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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Reconnecting With Blogger Friends!

Okay, okay - I'm getting my shizz together. I wasn't really able to post over break, after all, because I got a nasty stomach flu and then was traveling quite a bit and then other personal issues arose. But I've realized that as much as I would hope that TPL could be one of those blogs with millions of page views a day, I'm just not at that point yet - and that's a-okay! I will take hundreds instead of millions, that's just fine. Also, I've made a conscious decision to quit the sponsored posts for a while, and write about things that I genuinely love even though they will not be sponsored in any way. This means that I'll still be telling you about really cool products, books, fashion ideas, music, movies, and more but nobody has paid me to do so. I want to write about things just for the sake of sharing the things that I love with you, and to share my life with you! I've really been missing the blogging community, as since the summer, I've kind of disappeared from it, but I am going to be making a conscious effort to foster new friendships with bloggers and not be shy to reach out through social media channels, or hey - even video chat!

Although I'm an extrovert, I can also be incredibly shy, and I am really working to overcome this. I'd love to make new gurl frandzz from all over the country (and internationally, hayyyy!) who love writing and sharing life with others as much as I do. This means setting aside about even just two hours a day to 1. blogging/post creation, and 2. reading other people's blogs + commenting genuine thoughts on their posts. Writing + maintaining a blog is incredibly time-consuming, and if somebody is putting their heart + soul into their blog, then I would love to show them that their efforts are not going without notice. It is so easy to feel isolated from other bloggers if you step away from their blogs for even just a few months due to the craziness of life - I want to get back into the blogging world but step past the artificial boundaries that are often put into place. Likes for likes, follows for follows... no no no! I want to send emails about how your creative process is going! I want to bounce post ideas off of each other! I want to know about how school or work or your boyfriend or your best friends IRL have been! I want real, meaningful connections with other bloggers, and I am very ready to put in the time to do so. Tweet: In order to be part of a community, you have to show that you care - and I am so very ready to show that I care. @ThePinkLyme
Are you heavily involved in the blogger community? I'd love to know your thoughts!
xoxo, Brooke

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Cuts + Colors: 8 Hair Trends To Try Spring

Recently, I've gotten a buncha blonde highlights in my hair to the point where the unexperienced lay person would think it was dyed (hey, I even thought it looked pretty dyed when I clearly knew it was not, ahaha :p ! #SoSilly). I just really love having a little added dose of sunshine in my hair, ya know!? The brightness has kind of faded over time, but here's what it looked like at it's lightest (which you've seen if we're Instagram buddies!! :3 )


Aaaaaand then me just being a little sassy-pants with my hair, what else is new!?!? Ahahaha! :p

However, a new season calls for a new style... maybe!? Here are some of the looks I've been pretty into lately - although I definitely wouldn't try some of them out for myself (I just can't picture myself having bangs with my wavy, textured hair!), maybe some of these ideas will really resonate with you and you'll want to try them out!

(IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: As much as I really really would absolutely, wholeheartedly love to include picture examples from say, Pinterest, to show you each of the cuts and colors, sometimes even if you source the link to the pictures, it can get you into some copyright troubles + issues. As best I can from here on out, I will be trying to get original photography to include in each of my posts, or find really elegant stock photos from online sources that bloggers are allowed to use in their posts without any penalty. I really am bummed about not being able to include Pinterest images in here for you, but without a doubt you can go ahead and copy + paste any of these cuts + colors into the search bar on Pinterest to see them for yourself! xo)

The Cuts I'm Loving

1 // Blunt Bangs
Ohhh, how I wish I could have these for my own hair! Definitely a good look for those with no curls in their hair, whatsoever. I would say eyebrow-grazing bangs would be the most universally-flattering length, but consult with your stylist (+ a mirror, lmaooo!) to see if a little bit shorter or longer would work best for you! 

2 // Mermaid-Length (AKA really, really frickin' long/down to your belly button!)
This looks amazing on any color, for straight, wavy AND curly hair! The possibilities are truly endless: leave it down, braid it, pin it up, half up/half down... whatever you choose! It looks super cute with a sundress in the warmer weather, too! *squeals with delight*

3 // Mid-Neck Length
When cut into youthful, choppy layers, there becomes an almost undone elegance to your look. It's totally chic, while it simultaneously plays up your "cuteness" factor! :p Also, I'd say this length really suits girls with wavy hair, but if you've got pin-straight hair, don't fret! A straight-across, non-layered, super-blunt chop can look just as effortlessly sophisticated.

