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Friday, November 20, 2015

You've Asked, I've Answered!

On Snapchat, I had you guys send me questions (literally, anything you want to know!!) that I would answer in a blog post, right here, right now! I'm hoping to make this a reoccurring "series"of blog posts, perhaps maybe once a month!? :p Anyway - the questions y'allz asked were so much fun to answer!! I decided to keep them all anonymous, even though most of the readers who asked said they would be fine with it not being anonymous (maybe in the future though I'll switch it to not anonymous!?). Also, I couldn't include all of the questions in the post (it would get kind long, ahaha!) so I've kept the first half in this post, and I'll make a post in the future sometime with the others!

If you don't have Snapchat, or would rather email your question to me, you can send it to: :)

How do you usually get over a guy?
It always takes me forever, not gonna lie... but in general, that's an easy one - eat more calories, of course!!!!! Anything with chocolate in it. You're welcome ;).

When did you start blogging?
December 14, 2015 was when I was like, hey, I'm really gonna do this!!

Who is your favorite blogger?
Welllll, I don't really have a "favorite". I mean, definitely Carly from The College Prepster inspired me to start a blog in the , but there are so many incredible blogs out there that I'd hate to have to pick just one! :0 >:p

Where did you learn to type funny? Like you always use *this* and add ~~ ?
Well about the ~~ I honestly couldn't tell ya. I think maybe, maybe I did it by accident once and I thought it was hella sassy AF so I kept rollin' with it!?! Maybe!? I think that might be it, idk. And as for the *typinglikethis*, I think back back in the day there was this book series called like TTYL, TTFN, and L8R, G8R by Lauren Miracle where one of the characters would always say *sigh*, and then I kind of just thought that it would be helpful for other actions/descriptions other than just *sigh*. I read them when I was in the 5th grade, right at the time that AOL instant messenger (AIM was bae, tbh~<33333)

How old are you?
I'm 21, betchezzz~~~!

What does "Lyme" mean in "The Pink Lyme"?
I'm from Old Lyme, Connecticut! It's where Lyme's Disease was found…. *casually voms, then dies*.

Where do you like to shop?
Oh, everywhere!!! For more upscale pieces, my favorite is probably Ralph Lauren and for great deals, my go-to is Forever 21.

Do you have a boyfriend?
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL No. I don't. I'm usually always in a perpetual state of being heartbroken by somebody, though. That rarely ever changes. I fall too hard and too fast and it's just a fact of life for me. However, I'm dating myself for a long, long while. Something in me clicked the other day, and I just need to belong to myself first, and have a solid strong feeling of self-possession and self-ownership, before I allow myself to be involved with somebody else. I'm just not at that stage yet. It will take a long time to get there, trust me, I know. I need to learn to trust myself 100%, to love myself 100%, to make peace with my past and stop beating myself up for it, and it's going to be an intense journey - but I'm really very excited for it. That's just not something I, personally, can do while in a relationship. I need to be single in order to make myself feel loved and special - does that make sense? I hope it does. I need to make myself feel loved and special before I can let someone else do that for me, at this point in my life. Because then, if it's just only coming from someone else, I become dependent on their love and care, because I wasn't able to get a chance to develop it on my own prior to our relationship, and I don't feel self-fulfilled or self-assured. My confidence only comes from them. So if my confidence comes from within first, then I can be safe in letting someone else love me, because even if they crush me, I won't be 100% destroyed with nothing left inside to give me joy.

Do you have any brothers? I feel like you would have brothers.
I'm not entirely sure what is being implied by this, hmm…. *curious face*, but no, I don't have any brothers, sorry to disappoint ahahah! I don't have any sisters either. I'm an only child, actually! :p

What's your favorite social media app?
GOODREADS. GOODREADS ALLLLL THE WAY. Followed by Snapchat (add me:  @buhhrook ), which I am hopelessly obsessed with. And then Pinterest, of course! *cue sassy hand flip*

Do you party a lot?
No lol. Maybe once or twice a month, max, and that's only because it's my senior year so I feel like it's the ideal time to let off some steam! For me, though, the ideal party involves pizza and ice cream cake and board games and presents…….. #happy8thbirthdaytome !!!!!!!

Got questions??? Let me know!
xoxo, Brooke