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Thursday, September 24, 2015

[Countdown] 4 Favorite Brands for the Pumpkin Spice Latte!

Today I went to grab a PSL from place number four on this list, and I felt inspired to make a list of my favorite places to get pumpkin spiced lattes from. Not all PSLs are created equal, friends, and I've shared my field notes with you down below:
My happy place!! (Books-A-Million w/ a precious PSL and my assigned reading)

4 // Joe Muggs (the cafe at Books-A-Million)
Although the warmth (both temperature-wise and flavor-wise) is extremely cozy at first, the flavor oddly tends to disappear quite quickly! I believe the hints of clove/nutmeg in this version of the drink are artificial, which might explain why that happens (lack of any true flavor permeating the beverage), but on a chilly day, this might be all you need to get by.

3 // Panera Bread
Personally, even though I prefer the hot chocolate (with those friggin' chocolate chip-infused marshmallow blocks, oh my GOSH!!) here, the PSL at Panera isn't half bad! Granted, I've had better but… I've also had worse *shivers*! Be sure to order it with a brownie on the side ;)

2 // Dunkin' Donuts
Ahh, yes, friends - my beloved Dunkies. The flavor is definitely artificial and medicinal tasting, so I'm not sure why I still enjoy it so darned much. Maybe it's just the small-town vibe of my local stores? Maybe it's the nearby donuts just across the counter? ~~~~Maybe it's Maybelline~~~~ Try this one iced - I personally prefer it served that way here!

1 // STARBUCKS!!! 
With REAL PUMPKIN OHMYGOSHIEZZ (buhh-bye, artificial clove flavor!! *waves*), this PSL is by far the tastiest of the bunch. And the most down-to-earth/keepin' it real, which as you know by now, is how I roll~~ Additionally, when consuming this godly elixir of a beverage, I have been known to shout in public, "I feel like I am literally drinking a pie!!" …that's how you know it's legit.

Where is your favorite place to pick up your beloved PSL!?
xoxo, Brooke


  1. Love a starbucks latte, never tried the pumpkin one but I like the chai Tea

    1. Can you believe I've only had chai tea once in my life!?! *covers face with hands* lol!! I'll be sure to try it again, though!! :p <3

  2. I was literally searching through every coffee shop on campus for the perfect pumpkin spice latte! Found two very great one at the Einstein Bros Bagels & Au Bon Pain on campus. :)

    1. I love both of those places, Zobia!! You're -uber- lucky that you have them on your college campus, omg!!!! We have some student-run shops that are pretty lovely though, lol!! <3