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Monday, October 26, 2015

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Here's the low-down on culture in my life lately!

Watching: Makeup Tutorial Videos via YouTube

I've been getting really into learning new makeup tips and tricks! Until about last year, I would only put on eyeliner and mascara with some eyeshadow and occasionally lipstick or gloss and coverup…. but now!? Now I use brushes and powders and creams and lotions and potions and I love feeling like my face is a blank canvas and my makeup products are fruity-smelling paints! I just can't get enough of watching how-to videos on YouTube… I don't necessarily have any favorite users, as I just watch a whole bunch of random videos, but let me know in the comments below if you have any recommendations of beauty vloggers that I should check out! <3
Reading: Social Psychology (Eight Edition) by Aronson, Wilson, & Akert

Recently I've learned that in addition to English, psychology is my passion! I struggle with test anxiety, which is a major reason why I love English so much ( writing papers is 10394830948320948 times better than taking some test, ahhh!) but even though psychology has a lot of exams involved, I just love it so incredibly much! I'm honestly obsessed with the test and I take so much pride in being an ENFP. *sighs happily* Annnnyway, this is the textbook for my Social Psychology class and I genuinely enjoy reading it!


If you're my Snapchat buddy ( my username is @buhhrook ) then you already know I get Jersey Mike's at least once a week! It's a ~mild~ obsession… ahaha! :p Want the most deliciously perfect sub ever!? Ask for a regular tuna sub, with the green peppers from the back, and then get it "Mike's Way" but without the olive oil and add pickles. Ohhhhhh my lantaaaaa, it is amazing.

Wearing: "Boyfriend" jeans 

Soo, there are multiple types of "boyfriend" jeans, and they usually err on the baggy side. But the kind that I'm referring to are basically skinny jeans, as they taper at the ankle and hug the calf, but there is extra room in the thigh and rear! A large part of my fashion journey thus far has been learning what looks flattering on my body type, as most of my weight is concentrated in my booty/upper leg region~~ and these jeans really do fit the bill! Many skinny jeans can make my thighs literally ache from being "sucked in" for hours, so to me, boyfriend-fit jeans feel like denim sweatpants to me, lol!! :p



Inspired by: Meagan Hooper, founder of bSmart

Meagan is such an amazing person. She is so compassionate and kind yet also driven and ambitious - and lemme tell ya, this combination is hard to come by! Usually people tend to be one or the other, but Meagan knows that when everyone else around her succeeds, she succeeds, too. bSmart is an online platform for college/post-grad/professional (aka Millennials) women and…well, here! The website says: " is an online community for young women featuring curated content to help you live your best life and provide the expert advice you wish someone had given you.  Our platform is designed to find and spotlight women who are doing extraordinary things and connect them with women who aspire to do the same." If you want to become a blogger for the website, let me know and I'll help you make that happen! ;)

What are you watching, reading, eating, wearing, listening to, and inspired by?
xoxo, Brooke

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