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Friday, October 30, 2015

Scary Movies On My "To-Watch" List!

Halloween is -without a doubt- one of my absolute favorite holidays. Although this year I've been swamped with tons of werkk (read: I've got my social psych midterm exam on monday *insert sick emoji face here*), I'll still be going to a few parties tomorrow night, followed by my college's halloween party/dance thing! Although I'm all for keeping Halloween costumes classy, clever, & creative, I think I'm just going to resort to my Naughty Nun costume that I've been for the past three years… I was actually going to be a Victoria's Secret Angel Model *wiggles eyebrows knowingly* because I've got the satin robe and everything, but I don't have the right shoes and I didn't get a chance to buy angel wings *sigh*… I might actually go trick or treating with my friend, too, prior to all the ~~college-life activitiezz~~ in which case I'll temporarily dress up as something more kid-friendly, such as Blair Waldorf from Gossip Gurrl! #youknowyouluvme #xoxo <333

Annnnnnyway, here are some of the scary movies that are on my "to-watch" list, if I get a free moment to watch one (or three…) tomorrow afternoon as a study break! They're all pretty classic, yet I've never seen them before….. *bites fingernails off*

1 // The Omen

2 // The Exorcist

3 // The Shining

4 // The Blair Witch Project

5 // The Silence of the Lambs

What scary movies are on your "to-watch" list!?
xoxo, Brooke

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

International Day of the Girl

Molly, Director of Special Projects, at Teza Technologies recently reached out to me about a cause that is near and dear to her heart, and I am so so glad that she did! Although I personally am an English major who is planning on minoring in Psychology, I am able to recognize how underrepresented women are in the STEM fields. 

Currently, 36 percent of students that declare a major within the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math fields do not obtain a degree within these fields. Misha Malyshev, CEO of Teza Technologies works with nonprofits to curb that number. International Day of the Girl is a great time to celebrate the women in this field, and every field, and recognize the opportunities allowed to girls. Over 47% of the workforce is women, and we all need to be celebrated! At Teza, they've (smartly) decided that this mission needs more than a day, and think women should be celebrated everyday!

But really? Every day should be the "day of the girl". Every day we should celebrate the pursuit of knowledge for ourselves and each other - everyone, everywhere, regardless of gender!

Want to learn more about women in STEM? The White House's website has all the facts and figures Click here!

xoxo, Brooke

Monday, October 26, 2015

Currently Trending

Here's the low-down on culture in my life lately!

Watching: Makeup Tutorial Videos via YouTube

I've been getting really into learning new makeup tips and tricks! Until about last year, I would only put on eyeliner and mascara with some eyeshadow and occasionally lipstick or gloss and coverup…. but now!? Now I use brushes and powders and creams and lotions and potions and I love feeling like my face is a blank canvas and my makeup products are fruity-smelling paints! I just can't get enough of watching how-to videos on YouTube… I don't necessarily have any favorite users, as I just watch a whole bunch of random videos, but let me know in the comments below if you have any recommendations of beauty vloggers that I should check out! <3
Reading: Social Psychology (Eight Edition) by Aronson, Wilson, & Akert

Recently I've learned that in addition to English, psychology is my passion! I struggle with test anxiety, which is a major reason why I love English so much ( writing papers is 10394830948320948 times better than taking some test, ahhh!) but even though psychology has a lot of exams involved, I just love it so incredibly much! I'm honestly obsessed with the test and I take so much pride in being an ENFP. *sighs happily* Annnnyway, this is the textbook for my Social Psychology class and I genuinely enjoy reading it!


If you're my Snapchat buddy ( my username is @buhhrook ) then you already know I get Jersey Mike's at least once a week! It's a ~mild~ obsession… ahaha! :p Want the most deliciously perfect sub ever!? Ask for a regular tuna sub, with the green peppers from the back, and then get it "Mike's Way" but without the olive oil and add pickles. Ohhhhhh my lantaaaaa, it is amazing.

