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Monday, April 4, 2016

My New Physical + Mental Health Journey!

With the exciting new change of GRAD SCHOOL!!!! comes a lot of introspection: who have I been in college for the past four years? Who would I like to become in grad school? What aspects of myself would I like to play up, and what aspects of who I am would I like to change? (Note: you can start fresh on any given day! If you aren't satisfied with yourself at any point in your life, go get out there and change the aspects you desire to see differently!) Haven't you heard!? I'll be attending SCAD (Savannah College of Art + Design, located in Savannah, Georgia)! <---This was the hint from the photo of the southern sweet tea and the palm tree on my Instagram account that I told y'allz about! It's from when I visited the area over my spring break!

Aaaaand so, because of this major change, I need to be able to focus solely on taking care of my mental and physical health so that I will be able to become my best self for my upcoming new, two-year amazing future journey!! Let's do this together! :D <3 Tweet: Starting at this very moment, I am going to begin practicing healthy self-compassion + self-care. A major aspect of self-care that I am going to be engaging in is taking care of my mind, body, heart, + soul!

In terms of mental health, I vow to...

Get as much sleep as possible.

  • It's difficult to get good rest in a noisy dorm, but I will try my best!

Not ruminate on the things that make me sad or worried.

  • If this type of thought pops up, I will allow myself to feel upset for a little while and be self-compassionate and loving, but then I will follow up by looking on the bright side and change the thought(s) into having a new, positive twist! (i.e. - "This exam has so much material on it, oh my gosh! How overwhelming!" will become "This exam has so much material on it, oh my gosh! This seems really overwhelming! But as long as I try my best, that is the best possible outcome...(side note: nobody wants to do well without even trying, because that just leads to feeling icky over time!) and I have control over that!"

Be my own best friend.

  • Rather than being my own worst enemy -- something so many of us tend to do!

Write in a journal, almost every day.

  • Not only when I am in distress, but also when things are going well!

Keep my anxiety + occasional depression in check with talk therapy

  • It is a sign of strength + self-love to want to take good care of yourself, even if that means getting one-on-one advice from a professional source -- ain't no shame in that!

In terms of physical health, I vow to...

Cut down my sugar consumption to no more than 35g per day.

  • Even though females are not supposed to have over 25g according to Google, I've gotta be realistic here -- I love chocolate too much! Maybe later on in the year I'll get it down to 25g, but I'm not gonna push it   just yet! Also, fun fact: I used to consume over THREE TIMES this daily health limit recommendation!!! EEK!!! No more!

Engage in 30 minutes of cardio, four times a week.

  • Unless the patellar tendonitis in my knees or pretty chronically-sprained back are acting up, in which case I will cut back on the cardio, as needed!

Practice either yoga or meditation, daily.

  •  Either every morning or after my cardio workout, if I'm too sleepy first thing!

Not use bad weather as an excuse.

  • There are so many YouTube workout videos, that the whole yucky weather excuse just doesn't cut it anymore in this digital age!

Remember to lift some weights!

  • I lift about five pounds at most, and I'm 100% wholeheartedly glad about that. I don't need to get all intense about my lifting; I just desire to do a little something - and three or five pounds makes me personally happy. I'm not going to compare myself to those "let's-kick-some-@$$-today!" people at the gym who lift like, 25 pounds because I personally do not desire to do that, and that is okay!

Raspberries are one of my absolute favorite healthy foods!! What is your "go-to" snack?

This is not sponsored at all, but I think My Fitness Pal is a really really great free website + smartphone app to track your health!! This is what I will be using during my fitness + nutrition journey. It even tells you your macros, and really highly specified information! I was honestly unaware that I was consistently having fat as......*gags*...47% of my diet. My poor heart! Definitely going to be reversing this, ASAP! Add me as a friend on My Fitness Pal so we can motivate each other to get healthy + achieve our nutrition and fitness goals! My username is BSAFFERM :)

What are your fitness + nutrition + health goals? Let's keep each other on track! Go ahead and tell me some mental + physical health vows!
xoxo, Brooke

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