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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

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Soooo, Monday I was recovering from graduation the day before, so no Mindfulness Monday post for this week (lol @ the fact that today is Wednesday....) buuuuut I've been working on a really special reflection piece about graduation and the past four years of my life (which have been my college experience)! Still working on that, though, but in the meantime, without further ado, *drumrollllll!* here's the low-down on culture in my life lately!

Watching: "The Amazing Race."
My mom told me about this show, and we've binge watched all the way through season 5 so far, and are now currently watching season 6! It's so addicting, I swear... I absolutely despise any sort of reality/game show thing, but this is so not like's just incredible. It's stimulating for the mind because you see places all over the world, and you learn about psychology, other world cultures, and can vicariously buff up on your interpersonal skills. If you're not a fan of TV, this might very well change your mind -- it certainly did for me!! You can find this show on Amazon Prime :D!

Reading: the AAA self-tour guide books to plan the road trip down to Savannah, GA with my mama bear so I can move into my new rented apartment for grad school in the fall!
We're definitely going to be checking out quite a few places in South Carolina -- Charleston, Myrtle Beach, + Hilton Head! I literally cannot wait. I am so excited! I've been in love with the South for so many years, and now I am finally actualizing my dream...this is the greatest feeling.

Eating: Beanitos Bean Chips with Sea Salt.
You honestly don't even miss your regular run-of-the-mill corn chip with these addicting crunchy chips! If you have to eat a strict Candida diet like I do, or are otherwise on a low-glycemic diet, these can actually make eating fun again! You don't have to sit out while everyone's eating guacamole -- you can dip these purely bean-composed chips into ~*dat guac*~ right along with the rest of 'em! ;)

Wearing: White + Gold Jack Rogers sandals from Nordstrom. 
These puppies were on clearance! I found them today at my beloved Westfarms Mall in Farmington/West Hartford, CT (lmao...hence the name "Westfarms"; clever, eh!?), and they were marked down to $89 from $117, so I'd say that's a great deal! *casually strokes wallet with reassurance* Plus, when I move down to Savannah, I'm going to be wearing either running shoes or sandals -- no more snow boots for this New England girl! ;)

Listening To: In case you missed this post, MEGHAN TRAINOR'S NEW ALBUM IS AMAZING. My current fave out of all my faves on her album is "I Won't Let You Down"! However, for ~*a lil' change of pace*~, "New Romantics" by Taylor Swift finallyyyy (as of April, okay, but I'm a little late to the party here!!!!) has its music video released on YouTube. Let your ears have a listen, do them a favor :p!! ahahah!

Inspired By: Lilly Pulitzer. 
So if we're buddies on GoodReads, then you'll know that I'm currently reading a whopping seven, yes literally seven, books right now... lololol my attention span for books sometimes jumps around because I'm really passionate about a million and one subjects (aaaand I probably should have mentioned one of these aforementioned seven books for the currently "Reading" category in this post, instead of discussing the AAA self-tour guide books, but that's okay!! :p). One of these books is Lilly Pulitzer's biography! It's so interesting to get the backstory of one of my favorite designers, and from now on when I wear her clothing line, I will be able to rock those shift dresses or palazzo pants with an extra dose of pride.

What are you watching, reading, eating, wearing, listening to, and inspired by?
xoxo, Brooke

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