Wearing: "Boyfriend" jeans 

Soo, there are multiple types of "boyfriend" jeans, and they usually err on the baggy side. But the kind that I'm referring to are basically skinny jeans, as they taper at the ankle and hug the calf, but there is extra room in the thigh and rear! A large part of my fashion journey thus far has been learning what looks flattering on my body type, as most of my weight is concentrated in my booty/upper leg region~~ and these jeans really do fit the bill! Many skinny jeans can make my thighs literally ache from being "sucked in" for hours, so to me, boyfriend-fit jeans feel like denim sweatpants to me, lol!! :p



Inspired by: Meagan Hooper, founder of bSmart

Meagan is such an amazing person. She is so compassionate and kind yet also driven and ambitious - and lemme tell ya, this combination is hard to come by! Usually people tend to be one or the other, but Meagan knows that when everyone else around her succeeds, she succeeds, too. bSmart is an online platform for college/post-grad/professional (aka Millennials) women and…well, here! The website says: " is an online community for young women featuring curated content to help you live your best life and provide the expert advice you wish someone had given you.  Our platform is designed to find and spotlight women who are doing extraordinary things and connect them with women who aspire to do the same." If you want to become a blogger for the website, let me know and I'll help you make that happen! ;)

What are you watching, reading, eating, wearing, listening to, and inspired by?
xoxo, Brooke

Monday, October 19, 2015

Being a "Relationship Person" Versus Being a "Hopeless Romantic"

[Note: This post has been requested from my pal Kolton for me to write! You can follow his Twitter account, he said, but unfortunately I can't find it so you can just go follow him on Instagram instead ;) bahahah! It's @KoltSkywalkerIV  OH WAIT UPDATE GOT IT: @_koltonharris on Twitter]

Today was an interesting day - not necessarily the most productive work-wise, but personal growth-wise, I'd say I learned quite a bit.

I went out to Dunkin' Donuts to grab my friend a chocolate glazed donut to cheer her up from the lovely subject of organic chemistry and grabbed an iced decaf coffee for myself (which I subsequently knocked off my bed, spilling it onto the floor after only having finished half of it ://! #graceful). Naturally, philosopher Brooke (aka me.) was having a panic-filled anxiety attack about my love life, and I needed to just get out of my room to stop worrying about "are things okay? wait but really though like ARE THEY OKAY WILL THEY BE OKAY I WONDER IF THINGS ARE STILL GOOD ARE THEY GOOD OMFG PANICKING I'M SO PANICKING RIGHT NOW OMG." 

Starbucks seemed like an ~~enchanting~~ option, so I went over and settled down to do some work. It was a little tricky to read while some uber-authentic Italian music that you'd think to hear in a fancy restaurant rather than a coffee shop  intense music was playing so loudly, but it helped me to focus on the words I was actually reading and helped the anxiety to diminish a little bit.

Aaaaaand then! In walks Kolton (who graduated from the same high school, as well as the college that I'm still attending) and then his friends came and joined us, which was all a nice surprise! A reason why he and I get along is because we're both incredibly deep, intense, passionate-minded people; I tend to hold back this side of me though unless it's with maybe a blog post like this one or on my Snapchat stories ( @buhhrook ) where shizz gets real, or with a romantic relationship or something, but he really owns it! Whenever we run into each other, we always have some awesome talk about various topics that leave me contemplating my life choices and just life in general (ahaha!). Today's topic of discussion? The difference between being a relationship person versus being a hopeless romantic.

Kolton asked me if I would consider myself a "relationship person". I launched into telling him how even though I'm such a hopeless romantic, I couldn't even begin to imagine what it's like to be in a relationship for years and years, because my longest has only been a little over four months, even though that's something that I want to know and experience incredibly much. The only a little over four months thing is because I usually saw something in the relationships that wasn't able to be fixed. Certain things can be fixed, like working on communication, for example, but certain things, like belittling comments or frequently mean remarks? Just say no, honestly... My most recent ex-boyfriend told me "you don't know how to hold onto anything good in your life."… but maybe it's actually, in fact, that I know how to hold out for something healthier and happier, which is something that we all actually deserve

To me, I always considered a hopeless romantic to be someone who loves love, itself. They want to find someone they can love - but not just any person… the right person who completes them, their soulmate, etc. etc.~~ Kolton pointed out that a relationship person is not necessarily a hopeless romantic and that these two categories are not necessarily intertwined. Mind=blown. Some people are relationship people, he pointed out, but aren't into romance and all of that. Some people are hopeless romantics and love loving people, but just either don't often have relationships or find themselves in unsuccessful ones (DING DING DING!) 

