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Thursday, October 8, 2015

College Fashion Week Boston Recap [Part 2 of 3]

Sorry for the delay on Part 2!! I was uber-sick yesterday *blows nose right on cue* and then playing catch-up with the work I missed!
So official! ;)

Day 2 was the FASHION SHOW!!!! It was held at Space 57 in The Revere hotel, which was beautiful, jussayin'! I'm going to do a different format for this post; all the pictures will come first and then I will give a little summary for each picture in the captions because a picture tells a thousand words, so they say! For the parts of the day that I wasn't able to take pictures during (aka when I was strutting my sassy stuff modeling in the show), I'll write a full paragraph there, fo'sho ;)!

Breakfast is servedddd! *casually drools on keyboard*

Gotta have some chocolate-topped oatmeal for breakfast too, ya know!? ;)

Literally, this place is bae <333333

I was so sick with my sinus infection that my eyes were watering sooo much!
 I was -so- worried about sneezing on the runway later (luckily, I did not!).

Braided crown hairstyle!

My "Ta-daaaaa!" face :p ! 
"Modern Punk" Makeup = Complete!!

Edgy, edgy!

Don't mind if I do!! ;) This was the European Wax Eyebrow Bar!
Normally I don't let anybody touch my eyebrows... but they just darkened them a bit so that the bright lights of the camera wouldn't wash them out in photographs!

We got stickers for our "party" nail (aka ring finger!)

My totally rockin' outfit!!

Post-show back in my hotel room~~

The braid really stayed!! There were -so- many pins in there and tooooons of hair spray.

This is what the braided crown looks like from the side!

Other than what's been mentioned with the pictures, the day was so. much. fun!!! We spent a lot of it hanging out together in between hair and makeup, or stuffing goodie bags for the attendees. It was definitely a little scary at first practicing our runway walk and poses, but when I finally had to do it for the real show, I thankfully nailed it! (Naturally, I gave my sassy eyebrow raise/tucked my chin down and looked up through my eyelashes ;) lol!!) There were so many flashing lights and so. many. people. looking me up and down, but I didn't freeze or shake like I was worried about. I just did my thing! The song (which was totally perfect!!) that the rest of the "Modern Punk" group strutted to was "Break the Rules" by Charli XCX. It's safe to say that I have listened to this song every morning ever since last Saturday!! :p

The other groups were Feminine Minimalism, Menswear, and the 1970's…I'm trying to remember all of the songs, but the only one that I can recall at the moment was "Sledgehammer" by Fifth Harmony because a) I was having a mini-panic attack where my heart was actually beating like a sledgehammer (Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-ohhhhhh! *casually starts singing into hairbrush*) and I honestly thought I was going to throw up on all of the girls crowded around me as we were waiting backstage before it was our turn to walk the catwalk but praise da lawwdy did not actually puke, and b) that is one of my all-time favorite jamzz! The girls were all so friendly and nice and I really do miss getting to know them - it was so cool how we were all thrown together yet got along so naturally well like that!

Ultimately, one of my friends and I went to take the T home and I'm not sure why, but when I swiped my Charlie Card the gates opened to let me through BUT THEN THE GATES SHUT ON MY SHOULDERS AND I SCREAMED!!!!! That made my shoulders -so- sore until the next day! Finally,  after awkwardly standing on the T the whole ride (am I the only person who is uncomfortable with my butt practically in a stranger's face, orrrr!?), I got an iced decaf caramel macchiato and snuggled into bed with some homework *sighs happily*.

Check back for Part 3 of 3 tomorrow! Definitely more of a "reflective", introspective piece.
xoxo, Brooke

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