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Sunday, April 3, 2016

How to Make Difficult Decisions

Now, I'll be the first one to admit that having to make decisions (although I love having the autonomy, power + control that comes along with making decisions) makes me very, very anxious! Multiply these nervous feelings by x103829183728387462193 when the decision to be made is a "real" difficult one. Sometimes just choosing where to eat lunch or even what to order once I decide where can feel like a complicated choice: should I be healthy for a change? How much sugar have I already consumed today, because I really need to cut back? Do I need more vegetables + fiber today? Holy shiz, I haven't eaten fruit in almost an entire WEEK! And on, and on, and on.

With all of this being said, there are ways to help you make decisions if you are anything like myself!
Here are three that are my general "go-to's":

1. Talk about it
Talking to a trusted friend or family member or therapist can really help you view your predicament from new angles. Having third-party opinions, whether slightly biased or not, can still encourage you to look at your situation from perspectives you might not have considered prior to their advice. The more you talk about something, you are literally forcing yourself to generate new ideas about the matter - nobody's about to repeat the same thing over + over again! Just be careful not to venture into "unhealthy rumination" territory; although many people associate rumination with obsessive thinking, it can also result in obsessive discussing! There are so many beautiful things in the world with which you can fill your mind - I recommend this :p !

2. Write about it
Blogging, for me, is a great way to figure out how I'm really feeling about an issue, even more so than maybe I would if I hadn't written an entire post on the matter at hand, whatever it may be. If you do not write a blog, then I suggest buying a journal... or three! Hey, honestly, I feel creatively stuck sometimes when I have to write in the same journal or notebook day after day - the different colors and covers and textures and everything combined inspire me in different ways. You can bet that right now I have about four different journals that I write in whenever the inspiration strikes me to use any particular one. Journaling is great if you are concerned and preoccupied with external judgment from others who may read your thoughts + feelings and leave comments on them. Personally, something I wish I didn't do, but I have found that it's just a major element of human nature, is to seek validation of my own personal choices from others. This is part of the reason why I find blogging rewarding: what I write is able to resonate with people, and hopefully my words can help + inspire others. Although the subjects written about in journaling are highly personal, and I'd argue even more so for me than blogging topics usually are, with a blog you have the ability to change other people's lives for the better! Unless you publish your journals one day... hehehe! #Ideas

3. Think about it
Letting yourself consider the decision options that you can select from without passing judgment upon yourself for which one, deep down, you really think you want to make is a very important step in actually making a decision! Don't self-loathe if you find yourself leaning more towards on of the options that others have guided you against, either. Sometimes, oddly enough, even the people who know you best, just --for whatever reason-- don't know what is best for you, even if they have done so in the past + claim to do so, presently. The thing about being humans is that we are constantly in a state of evolving + growing + changing - and this is all such a beautiful thing. Each and every day shapes + forms us into a daily brand-new version of ourselves. We are never the same person two days in a row -- really think about that for a second! It is okay to change your mind a million and one times, despite what anyone says. We do not owe anybody a constant state of mind - because this is how one's mind grows stagnant. HOWEVER!!! there is at least one exception to this highly general rule, and what comes to mind is romance! I'd say that we owe romantic partners unwavering affection + love, wouldn't you!?

One of the ways to make decisions is to grab some (decaf!) coffee, a notebook/journal, a pen, + some alone time!

How do you go about making difficult decisions?
xoxo, Brooke


  1. Whenever I'm particularly stressed, I write all my feelings out in a journal and it makes me feel so much better! Great tips, girl!
    -Anna |

    1. That's awesome, Anna!! :D I totally agree; I always feel SOOOO much better after writing!!!! <3 xoxo I will be sure to check out your blog!

  2. I do all of these except write about it on the blog! I usually do months goals this year & when I'm writing knowing others are going to read it my thought process changes. I want to be as reasonable as possible.

    My main method is talking to my best friend about it. She helps me through everything.

    1. I love your idea about writing down monthly goals, Ally!!! Honestly, whenever I try to write down goals, it turns into some huge list divided into subsections of the different areas of my life and they wind up being huge long-term goals rather than month-appropriate, lmao!!! *sigh* I must learn from your greatness! <3 xoxo And that totally makes sense about your thought process changing when writing for an audience - it makes a HUGE difference depending on whether the audience is comprised of just yourself, or of the entire interwebz!!!

  3. I love journaling, and have several myself. Sometimes I make snap decisions though, because I don't like to stress, then end up regretting them. I need to learn patience! Lol! Great post! :)

    1. Ahh! I am SO sorry for the late reply, Martha, I never got a notification about your comment!!! =0 better late, though, than never, right!? Ahaha! :p *guilty face* I totally understand what you mean about the patience thing!! We should deff make it our goal to learn it, lol! <3 xoxo