4 // Clavicut
I wasn't aware of this silly term until very recently! *gasp*!! :p Basically it's like shoulder-length, like the "lob/long bob"... I'm not sure who comes up with these names! But the style is very flattering for many face shapes (particularly a heart-shaped face!) and if you're considering getting extensions put in, it's a pretty good length at which to do so.

The Colors I'm Loving

1 // Antique Rose
Rose gold has grown to become a popular hair color trend that we all know and love, but the antique rose has a more old world, vintage-y feel to it. This "update" is technically more retrograde - a blast from the past is all you need to add a little romance + nostalgia to your look! 

2 // Copper Red
Why not jazz up your hair with a little copper!? While most people tend to opt for brown or blonde hair colors, be bold with your hue and don't be afraid to stand out from the crowd.

3 // Pastel Violet
This pretty shade looks amazing with any type of outfit, surprisingly! Even if your go-to style is more preppy than indie or trendy, you really can pull it off, as pastels are sweet enough to be treated in the same way that I treat leopard print... as a neutral ;) !

4 // Espresso (Psst - be sure to ask for an additional gloss treatment to amp up the shine!)
Even though people tend to automatically associate warmer weather with lighter colors and shades, espresso is a beautiful choice for the spring! Your sun-kissed skin will truly glow against a darker hair color, so you won't feel like you are being too washed out by the darkness of your hair! Also, as noted above, getting a gloss treatment can make this color incredibly sleek and shiny - which is always in style!

What hair trends are you excited about this spring!? If you decide to try one from the list, tag me on social media @ThePinkLyme or Snapchat me ( @Buhhrook ) so I can see it! <3
xoxo, Brooke

Thursday, March 17, 2016

How To Spark Your Creativity

Recently, I've been thinking about how to spark creativity when you're feeling, well, anything but! I've been feeling super creative being on break, because there is no pressure from school responsibilities. I always find myself becoming attracted to all-things-artsy when I am not very stressed out and my creative juices have been flowing as of late! :3 Want a little advice on how to tap into your inner creative genius!? If so, please keep reading! <3

1. Take a walk outside. (Whether you live in an urban concrete jungle, by the ocean, on a animal-loving farm, in suburbia, or somewhere in between, it merely takes breathing in outdoor air to get the creative juices flowing. There's really just something about being in nature, whether that's human nature in a city or plant+animal life in a more rural location, you will begin to feel connected to something greater, and you will be correct in feeling this way. We think we have nothing in common with others, or with plans, or with animals but we are all connected by our goals: we all want to survive, and to live the best+happiest life possible while completing aforementioned goal of surviving! So, step outside and appreciate the beauty of the world around you, no matter your surroundings - find the poetry in the cracks in the pavement, in the birds up above, in the grass down below. Find the extra in the ordinary, find the love in the lovely. When you return indoors, you'll be sure to feel inspired!)

2. Write a list of your favorite things (activities, people, ice cream flavors -- literally, anything) in a journal. (Being in your happy place can relax you so that no traces of stress, which could otherwise hinder your creativity, will be present!)

3. Listen to a genre (or a few different ones!) of music that you don't normally listen to.

4. Hop in your car or on a train and go visit a new town

5. Go to your local arts+crafts/stationary/hobby store.

6. Take a free online course on something you've been meaning to learn about.

7. Spend time with much younger/much older relatives. (Being with someone of a different generation can truly provide you with a new perspective.)

8. Put your phone's camera to good use!

9. Change your physical position. (Seriously! When I was a child, I'd always crawl around on the floor and stare up at the popcorn ceiling, feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. The world was such an interesting place, full of boundless experiences to explore. If you always wear sneakers, wear high heels. If you're always in heels, wear flats. If you never crawl around on the floor (because nobody does, let's be real), then try it...+ remember, you're doing all of this for your art!! So no judgment here, whatsoever! ;) ahaha!)

10. Cook a type of cuisine that you've never tried before or only eat on rare occasions. (Especially if you tend to only buy takeout food of this type of cuisine. Making it yourself can make the meal feel that much more meaningful + authentic. The effort put into cooking it will truly amplify the experience of actually eating it!)

How do you spark your creativity?
xoxo, Brooke

Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring Break!

