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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Cuts + Colors: 8 Hair Trends To Try Spring

Recently, I've gotten a buncha blonde highlights in my hair to the point where the unexperienced lay person would think it was dyed (hey, I even thought it looked pretty dyed when I clearly knew it was not, ahaha :p ! #SoSilly). I just really love having a little added dose of sunshine in my hair, ya know!? The brightness has kind of faded over time, but here's what it looked like at it's lightest (which you've seen if we're Instagram buddies!! :3 )


Aaaaaand then me just being a little sassy-pants with my hair, what else is new!?!? Ahahaha! :p

However, a new season calls for a new style... maybe!? Here are some of the looks I've been pretty into lately - although I definitely wouldn't try some of them out for myself (I just can't picture myself having bangs with my wavy, textured hair!), maybe some of these ideas will really resonate with you and you'll want to try them out!

(IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: As much as I really really would absolutely, wholeheartedly love to include picture examples from say, Pinterest, to show you each of the cuts and colors, sometimes even if you source the link to the pictures, it can get you into some copyright troubles + issues. As best I can from here on out, I will be trying to get original photography to include in each of my posts, or find really elegant stock photos from online sources that bloggers are allowed to use in their posts without any penalty. I really am bummed about not being able to include Pinterest images in here for you, but without a doubt you can go ahead and copy + paste any of these cuts + colors into the search bar on Pinterest to see them for yourself! xo)

The Cuts I'm Loving

1 // Blunt Bangs
Ohhh, how I wish I could have these for my own hair! Definitely a good look for those with no curls in their hair, whatsoever. I would say eyebrow-grazing bangs would be the most universally-flattering length, but consult with your stylist (+ a mirror, lmaooo!) to see if a little bit shorter or longer would work best for you! 

2 // Mermaid-Length (AKA really, really frickin' long/down to your belly button!)
This looks amazing on any color, for straight, wavy AND curly hair! The possibilities are truly endless: leave it down, braid it, pin it up, half up/half down... whatever you choose! It looks super cute with a sundress in the warmer weather, too! *squeals with delight*

3 // Mid-Neck Length
When cut into youthful, choppy layers, there becomes an almost undone elegance to your look. It's totally chic, while it simultaneously plays up your "cuteness" factor! :p Also, I'd say this length really suits girls with wavy hair, but if you've got pin-straight hair, don't fret! A straight-across, non-layered, super-blunt chop can look just as effortlessly sophisticated.

4 // Clavicut
I wasn't aware of this silly term until very recently! *gasp*!! :p Basically it's like shoulder-length, like the "lob/long bob"... I'm not sure who comes up with these names! But the style is very flattering for many face shapes (particularly a heart-shaped face!) and if you're considering getting extensions put in, it's a pretty good length at which to do so.

The Colors I'm Loving

1 // Antique Rose
Rose gold has grown to become a popular hair color trend that we all know and love, but the antique rose has a more old world, vintage-y feel to it. This "update" is technically more retrograde - a blast from the past is all you need to add a little romance + nostalgia to your look! 

2 // Copper Red
Why not jazz up your hair with a little copper!? While most people tend to opt for brown or blonde hair colors, be bold with your hue and don't be afraid to stand out from the crowd.

3 // Pastel Violet
This pretty shade looks amazing with any type of outfit, surprisingly! Even if your go-to style is more preppy than indie or trendy, you really can pull it off, as pastels are sweet enough to be treated in the same way that I treat leopard print... as a neutral ;) !

4 // Espresso (Psst - be sure to ask for an additional gloss treatment to amp up the shine!)
Even though people tend to automatically associate warmer weather with lighter colors and shades, espresso is a beautiful choice for the spring! Your sun-kissed skin will truly glow against a darker hair color, so you won't feel like you are being too washed out by the darkness of your hair! Also, as noted above, getting a gloss treatment can make this color incredibly sleek and shiny - which is always in style!

What hair trends are you excited about this spring!? If you decide to try one from the list, tag me on social media @ThePinkLyme or Snapchat me ( @Buhhrook ) so I can see it! <3
xoxo, Brooke

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