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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Changes Coming to TPL

Recently, I've been too busy experiencing life to really write much about it, as it's happening. I've also been thinking a lot about TPL, and where I'm headed with this blog.

When The Pink Lyme first started out, the posts were more about the things I like: quotes, books, nail polish - you name it. Then there were the funny posts, and the guest posts from gentlemen, and the video posts, and the sponsored posts… and then there were the personal posts. Although you can't be everything to everyone, I prefer to do it all. A mixing and matching of subject matter. It's not that I've been feeling uninspired, it's just that life has been taking a bit of an emotional toll on me.

I want to write a post on this soon so I won't really go into too much detail here, but if you follow me on Snapchat ( @buhhrook ), then you've watched my video about how it terrifies me to think about what my 10 year old self would feel about who I am today. Would that little girl be proud? ….And how about yourself? Would your 10 year old little kid self, all vulnerable and naive in the world, be proud of who you are today? Or would you make him/her cry? Or would you make him/her disappointed? Or would you make him/her shout out in anger?

When I do find myself having spare time (~~ahh yes, spare time, yes, a rare specimen, indeed! *casually toys with monocle*~~), I tend to spend it hunting curly fries with my bestie, or curled up in a ball in my bed trying to take naps throughout the day to make up for the lack of quality sleep I usually get at night (nightmares, man….). So the blogging has been taking a bit of a back seat. I'm going to try to take less naps throughout the day, and learn how to fall asleep earlier despite people shouting in the dorm...

That being said, I really want to get back to posting 3 times a week. Things are tricky, though. As a relatively-established blogger (my one-year blogging anniversary is coming up next month… eek!), I'm now expected to take all of my own photography for the most part (rather than use pics from online even with proper credits, which is easiest). Buuuuut I don't have a camera. And I don't know how to take the "perfect photograph". And I don't have Photoshop on my computer. Looking at all of these "I don't's" has made me think about how I can create a new list… of "I will's"!

I will (strive to)…
-schedule at least two fashion photo shoots a month
-do at least one really personal, keepin' it real piece a month
-get my hands on a really good video camera
-and then make quality videos (beauty tutorials, just hangin' out/chatty videos, etc.)
-not be afraid to write about intellectual topics (because sometimes I actually like relating what I've learned in class to real life stuffz~)
-write more about books and makeup, two of my greatest passions in life, tbh
-finish the "page" at the top of the menu that will include links to my other writing found on various place on the web
-revamp all of the "pages", for that matter! ;p
-talk about crunchy things despite how most people could kind of care less, but I care!!!! (yoga, chakras, ASMR, vegetarian lifestyle, why Birkenstocks are bae, etc.)
-forgive myself for not even trying to have a target audience… As a blogger, I'm supposed to keep an "ideal reader" in mind at all times, but that's never been the way I work, quite honestly. I just kind of write, and collect my disciples (lmaoooo!) along the way… and reward them with virtual love and chocolate (in that order!)~ If ya like it, ya like it - you don't have to be in your twenties and female, just because I am, to get something out of what I write! So I find myself disregarding the fact that so many people have encouraged bloggers to censor our work in this way! I want genuine, authentic readers, not people who fall in love with some false image that I project. I mean… if you read many blogs written by 20-somethings in general you'll eventually begin to grow tired, as they're all pretty similar. I try to make sure that my voice always stays real and to talk about topics that matter to me, rather than what everyone has been talking about lately (thereby making me feel obligated to talk about it too even if it's not really of interest to moi!)
-do something new and cool. I've been wanting to feature fun little interview profiles about people doing really cool things in the world, but I haven't really been sure as to how I'd like to go about it. I'll think about this more and then get out there and make it happen!

New posts headed your way soon. Quality over quantity, thoughhhh!<33
xoxo, Brooke


  1. I love your goals! I'm a true ASMR fan. i watch a video almost every night to calm myself before bed and end up falling asleep in the middle of it haha can't wait to see where you'll take this space of yours!

  2. Aww, thank you Andrea!! :D <3 YES OH MY GOSH!!! It's so great! :p I actually had to stop watching them for a while, though, because I would get too excited about watching the videos that I would actually stay up watching too many to get the "head tingles," and wouldn't go to bed! :p ahahah!