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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Let's Just Talk About Meghan Trainor's New Album For A Hawt Sec...



Okay, so let us discuss song-by-song, shall we!?! My favorites are "Better," "Hopeless Romantic," "I Won't Let You Down," "Champagne Problems," "Mom," and "Thank You"!

"Watch Me Do": If you need an instant boost of confidence, this song is for you! *cue strutting around your bathroom while singing into your mascara wand* Favorite lyrics? "I've been on a low-hater diet"

"Me Too": Another great song for confidence-boosting purposes! I recommend listening to this after someone puts you down/tries to make you feel inadequate. Favorite lyrics? "And I can't help lovin' myself/ And I don't need nobody else"

"No": One of my personal favorite songs to sing my heart out to, out of tune listen to while cruisin' around in the car! Favorite lyrics? "Call me beautiful, so original, telling me I'm not like other girls/ I was in my zone before you came along, now I'm thinking maybe you should go"

"Better": Dang, did you read this post ? Because this is exactly what I needed right about now! Favorite lyrics? "And you, you deserve to be alone/ And I deserve better, better than you"

"Hopeless Romantic": THIS IS LEGIT ME IN SONG-FORM. This song is the best description of me I've ever listened to. I resonate with this song more than probably any others out there! Nailed it, Meghan, nailed it. The song of my soul, no doubt. Favorite lyrics? "Searching for me and I'm looking for you/ Show me you're out there"

"I Love Me": The only song you need to start your mornings off right, tbh! Favorite lyrics? "They gon' try to clip my wings, but I'm gon' fly"

"Kindly Calm Me Down": The perfect ballad to sing in your nightly showers. Favorite lyrics? "So cold, so alone/ Could you be my blanket?"

"Woman Up": Such an empowering girl-jam for getting ready to go out for the night! Favorite lyrics? "Don't matter what you've been through/ No, just make them remember you"

"Just A Friend To You": This sort of weird, jerkish relationship where the guy doesn't take ownership of his feelings and refuses to show off how proud he is to be with his girl reminds me of the good ol' days of unfortunate middle school romances...but the fact that some people still act this way even as young adults is so laaaaaame! Favorite lyrics? "Why you gotta hug me like that/ Every time you see me? Why you always making me laugh/ Swear you're catching feelings."

"I Won't Let You Down": This is without a doubt one of the most catchy songs on the entire album! And, who doesn't love a good song about righting your wrongs, am I right!? (LOLZ SEE WHAT I DID THERE... righting...and am I right? Okay okay, I'll stop now~~) You can even dedicate it to yourself, if you haven't treated yourself right in the past... you can begin again with yourself. It's never too late to become your own bestie! Favorite lyrics? "You can't do this alone/ So from this day on, I won't let you down/ I'm gon' right my wrongs and I'mma make you proud"

"Dance Like Yo Daddy": This is definitely a silly one. Save this for when you're having a grumpy day -- I dare you to listen to this song without smiling! Favorite lyrics? "And if you care what they think then you can't have fun, so come on!"

"Champagne Problems": The lyrics that are poking fun at #FirstWorldProblems (think: WiFi, a late Uber, etc.) are a good match the danceable beat that is just so superb. Favorite Lyrics? "My iPhone always seems to die/ Right before I hit reply"

"Mom": Instead of your common love song about romance, this is about mama bear love!! It's incredible. Go take a listen! Favorite lyrics? "See we go way back, oh I remember" and "I just wanted to call you to tell you I love you"

"Friends": What better way to tell your friends you love them than by dancing around to this song together!? Favorite lyrics? "When I got my heart broken/ And my world was torn apart/ I was drowning in my tears/ They showed me they were right here"

"Thank You": Happy love songs feel so rare nowadays - there are always songs about people cheating, people taking their partner for granted, people breaking up or feeling hurt. This one, however, is a pleasant change change of pace! Favorite lyrics? "I hear your words, they don't go unnoticed"

Which of these songs is your favorite!? (Yes, "all of them" is a legit answer, ahaha! :D!!)
xoxo, Brooke


  1. Yes to Champagne Problems!! Love your review. (:

    Sunny -

    1. Yesssssss, Sunny!!!! <33 Why thank you, kind lady, ahaha! :p