For me, I realized that when I was younger - much, much younger - I was more in love with the idea of love than the people I would get involved with. Over time, though, I've learned how important it is to make sure it's the actual person and not just the idea of them to fall for, so when I find someone I like for who they actually are and not just for the possibility of love being there in the future (which is hella rare, I must admit), I fall hard and I fall fast.

I like to gush about my feelings. I like to make the person know how much I think he's awesome. I like to make him feel appreciated and needed and cared about! And…I like that in return. However, when it comes to getting that in return, I feel like I either get too much (where it seems like they've fallen in love with the idea of me) or not enough (where they make me feel pushed away and like I'm wasting my efforts because it's not really appreciated and don't enjoy talking/sharing about *~~feelings~~*). I need to feel wanted - not just like in the physical way because guys certainly have no dearth of showing that side off to me! - but emotionally, mentally, wanted.

To be fair, my idea of romance isn't the common notion/idea. To me, romance is like… anti-romantic, I guess you could say!? It's about the little tiny things, like even just holding hands. Having the guy stroke my lion's mane of hair and tell me what he finds ~enchanting~ about me. Eating a pizza in just PJs. Getting to the level where you can fart in front of each other like it's a totally non-embarassing thing. Where morning breath doesn't cause concern. That level of intimacy is "romance" to me. Now, while one single red rose (although I much prefer sunflowers!) screams romance to many, I'd prefer  pillow talk and endless hugs. The real and the personal is what appeals to me, while Hollywood's so-called portrayal of romance seems just….artificial.

So maybe, I'm neither - maybe the girl who wants not much more out of life than to find the right person to share her happiness with is neither a relationship person (as they never seem to last) nor a hopeless romantic (as my idea of romance doesn't fit the mainstream stereotype). Maybe wanting something raw and real and vulnerable is neither of those things. Maybe it's something different, entirely.

Are you a relationship person? A hopeless romantic?
xoxo, Brooke

Thursday, October 15, 2015

On My Music Playlist

Some are new, some are old, and some I have no clue how recent they are!! *insert monkey emoji hiding its face behind its hands here*! Here's what I've been dancing around the room in my undies while singing along into a mascara wand listening to recently:

1 // Fallingforyou by The 1975

2 // Feeling Good by Avicii

3 // Reflections by MisterWives

4 // Shine by Years & Years

5 // Hold My Hand by Jess Glynne

6 // Sirens by Cher Lloyd

7 // Cliche by Christina Grimmie

8 // Someone New by Hozier

9 // Cut Your Teeth - Kygo Remix by Kyla La Grange ft. Kygo

10 // Break the Rules by Charli XCX

11 // Gimmie Love by Carly Rae Jepsen

12 // Somebody To You by The Vamps ft. Demi Lovato

13 // Ex's & Oh's by Elle King

14 // Don't Fail Me Now by Melanie Amaro

15 // Lifespan by Vaults

What've you been playing in your headphones lately!? I always love recommendations! :)
xoxo, Brooke

Monday, October 12, 2015

College Fashion Week Boston (Part 3 of 3)

Sooooooooorry this is so late!

Basically, the pictures say it all about how I spent my last day!!

Au Bon Pain, will u marry me? Yes, No, Maybz.

Naturally, I had to stop in the Barnes & Noble <3333333

One day I'll actually learn how to make my own fashion designs, I swear…….

A lil' wrinkled, but who's gonna stop me!? ;) lol!!!

Returning back to campus via Amtrak train = just in time for Sunday Sundaes!

Finally took out my braid crownnnn!

Super-duper happy thinking about all the memories!!

This was a really, really huge deal for me. Going on a stage in front of several hundreds of people was a turning point for me - I didn't even recognize that girl back from the summer who was losing out on her life to anxiety. The night I returned back to college, I felt so invigorated - like I could do anything I set my mind to from here on out. When you conquer your inner demons, the world becomes a beautiful place filled to the brim with endless opportunity… I recommend you go get out there, and attack your own fears! <3

xoxo, Brooke

Thursday, October 8, 2015

College Fashion Week Boston Recap [Part 2 of 3]

Sorry for the delay on Part 2!! I was uber-sick yesterday *blows nose right on cue* and then playing catch-up with the work I missed!
So official! ;)

Day 2 was the FASHION SHOW!!!! It was held at Space 57 in The Revere hotel, which was beautiful, jussayin'! I'm going to do a different format for this post; all the pictures will come first and then I will give a little summary for each picture in the captions because a picture tells a thousand words, so they say! For the parts of the day that I wasn't able to take pictures during (aka when I was strutting my sassy stuff modeling in the show), I'll write a full paragraph there, fo'sho ;)!

