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Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring Break!

Hi! I am so sorry that it has been -ages- since I've last written! I survived midterms week, and now I am finally on SPRING BREAK!!! :D *cue the happy dancing all around* It feels so special to be spending most of this break in Connecticut, although next week I will be traveling quite a bit, because next year I will *gasp!* no longer be living in Connecticut! Don't worry, though; my parents will still be living here in our beloved Old Lyme and naturally I will be back to visit -every- vacation time. This week, definitely not feeling great (ahh, yes...the monthly joys of lady-hood! *kisses bottle of Advil*), but I will still try to be as productive as possible!! I'm planning on writing quite a few posts for this week, because I really do miss how much content I was able to produce for you guys last summer, not being in school and therefore focusing primarily on writing TPL and making it the most enjoyable experience it can be for both reader and writer (aka yours truly.)

That all being said, get excited for some new posts coming your way! In honor of how happy I am to be spending this week in Connecticut (granted, I do go to college in CT, but it's a lot different being home than it is being surrounded by the campus bubble, so to speak), please check out this article that has been published on Odyssey! It is called "5 Instagram-Worthy Towns In Connecticut That You Need To Visit"... I think you will really like it! :D

Have any spring break plans of your own!?

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