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Friday, February 5, 2016

Going Blonde!

So, I finally went for it!! My hair is now blonde!

I'd been wanting to go blonde for years, really, but I was warned against it by many people. "People will assume you're dumb," they said. "It will make you look trashy," they said. Personally, I have enough confidence to realize that changing my hair color does not decrease my intelligence, nor do I plan to buy into that "oh, I'm having such a dumb blonde moment!" stereotype. Also, I'm not a trashy person by any means, and I don't plan on becoming that way any time soon (or, I mean, ever... ahahah!)

Also, I was told that it would ruin the texture of my hair. -Maybe- it is the slightest bit less soft!? But not so much that it looks unhealthy. Honestly, instead of using actual hair dye, my hairdresser Ashley (SHE IS AMAZING!!!) put in approx. 2030203728290949837228493 foils in my hair :3 with only just bleach, and it lifted the natural color of my hair to become extremely light! Then, she put a glaze in it with some toner to avoid any orangish-brassiness. So even though no hair dye was even used, I am so incredibly pleased by the results. Although I do plan on actually using actual hair dye rather than a million bleached highlights in the future, I really love the way it came out, already!

I definitely have noticed some changes as a result of my new color, though... multiple guys asked me out (or, you know... for other things... LOLSTOPTHATLOL!), people look at me more than they used to (like in a crowded room, for example), and everyone seems a lot kinder. Doors are held open for me, more people smile at me while passing me by on campus... I definitely can get used to this positive attention! As an extroverted person who has overcome an unfortunate bout of pretty moderate social anxiety this past year, the attention forces me to cope with people staring and judging, and it forces me to love myself regardless of others' opinions about myself. No matter what they might be thinking, I can't stop my life or live my life trying to go around pleasing every single person (something I didn't even realize I had been doing all my life, until a relatively recent epiphany!)

Have any of you changed your hair color from its natural color!? Were you happy with the results? :)
xoxo, Brooke


  1. You look great! That color totally suits you! I went blonde recently but ended up warming it up again with dark lowlights. It was too much work to maintain for me lol.

    1. Aww, thank you so much!! :D Ah, I definitely can understand about it being a lot of work to maintain... *sigh* :p My hair used to be super long, so keeping it a bit shorter will really help with that, I think!

  2. Your hair looks so good!! I have been wanting to go blonde for awhile now too. I have been scared of doing so thought because of the possible hair damage, possibility of getting the wrong shade for my skin tone or it just looking terrible on me, the cost and the upkeep. It's awesome you went for it! I currently have dark brown hair and really like having dark hair too...but maybe eventually I'll be brave enough to make the switch.


    1. Thank you!!! :D Something I heard that really helps is to, once a week, melt coconut oil and then massage it into your scalp/hair and sleep with it on - then when you wash it out the next morning, your hair gets super shiny and smooth! <3 If you have dark hair, you'd probably have to bleach it first so the color wouldn't lift into harsh yellows and oranges instead of blonde - because it would (at least at first) be your actual natural hair color, except a lighter version, as opposed to a dye, I'd say it wouldn't be hard to find a shade that is right for your skin tone! *happy dance* If you go for it, let me know!!! I'd love to see pictures!