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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

15 Things I've Learned This Past Month

Hey, you guys!! The past month being back at college after the winter break has certainly taught me a lot about life....I'm going to keep this as vague and brief as possible so that you can really think about them, and what they mean to you personally, and see if any (or maybe even all, who knows!?) can apply to your own life.

1. You can plan things as much as you want, and you definitely have the control and power to affect certain things, but ultimately the big things are going to go exactly how life wants them to go. We only have so much free-will in our destiny. Although we do have a lot of free-will, I think life will still figure out a way to teach us the specific lessons that we, as individuals, need to be taught, incorporating our choices into the results.

2. There will be days so rough you just wanna hide in your dorm room/apartment/home all day, but get yourself out there, because things can end way better than they began. And if not? Try again the next day, and keep on fighting for a better tomorrow.

3. On that note, the only way you can know for certain that you will not win at life, or anything really, is if you do not even try in the first place.

4. Somebody you thought was really really great 4-5 years ago might not seem so great anymore when meeting up with them for the first time since then. Your past self might be heartbroken, but your present self will just be shocked.

5. You can handle more shitty times than you think you can.

6. Make the dining hall/cafeteria/place where you tend to eat work for you - it's never too late to discover a new favorite meal, even if you're in your senior spring semester of college like I am!

7. One of the most important friendships you will ever have is the friendship you have with yourself.

8. Love will come into your life, and it may leave you, even when you finally you thought you found a love that will stay. But you've got to have faith that love will return one day in the future, in a new form, via different mediums, and you will learn to love others with a greater depth than you have ever been able to before. Because with the loss of love, brings the courage to love again - and loving again is more brave than a first love that originates out of what had previously been nothingness.

9. Rejection is circumstantial.

10. It's always a good idea to read more books that aren't "assigned."

11. Intelligence is an aphrodisiac but narcissism is not; there is a fine line.

12. Apologize when you ought to... and appreciate the apologies of others, even if you do not forgive them. There is a difference between accepting an apology and forgiving a person - the first is mandatory; the second is merely a judgment call.

13. It never hurts to put on some mascara when you're feeling sad. Not only will you avoid trying to cry (ruin your makeup with your tears!? pshhh, not a chance!), but it will give you an added confidence boost that can really brighten up your mood!

14. Show up to the gym, and you'll show up to your life. The dedication to your workouts for some reason spreads, and you become dedicated to all of the rest your endeavors.

15. It's actually okay to be more introverted, even if you are an extravert. Take some time to recharge so that when you finally do spend time around people, you can give your best version of yourself to others!

What have you learned in the past month?
xoxo, Brooke