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Monday, September 14, 2015

15 Things I've Learned So Far From Senior Year

1 // It's never too late to make new friends. Say good morning to the girl with the fantabulous shoes. Smile at the professor who makes an attempt to hold the door open for you even though he is clearly in a hurry! When you add warmth and kindness to other people's lives, you will not regret it.

2 // There are some days (usually just lonely nights) when you will feel like the world is ending. But, the next morning, the sun will still rise and life will still carry on and you will go through the motions until you actually begin to feel a-okay again.

3 // Classes actually can be manageable, and you actually can manipulate time to work in your favor, rather than against you. Who knew!!!!???!!?!?!!? (And by this I mean, it's a very good idea to enroll in a few night classes that only meet once a week so that way you have tons of free time during the rest of the week

4 // You will have more in common with others than you think. When you first meet someone, you might be like "omg we are so different…" but as you interact with someone on a deeper level, you'll realize we all have the same fears, desires, and dreams: we all want to be liked/loved, we all want to achieve things that will make us feel happy and successful, and we all want to be able to express ourselves without judgment! *hugs everyone*

5 // You learn to take care of yourself… You learn to date yourself.... You learn to go out for a burrito at Moe's by yourself! (okay okay so this quote was semi-altered from a recent Snapchat Story of mine, but it still rings true!!~~)

6 // Life is a balancing act, really. I mean…. some weeks you will have a manicure, and some weeks you will not.

7 // Just say NO when it comes to going to the college-sponsored debauchery events dances. Weekend nights are much better spent eating an entire small pizza in your room and listening to music while doing sudoku puzzles rather than avoiding sleazy guys'  gazes at your booty (ARGHHH! <---lolz get it booty like a pirate... omggggggggggg, so funny ha ha ha, haw!!!!)

8 // Annoying, but true: people will treat you like a frickin' QUEEN when you're wearing makeup. When you skip the makeup, people treat you way differently (like a frickin' PEASANT). It's like they forget that I'm super uber-fierce, or something!!!!! *gives them the Almighty Sass Hand*

9 // Go to the gym when it first opens, or just don't even go at all, tbh. If you're brave enough to navigate the crowds at 4:00pm then I bow down to you and your patience/courage!!

10 // Keep a stock of multiple varieties of chocolates (preferably Godiva, Lindt, and Ghiradelli) in your room at all times, or you will sorely regret it.

11 // When the basement of your dorm floods, don't build an ark to get across the hall to the door to the outside world - just go a different way!

12 // You will love yourself, yet your deepest darkest secrets and insecurities will eat you up alive inside if you look back into your eyes in the mirror for too long.

13 // Don't forget your Netflix password. Enough said.

14 // It's okay to want to cry when a millipede (with a long stinger on its butt, might I add~~) crawls out from your vent and onto your bare, tank-top-clad shoulder. #nightmares #jkplottwistitsreallife

15 // Psychology is pretty cool… you might even wind up minoring in it! :p

What have you learned so far this year?
xoxo, Brooke


  1. Ugh #9 though! For some reason the gym here is super packed. It's as if someone told the freshmen that they would meet their soulmates sweating it out at the gym. Jokes on them. These are great though. Who knew there was still stuff we can learn senior year! :)

    Ashley | Sunday Brunch

    1. Hahahah, Ashley!! I mean, it gives me hope that some people out there are still looking for soulmates and not just hooking up bahaha! I love working out, but I prefer to avoid judgmental stares when possible :p Yessss! My goal in life is to never stop learning new things :p !