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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Where I've Been

So, I've been a little bit MIA recently. This is because I have been eating half a jar of salsa in one day and approx 6-7 servings of Tostitos chips, basically been putting all of my humanly-possible energy into my studies. I've been reading Robinson Crusoe as efficiently as humanly possible, you see, but alas~~ back in the good ol' days, all nouns used to be capitalized…rather than just proper nouns, so my Eyes aren't used to such Capitalization. <--SEE WHAT I DID THERE ;) LAWLZ MCGEE!!!! After a while, though, you get used to it and the reading gets quicker. The English major in me is taking it as a sign that in the future I should diversify the time periods in which the novels that I read have been written in, in order to broaden my literary horizons, ahaha!

By the way, I dropped the religious studies course - it was wayyyyyy too crowded and there were so many days with "no class" on the syllabus that I felt I wouldn't be getting my money's worth for it - and signed up for a psych class called "Drugs and Behvavior" that is so. frickin'. cool. (!!!) I just had the first class tonight and I'm -beyond- glad that I made the switch. I really do love psychology, and hope to take more psychology classes next semester, too - which will be my final semester of COLLEGE! AHHHHH!

Yoga has also been an incredible experience: the truth is, ya never really know how not-flexible you are until you're forced to stretch and bend... *rubs my sore calves with the utmost affection…and ice cubes* ahaha! 

Some exciting news that I haven't yet shared with you guys (unless we're personally friends on Facebook!) is that I'm now the co-editor of my college's literary magazine, which means so much to me because I love poetry and art and all-things-creative so I am honored to help foster that sort of environment on my campus! <3

From now on, I'm going to try my best to pre-write up at least three posts over the weekend to spread out for posting throughout the week so I don't go leaving ya high and dry while I labor away in the depths of the black lagoon that is the library~~~ (jk, it's actually really bright in there! :D !) What type of posts can you expect in the future? Fall fashion photo-shoots, fall-themed recipes, more videos (hopefully with an actual video camera so the quality will be amazing & not grainy haha!), and whatever you'd like, honestly! I'm always up for suggestions for types of posts - let me know if there's something you'd be interested to read about! :p

Where've you been lately!?
xoxo, Brooke

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