Hi! I am so sorry that it has been -ages- since I've last written! I survived midterms week, and now I am finally on SPRING BREAK!!! :D *cue the happy dancing all around* It feels so special to be spending most of this break in Connecticut, although next week I will be traveling quite a bit, because next year I will *gasp!* no longer be living in Connecticut! Don't worry, though; my parents will still be living here in our beloved Old Lyme and naturally I will be back to visit -every- vacation time. This week, definitely not feeling great (ahh, yes...the monthly joys of lady-hood! *kisses bottle of Advil*), but I will still try to be as productive as possible!! I'm planning on writing quite a few posts for this week, because I really do miss how much content I was able to produce for you guys last summer, not being in school and therefore focusing primarily on writing TPL and making it the most enjoyable experience it can be for both reader and writer (aka yours truly.)

That all being said, get excited for some new posts coming your way! In honor of how happy I am to be spending this week in Connecticut (granted, I do go to college in CT, but it's a lot different being home than it is being surrounded by the campus bubble, so to speak), please check out this article that has been published on Odyssey! It is called "5 Instagram-Worthy Towns In Connecticut That You Need To Visit"... I think you will really like it! :D

Have any spring break plans of your own!?

Friday, March 4, 2016

Currently Trending

Here's the low-down on culture in my life lately!

Watching: "Making A Murderer"
Now I've been watching this for my Forensic Psychology class, so granted, it's a bit of homework, buuuuut! So, it's a Netflix documentary series that follows the situation of Steven Avery, a gentlesir who was in prison for basically two decades for a rape he didn't commit. Then, he winds up back in prison because he's accused of murdering a 25-year-old female photographer. The plot is beginning to thicken, and what makes it so heartbreakingly scary is that this is a real human life - if he didn't actually do it, then he's in prison yet again for a horrifying crime that he, yet again, did not commit.  (I want to emphasize the fact that, yes, murder is definitely a horrifying crime!!!! The media really has gotten people used to not even batting an eye at the thought of murder, so to speak, because we have become so desensitized to it in movies and video games and the like. We tend to forget that taking the life of another human being is a terrifying crime that people actually do every single day! *soul slowly dies*~~) I'm not gonna lie, though, some episodes are definitely better than others. The second episode was a bit of a snooze, but the fourth episode was actually surprisingly really engaging - and that's coming from somebody who doesn't have much of an attention span for television! I'm looking forward to watching the fifth episode soon! :D I usually make one of my friends who lives in my dorm watch it with me in the common room, and she gets pretty scared by the show but can still handle watching it... I think most people would be able to, too!

Reading: My Pinterest feed....(does that count!? Maybe!? *sigh*)

The only book I've been reading lately, unfortunately, is some highly disturbing novel for my Forensic Psychology class about a guy who was in prison for shooting some people after a failed attempt at robbing a bank... I can't even get into how gross and heinously visual some descriptions are and I just can't recommend you guys to read it, considering I can barely stomach it myself and honestly would not be reading something so mentally scarring and disturbing if I didn't have to. So, I'll just say I've been reading various articles about health/fitness, finding "The One," yoga, mindfulness, and goal-setting on Pinterest!

Eating: "Fields of Green" Sandwich

Okay, so, being a pescatarian (aka vegetarian who eats fish & eggs) who isn't a fan of most types of cheese, I have found that my sandwich options are usually limited. HOWEVER! I recently discovered the sandwich bar (there are two: one where you can make your own sandwich, and one where members of the dining hall staff craft a sandwich for you; I'm referring to the latter!) in my college's main dining hall. I've always just stayed away from it because the line is always ~*hella long*~ but I decided to just ignore my impatient side and go for it, once I checked the board that displays what kind of sandwiches they offer... BECAUSE THERE'S A VEGETARIAN SANDWICH!! *jumps up and down with the utmost delight* It's technically on a garlic herb wrap, but I always ask for everything on a ciabatta roll: romaine lettuce, onions, tomato, cucumber slices, sundried tomato spread-stuff (like the consistency of mayo/pesto), and feta cheese. I know, I know, I usually loathe cheese LOL buuuuuut I do eat feta cheese, when on a sandwich/in a wrap... go figure! :p I just like the flavor, but I don't want to think about the texture at all.... *shivers*

Wearing: Crop Tops

Yes, you read that right! Recently, I've been hitting the gym and factoring in healthier options into my diet (without sacrificing flavor, bc I'm such a little foodie ;) !) so my tummy has been pretty flat lately! I love pairing them with mid-rise jeans and a choker necklace. Pop on some sneakers for a cute, sporty girl-next-door look, or stacked-heel suede or leather booties for a little extra "oomph!" My favorite places to buy crop tops are Forever 21 or H&M.