Breakfast is servedddd! *casually drools on keyboard*

Gotta have some chocolate-topped oatmeal for breakfast too, ya know!? ;)

Literally, this place is bae <333333

I was so sick with my sinus infection that my eyes were watering sooo much!
 I was -so- worried about sneezing on the runway later (luckily, I did not!).

Braided crown hairstyle!

My "Ta-daaaaa!" face :p ! 
"Modern Punk" Makeup = Complete!!

Edgy, edgy!

Don't mind if I do!! ;) This was the European Wax Eyebrow Bar!
Normally I don't let anybody touch my eyebrows... but they just darkened them a bit so that the bright lights of the camera wouldn't wash them out in photographs!

We got stickers for our "party" nail (aka ring finger!)

My totally rockin' outfit!!

Post-show back in my hotel room~~

The braid really stayed!! There were -so- many pins in there and tooooons of hair spray.

This is what the braided crown looks like from the side!

Other than what's been mentioned with the pictures, the day was so. much. fun!!! We spent a lot of it hanging out together in between hair and makeup, or stuffing goodie bags for the attendees. It was definitely a little scary at first practicing our runway walk and poses, but when I finally had to do it for the real show, I thankfully nailed it! (Naturally, I gave my sassy eyebrow raise/tucked my chin down and looked up through my eyelashes ;) lol!!) There were so many flashing lights and so. many. people. looking me up and down, but I didn't freeze or shake like I was worried about. I just did my thing! The song (which was totally perfect!!) that the rest of the "Modern Punk" group strutted to was "Break the Rules" by Charli XCX. It's safe to say that I have listened to this song every morning ever since last Saturday!! :p

The other groups were Feminine Minimalism, Menswear, and the 1970's…I'm trying to remember all of the songs, but the only one that I can recall at the moment was "Sledgehammer" by Fifth Harmony because a) I was having a mini-panic attack where my heart was actually beating like a sledgehammer (Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-ohhhhhh! *casually starts singing into hairbrush*) and I honestly thought I was going to throw up on all of the girls crowded around me as we were waiting backstage before it was our turn to walk the catwalk but praise da lawwdy did not actually puke, and b) that is one of my all-time favorite jamzz! The girls were all so friendly and nice and I really do miss getting to know them - it was so cool how we were all thrown together yet got along so naturally well like that!

Ultimately, one of my friends and I went to take the T home and I'm not sure why, but when I swiped my Charlie Card the gates opened to let me through BUT THEN THE GATES SHUT ON MY SHOULDERS AND I SCREAMED!!!!! That made my shoulders -so- sore until the next day! Finally,  after awkwardly standing on the T the whole ride (am I the only person who is uncomfortable with my butt practically in a stranger's face, orrrr!?), I got an iced decaf caramel macchiato and snuggled into bed with some homework *sighs happily*.

Check back for Part 3 of 3 tomorrow! Definitely more of a "reflective", introspective piece.
xoxo, Brooke

Monday, October 5, 2015

College Fashion Week Boston Recap [Part 1 of 3]

YOU GUYSSSSSS! <33333 *squeals with delight while jumping up & down*

So I spent this past weekend up in Boston participating as a model in College Fashion Week, hosted by Her Campus! It was an amazing experience,  and I'll be breaking up the recap into three parts.

I was -super- nervous at first, because I've never traveled on a major trip before without friends or family members with me! I took the Amtrak to from New London up to the Back Bay station, where I stayed at one of the hotels attached to shopping malls (……..naturally. *insert hand flip girl emoji here*) lol!! :p I really do love the hotel, and my family always stays in that hotel whenever we go, but you have to pay a LOT for wifi which is absurd to me - I think in this day in age free wifi should be a total given!!

