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Friday, October 30, 2015

Scary Movies On My "To-Watch" List!

Halloween is -without a doubt- one of my absolute favorite holidays. Although this year I've been swamped with tons of werkk (read: I've got my social psych midterm exam on monday *insert sick emoji face here*), I'll still be going to a few parties tomorrow night, followed by my college's halloween party/dance thing! Although I'm all for keeping Halloween costumes classy, clever, & creative, I think I'm just going to resort to my Naughty Nun costume that I've been for the past three years… I was actually going to be a Victoria's Secret Angel Model *wiggles eyebrows knowingly* because I've got the satin robe and everything, but I don't have the right shoes and I didn't get a chance to buy angel wings *sigh*… I might actually go trick or treating with my friend, too, prior to all the ~~college-life activitiezz~~ in which case I'll temporarily dress up as something more kid-friendly, such as Blair Waldorf from Gossip Gurrl! #youknowyouluvme #xoxo <333

Annnnnnyway, here are some of the scary movies that are on my "to-watch" list, if I get a free moment to watch one (or three…) tomorrow afternoon as a study break! They're all pretty classic, yet I've never seen them before….. *bites fingernails off*

1 // The Omen

2 // The Exorcist

3 // The Shining

4 // The Blair Witch Project

5 // The Silence of the Lambs

What scary movies are on your "to-watch" list!?
xoxo, Brooke

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