Listening To: "Dancing on Glass" by St. Lucia, "Once In A While" by Timeflies, and "Work From Home" by Fifth Harmony, Ty Dolla $ign

Just a warning - I haven't actually watched the music videos, so my apologies if they wind up being "offensive," in any way! All of these songs are really great to listen to in the morning when getting ready for the day! They are peppy, positive, upbeat tunes that make you wanna shake your booty - just be careful not to accidentally whack yourself in the eye with your mascara wand while dancing around! ;) ahaha!

Inspired By: Lauren Conrad (don't hate, lulz.)
Literally, I have been so inspired by this fantabulous lady lately. Not only is she a published author, but she is also a fashion and jewelry designer, a blogger/website founder, a previous television personality ("Laguna Beach" and "The Hills" were just, omg), lifestyle guru, and more! I love her entrepreneurial spirit, and everything she posts on Instagram/Pinterest/her blog is just #goals. Her hair is always amazing, and her makeup is always so tasteful. I was shocked when I found out that's she is 30 years old because her skin is so youthful and glowing all the time... unless that's just due to Instagram filters werrkin' their magic - but I doubt it, lol!! Oh, and she's MARRIED to the guy she loves *insert emoji with hearts for eyes here!* who is both artsy and intellectual (he was a former musician, but then went to law school!!!!) Definitely where I want to be when I'm her age. Aaaaaand she values genuine, real friendships and denounces fake, toxic people. I'm not really the biggest into celebrities (can you blame me!?), but Lauren is an exception because she is goal-driven and talented! She doesn't run around doing drugs and taking her clothing off to get noticed; on the contrary, she is respected and admired for her classy character - something that we should all strive for!

What are you watching, reading, eating, wearing, listening to, and inspired by?
xoxo, Brooke

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

15 Things I've Learned This Past Month

Hey, you guys!! The past month being back at college after the winter break has certainly taught me a lot about life....I'm going to keep this as vague and brief as possible so that you can really think about them, and what they mean to you personally, and see if any (or maybe even all, who knows!?) can apply to your own life.

1. You can plan things as much as you want, and you definitely have the control and power to affect certain things, but ultimately the big things are going to go exactly how life wants them to go. We only have so much free-will in our destiny. Although we do have a lot of free-will, I think life will still figure out a way to teach us the specific lessons that we, as individuals, need to be taught, incorporating our choices into the results.

2. There will be days so rough you just wanna hide in your dorm room/apartment/home all day, but get yourself out there, because things can end way better than they began. And if not? Try again the next day, and keep on fighting for a better tomorrow.

3. On that note, the only way you can know for certain that you will not win at life, or anything really, is if you do not even try in the first place.

4. Somebody you thought was really really great 4-5 years ago might not seem so great anymore when meeting up with them for the first time since then. Your past self might be heartbroken, but your present self will just be shocked.

5. You can handle more shitty times than you think you can.

6. Make the dining hall/cafeteria/place where you tend to eat work for you - it's never too late to discover a new favorite meal, even if you're in your senior spring semester of college like I am!

7. One of the most important friendships you will ever have is the friendship you have with yourself.

8. Love will come into your life, and it may leave you, even when you finally you thought you found a love that will stay. But you've got to have faith that love will return one day in the future, in a new form, via different mediums, and you will learn to love others with a greater depth than you have ever been able to before. Because with the loss of love, brings the courage to love again - and loving again is more brave than a first love that originates out of what had previously been nothingness.

9. Rejection is circumstantial.

10. It's always a good idea to read more books that aren't "assigned."

11. Intelligence is an aphrodisiac but narcissism is not; there is a fine line.

12. Apologize when you ought to... and appreciate the apologies of others, even if you do not forgive them. There is a difference between accepting an apology and forgiving a person - the first is mandatory; the second is merely a judgment call.

13. It never hurts to put on some mascara when you're feeling sad. Not only will you avoid trying to cry (ruin your makeup with your tears!? pshhh, not a chance!), but it will give you an added confidence boost that can really brighten up your mood!

14. Show up to the gym, and you'll show up to your life. The dedication to your workouts for some reason spreads, and you become dedicated to all of the rest your endeavors.

15. It's actually okay to be more introverted, even if you are an extravert. Take some time to recharge so that when you finally do spend time around people, you can give your best version of yourself to others!

What have you learned in the past month?
xoxo, Brooke