The bus picking up all the models met first at the Her Campus office, and then at a second stop where I got on, in front of Talbots, which was a pretty short walk BUT ALAS~~ PLOT TWIST! It was pouring outside so using the Google Maps GPS on my phone while trying to protect it from all of the rain (which was no easy feat, let me tell ya!) was pretty much a little journey all of its own! Finally, though, I ducked into the bus which whisked us off to the South Shore Plaza located in Braintree, Mass. The bus ride, itself, was such a fun time! Granted, I couldn't twist -that- much in my seat but I was still able to have met some really awesome people- so funny and sweet!! - on the ride over, regardless.

Once we finally got into the South Shore Plaza (there was a TON of traffic!), we all filed into the Lord & Taylor to get fitted for our outfits! Everyone had to wait in a line in front of the dressing rooms, and we were called in by what scene of the fashion show we were going to be featured in. My scene was the last scene, called "Scene 4: Modern Punk" *wiggles eyebrows excitedly* ahaha! I WAS SO EXCITED!!! Although, being completely honest, I at first had wished that I would have been given something super girly with glitz and feminine details, I ultimately wound up absolutely loving the outfit I was given! It was incredibly comfortable (I felt like I was wearing PJs, tbh….!), and I didn't have to worry about falling flat on my face because they gave me sneakers instead of heels!

I pulled a total silly, and forgot to check the brand of the sweatshirt-vest and the plaid button-down tunic-shirt; however, fear not, friends!!!! I managed to check the leggings and sneakers: they were Rag + Bone, and Superga, respectively. The jean leggings were incredible! Honestly, when I wear jeggings I tend to feel like my legs become little sausages but these were so comfortable and so flattering.

After, we got to go shopping in the mall! We were given a pamphlet with student discounts, and my friends and I got a free mini-perfume from Express! I also bought a hi-low hem thank top that says "OK, BUT FIRST YOGA" on it!!  Can you say SWOON!? :p I canNOT wait to wear it to yoga class this week! In the center of the mall, we had a DJ and mini cupcakes (the chocolate cupcakes with fudge icing + pink fondant flowers on top were just, omg, totesmygoats my favee!!! <---implied sassy hand flip right here ;) bahaha!) There were "mocktails", which tasted a lot like Sprite mixed with some Kool Aid, hmmm….*casually whips out a magnifying glass a la Nancy Drew*

For dinner, Regina Pizzeria and chicken teriyaki over fried rice (none of that chicken for me, though! #thatvegetarianlyfe) were our votes of choice. It was crazy how many people were in one area at once, especially to someone (aka yours truly!) who is used to the small towns of the Southeastern shoreline of Connecticut. It honestly felt like Christmas in there, and the girls agreed with me! I don't know how to really explain it, though… I guess there was just such a sense of "togetherness" and dim lighting at night that made it really cozy!

After dinner, I realized that I had forgotten to pack nail polish remover (we had to have nude manicures for the show the next day, whereas mine were currently bubble gum pink-colored!) and makeup remover pads (we had to arrive bare-faced the next day for the makeup artists so they could do their thing!), so my friends and I casually prowled around the Target until we found the items I needed. There was a super awkz moment, where I didn't realize some lady was in line so I put my stuff down to have the cashier ring it up and then he said he was going to take the other lady first - I looked behind me and there was another lady there - go figure. She said "Thank you!" so sassily and rudely that it made me mad… obviously I had no idea she was there, or else I wouldn't have attempted to pay for my things before her!?!?!?! But I let it roll off my back and attempted to forget about it (which for me is difficult because I tend to ruminate ALL. THE. TIME! about things), because if she didn't realize that I didn't realize she was even there, then that's her stuff to deal with, ya feel?

The bus ride back to Boston was much faster than it took for us to get to Braintree, originally! We drove by Northeastern and Berklee College of Music, which was a nice surprise - the bus driver accidentally let us off in front of Prudential Center instead of at the Her Campus office which was so convenient for me, as my hotel was attached to the Prudential Center!

Naturally, I needed to get some of my beloved Pinkberry froyo before heading back upstairs to the hotel to stare at my book for an hour and then fall asleep attack some homework!

It was a really promising first day, and I was so excited for what was to come the following day!

Check back tomorrow to hear about THE ACTUAL FASHION SHOW!!!!! for Part 2 of 3! Also: To all of you who watched along behind-the-scenes with me via Snapchat (add me: @buhhrook ), I'm so glad that I was able to share my memories with you! Snapchat really is like a "sister" video-blog to The Pink Lyme, and I love being able to get to communicate with you on that type of personal level! <3
xoxo, Brooke