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Thursday, March 17, 2016

How To Spark Your Creativity

Recently, I've been thinking about how to spark creativity when you're feeling, well, anything but! I've been feeling super creative being on break, because there is no pressure from school responsibilities. I always find myself becoming attracted to all-things-artsy when I am not very stressed out and my creative juices have been flowing as of late! :3 Want a little advice on how to tap into your inner creative genius!? If so, please keep reading! <3

1. Take a walk outside. (Whether you live in an urban concrete jungle, by the ocean, on a animal-loving farm, in suburbia, or somewhere in between, it merely takes breathing in outdoor air to get the creative juices flowing. There's really just something about being in nature, whether that's human nature in a city or plant+animal life in a more rural location, you will begin to feel connected to something greater, and you will be correct in feeling this way. We think we have nothing in common with others, or with plans, or with animals but we are all connected by our goals: we all want to survive, and to live the best+happiest life possible while completing aforementioned goal of surviving! So, step outside and appreciate the beauty of the world around you, no matter your surroundings - find the poetry in the cracks in the pavement, in the birds up above, in the grass down below. Find the extra in the ordinary, find the love in the lovely. When you return indoors, you'll be sure to feel inspired!)

2. Write a list of your favorite things (activities, people, ice cream flavors -- literally, anything) in a journal. (Being in your happy place can relax you so that no traces of stress, which could otherwise hinder your creativity, will be present!)

3. Listen to a genre (or a few different ones!) of music that you don't normally listen to.

4. Hop in your car or on a train and go visit a new town

5. Go to your local arts+crafts/stationary/hobby store.

6. Take a free online course on something you've been meaning to learn about.

7. Spend time with much younger/much older relatives. (Being with someone of a different generation can truly provide you with a new perspective.)

8. Put your phone's camera to good use!

9. Change your physical position. (Seriously! When I was a child, I'd always crawl around on the floor and stare up at the popcorn ceiling, feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. The world was such an interesting place, full of boundless experiences to explore. If you always wear sneakers, wear high heels. If you're always in heels, wear flats. If you never crawl around on the floor (because nobody does, let's be real), then try it...+ remember, you're doing all of this for your art!! So no judgment here, whatsoever! ;) ahaha!)

10. Cook a type of cuisine that you've never tried before or only eat on rare occasions. (Especially if you tend to only buy takeout food of this type of cuisine. Making it yourself can make the meal feel that much more meaningful + authentic. The effort put into cooking it will truly amplify the experience of actually eating it!)

How do you spark your creativity?
xoxo, Brooke

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