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Monday, February 8, 2016

15 Quick Ways to Feel Happier Instantly

When things are just super rough in your life, you may feel desperate for a quick fix to make you feel better. In college, many people tend to resort to drugs, excessive drinking, casual meaningless sex with partners they don't even really love, over- or under-eating, or other really unhealthy behaviors. However, there are other ways to cope that actually work even better than those methods that won't further harm you in the process!

1. Don't ruminate! You can totally feel sad and hurt and upset and angry and empty, but don't get lost in the details. Just know that God has a plan for you, and that you are exactly where you are supposed to be in life, at this given moment. Even if this is not the outcome that you had wanted or hoped for, sometimes what we need (like say, getting a shot at the doctor) totally sucks in the moment, but it will lead to a happier, healthier life in our future. Just believing that everything happens for a reason, even though we often have no idea what that reason is just yet, is a really good way to reassure yourself that "coincidences" are actually events of which we aren't sure yet why they have occurred - but there is always a greater purpose.

2. Dance around to happy music. Sometimes, when you're feeling sad, you start to lose confidence and feel bad about yourself. Buuuuuut! Dancing helps you feel in tune with your body, and moving around releases those endorphins that you need a boost of right now.

3. Make a shopping wish-list at your favorite online stores! Personally, anything with a monogram makes me happy, so I tend to look at monogram-centric boutiques :p ! *cue sassy hand flip*

4. Clean up your dorm room/apartment/house. Tidying up makes room for the new, amazing, happy things that are headed your way in your life.

5. Go on Pinterest and save your favorite cute outfits, interior decorating & home decor ideas, wedding dresses, hairstyles, cute animals, yummy dessert recipes, and more!

6. Listen to your favorite singer's music on repeat - how can you possibly listen to Meghan Trainor's music without dancing and shimmying around in your seat!? :p (Hint: you can't....ahaha!)

7. Wear a bow in your hair!!! <3 Always, always, always. It makes the world a little cuter, more girly, and happier instantly!

8. Look at funny Instagram accounts. My personal favorite is @beigecardigan - they can bring a smile to your face, even when you didn't think it could be possible.

9. Eat relatively healthy. But ice cream is always okay, of course! The more chocolate you consume in the ice cream, the more dopamine will enter your system - and you'll be feeling happier in no time!

10. Get enough sleep. Or take a nap if you need to! Although for me, I have nightmares almost every night - something that started when I got to college - and wake up in a panic attack, it can really help to get sleep in other ways, like when it comes to having a strong memory and having enough energy throughout the day.

11. Take a long, hot shower. Although the co-ed showers at my college are really pretty frightening because well, I can't even get into details about the gross stuff but..., if you have a clean shower, that is, enjoy this fact to the fullest and just let the water and steam wash over you. You little mermaid goddess of the water, you!!!!! :p ahaha!

12. Watch a television show that is really good at removing you from your own life situation. I don't watch much tv at all, but my personal go-to is PLL. What's yours!?

13. Write a list of things that make you happy. I have a "happy" journal (I actually haven't written in mine in forever!!) in which I write down literally anything that makes me happy to jumpstart some happy thoughts: cupcakes with extra frosting, bubble gum pink-colored lipstick, cuddling with a pet. Literally anything that you love or enjoy doing - add it to your list!! Then, whenever you are feeling down, you can crack open the journal and take a look and you will feel better instantly.

14. Get shizz done. When you have a lot on your to-do list, getting those things done can really help you feel accomplished. It takes your mind off of anything painful, and little by little, you will become very proud of yourself - which can provide a self-esteem boost that will launch you out of your sadness.

15. Pick an exercise that you really like, and go do it! For me, I love lifting little 3 or 5 pound weights. If 10 or 15 or 25 or even more than that is your thing, go you! But I just like a little bit to get the blood flowing. Go for a run if you'd prefer, or hop on that stationary bike!

No matter how hard this rough patch is that you're going through, remember that it will pass. You will smile again, and you will feel joy again. Focusing on happy things and having good thoughts and pushing all the "sad" -once you kind of acknowledge it- out of your head will help you to feel better more quickly.

How do you cheer yourself up when you're feeling sad?
xoxo, Brooke


  1. Great tips! I like to take a hot bath when I'm feeling stressed, it always helps.

    1. Ahhh, man! I -wish- I could take a bath!! But sadly, all we have in college are showers! Not that I would even trust the baths to be clean if we -did- have them at college... ahaha! :p <3 But that does definitely sound so great, and like an incredible stress reliever!