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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

College Edition: Getting Ready In The Morning Music Playlist

Sorry for being somewhat off the radar, recently!

The first day of my senior year of college classes starts tomorrow (EEK!) so I've been pretty consumed by buying socially unacceptable amounts of Tostitos chips and jars of salsa for my dorm room preparing for that. I know how people often talk about how back-to-school shopping is their favorite part of the year, and while I wholeheartedly agree *strokes credit card affectionately*, I think that the joys of creating a solid "College Edition: Getting Ready in the Morning Music Playlist" are often overlooked!!

Last year, I only required a mere 15 minutes to get ready: pee, spoon-feed yogurt down my throat that I was too half-asleep to even taste what flavor it was (EXCEPT PLAIN, CUZ THAT SHIZZ IS NASTY AND GETS ME SICK), put on some non-pajama pants and maybe dare I say it~~ even put on a bra if it was too hot out to just wear a vest or something (the logical decision ;) bahaha!!), color on some eyeliner like a child w/ a crayon and two coats of mascara, find shoes that match (~~no promises about the socks tho~~), and bolt out the door to my first class. Now, however…

I cannot tell a lie, friends. It recently has been taking me at least an hour to get ready every morning. My inner princess has this thing against putting on lipstick before one brushes one's teeth (hint: just say no!!!!). So, even though I hate waiting to put on lipstick until the very end of my morning routine, it's the best way to go - and, might I add, even though I hate the way food tastes after brushing, it's pretty important to brush before eating to prevent bacteria from spreading (at least, this is what I have heard time and time again - no promises though! Science majors, help a sistah out here!?). I like to leisurely peruse theSkimm . I enjoy dancing around with a face makeup sponge in one hand, a mascara wand in the other. I like to hit the gym on most mornings, so I can feel the burn before I'm even somewhat remotely conscious.

This all being said, I really need a morning soundtrack, ya know!? While I prefer soothing, relaxing voices before bed (hayyyyyy Jack Johnson!), in the morning, I like upbeat, pop-style songs that will render the residue of a smile on my face and a positive attitude in my heart :p. Time to listen up! *lends you one of my earbuds so we can listen together*

(Field Note: I just really really like TSwift's music, okay? I see those eyes of yours rolling…. curb that sass!!!!) AND OH, PS - I usually just listen to the songs on Spotify rather than watch the actual music videos provided below for your viewing pleasure... So I honestly have no idea if they're innapropro or not… I guess if they start getting a little "um, EW!?!?" then you can just do other fun things like paint your nails or play with your dog while the music is in the background…

1 // Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift

2 // Love Myself by Hailee Steinfeld

3 // Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

4 // I Don't Like It, I Love It by Flo Rida ft. Robin Thicke & Verdine White

5 // Stitches by Shawn Mendes

6 // Blank Space by Taylor Swift

7 // Black Magic by Little Mix

8 // Renegades by X Ambassadors

9 // Ghost Town by Adam Lambert

10 // Worry About You by 2AM Club

What songs do you like to get ready to in the morning? I love getting recommendations! <3
xoxo, Brooke


  1. I always listen to these Taylor Swift songs while getting ready in the morning! I also read theSkimm too.. I love it

    Meet Me in Midtown

  2. Great playlist! I'm loving Hailee Steinfeld's new song!

    1. Aww, thank you!! I try, I try *takes a grand bow* ahahah! <3 I KNOW AHHH IT IS SO CATCHY AND GOOD AND AMAZING JUST UGH. PERF.