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Monday, October 5, 2015

College Fashion Week Boston Recap [Part 1 of 3]

YOU GUYSSSSSS! <33333 *squeals with delight while jumping up & down*

So I spent this past weekend up in Boston participating as a model in College Fashion Week, hosted by Her Campus! It was an amazing experience,  and I'll be breaking up the recap into three parts.

I was -super- nervous at first, because I've never traveled on a major trip before without friends or family members with me! I took the Amtrak to from New London up to the Back Bay station, where I stayed at one of the hotels attached to shopping malls (……..naturally. *insert hand flip girl emoji here*) lol!! :p I really do love the hotel, and my family always stays in that hotel whenever we go, but you have to pay a LOT for wifi which is absurd to me - I think in this day in age free wifi should be a total given!!

The bus picking up all the models met first at the Her Campus office, and then at a second stop where I got on, in front of Talbots, which was a pretty short walk BUT ALAS~~ PLOT TWIST! It was pouring outside so using the Google Maps GPS on my phone while trying to protect it from all of the rain (which was no easy feat, let me tell ya!) was pretty much a little journey all of its own! Finally, though, I ducked into the bus which whisked us off to the South Shore Plaza located in Braintree, Mass. The bus ride, itself, was such a fun time! Granted, I couldn't twist -that- much in my seat but I was still able to have met some really awesome people- so funny and sweet!! - on the ride over, regardless.

Once we finally got into the South Shore Plaza (there was a TON of traffic!), we all filed into the Lord & Taylor to get fitted for our outfits! Everyone had to wait in a line in front of the dressing rooms, and we were called in by what scene of the fashion show we were going to be featured in. My scene was the last scene, called "Scene 4: Modern Punk" *wiggles eyebrows excitedly* ahaha! I WAS SO EXCITED!!! Although, being completely honest, I at first had wished that I would have been given something super girly with glitz and feminine details, I ultimately wound up absolutely loving the outfit I was given! It was incredibly comfortable (I felt like I was wearing PJs, tbh….!), and I didn't have to worry about falling flat on my face because they gave me sneakers instead of heels!

I pulled a total silly, and forgot to check the brand of the sweatshirt-vest and the plaid button-down tunic-shirt; however, fear not, friends!!!! I managed to check the leggings and sneakers: they were Rag + Bone, and Superga, respectively. The jean leggings were incredible! Honestly, when I wear jeggings I tend to feel like my legs become little sausages but these were so comfortable and so flattering.

After, we got to go shopping in the mall! We were given a pamphlet with student discounts, and my friends and I got a free mini-perfume from Express! I also bought a hi-low hem thank top that says "OK, BUT FIRST YOGA" on it!!  Can you say SWOON!? :p I canNOT wait to wear it to yoga class this week! In the center of the mall, we had a DJ and mini cupcakes (the chocolate cupcakes with fudge icing + pink fondant flowers on top were just, omg, totesmygoats my favee!!! <---implied sassy hand flip right here ;) bahaha!) There were "mocktails", which tasted a lot like Sprite mixed with some Kool Aid, hmmm….*casually whips out a magnifying glass a la Nancy Drew*

For dinner, Regina Pizzeria and chicken teriyaki over fried rice (none of that chicken for me, though! #thatvegetarianlyfe) were our votes of choice. It was crazy how many people were in one area at once, especially to someone (aka yours truly!) who is used to the small towns of the Southeastern shoreline of Connecticut. It honestly felt like Christmas in there, and the girls agreed with me! I don't know how to really explain it, though… I guess there was just such a sense of "togetherness" and dim lighting at night that made it really cozy!

After dinner, I realized that I had forgotten to pack nail polish remover (we had to have nude manicures for the show the next day, whereas mine were currently bubble gum pink-colored!) and makeup remover pads (we had to arrive bare-faced the next day for the makeup artists so they could do their thing!), so my friends and I casually prowled around the Target until we found the items I needed. There was a super awkz moment, where I didn't realize some lady was in line so I put my stuff down to have the cashier ring it up and then he said he was going to take the other lady first - I looked behind me and there was another lady there - go figure. She said "Thank you!" so sassily and rudely that it made me mad… obviously I had no idea she was there, or else I wouldn't have attempted to pay for my things before her!?!?!?! But I let it roll off my back and attempted to forget about it (which for me is difficult because I tend to ruminate ALL. THE. TIME! about things), because if she didn't realize that I didn't realize she was even there, then that's her stuff to deal with, ya feel?

The bus ride back to Boston was much faster than it took for us to get to Braintree, originally! We drove by Northeastern and Berklee College of Music, which was a nice surprise - the bus driver accidentally let us off in front of Prudential Center instead of at the Her Campus office which was so convenient for me, as my hotel was attached to the Prudential Center!

Naturally, I needed to get some of my beloved Pinkberry froyo before heading back upstairs to the hotel to stare at my book for an hour and then fall asleep attack some homework!

It was a really promising first day, and I was so excited for what was to come the following day!

Check back tomorrow to hear about THE ACTUAL FASHION SHOW!!!!! for Part 2 of 3! Also: To all of you who watched along behind-the-scenes with me via Snapchat (add me: @buhhrook ), I'm so glad that I was able to share my memories with you! Snapchat really is like a "sister" video-blog to The Pink Lyme, and I love being able to get to communicate with you on that type of personal level! <3
xoxo, Brooke


  1. What an experience!!! I'd be glad if I got sneakers too... Ever seen the SATC episode where Carrie topples over on a fashion runway?! Fashion roadkill! Noooooooo. :)

    1. Yes!!! It was amazing!! And the sneakers were so lovely, haha! Bahaha I've never watched Sex & The City, can you believe it!?! *hides face in shame* lol!! I'll got to get on that, pronto!! ;) <3