <3 The more educated we all are, the better choices we can all make.)


  1. Fantastic post! I actually went to a skin 101 workshop on just this topic and was shocked by the amount of chemicals that are absorbed by our skin, shampoo and conditioner can be pretty terrible too!
    Xo Jannine | Happy Stylish Fit

    1. Thank you so much, Jannine!! <3 :D That workshop sounds right up my alley, and really informational *wiggles hands with excitement*, lol!!! I totally agree with you; I think it's all so shocking because so many girls use these products every day and have no clue about the toxins entering their bodies! It's super creepy!!!

  2. Fantastic post! I actually went to a skin 101 workshop on just this topic and was shocked by the amount of chemicals that are absorbed by our skin, shampoo and conditioner can be pretty terrible too!
    Xo Jannine | Happy Stylish Fit