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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

General Life Update (Class Schedule for Fall Semester, Blogging Goals, and More!)

Hiiii! So basically I just wanted to give you guys a general life update - sometimes it's nice to just share a little bit about my own life to let you into my world, as an "internal" sort of post rather than writing an "external" post that focuses on things I love, sponsored posts, etc. Here's a little slice of my current happenings! *casually hands you a slice of pie ~~with ice cream~~ to be pun-ny about the word "slice"*

1 // Class Schedule for Fall Semester
This is the semester when I will be completing my English major!! *happydances all around* I'm taking "The Novel and Globalization", "The Rise of the Novel", Social Psychology, Intro. to Yoga, and a religious studies class. No classes on Fridays? Yes, pleeeeeeease! :D Social Psych is a once-a-week night class on Mondays and Intro to Yoga is bright and early twice a week (Tues/Thurs). The Novel and Globalization is after Yoga, and The Rise of the Novel and the religious studies class are both Monday/Wednesday. I'm truly excited for all of the classes I'm taking, and I'm really eager to get started with the semester already… after all, I'M GRADUATING THIS SPRING!!!

2 // Blogging Goals
One of my major blogging goals for the rest of the year is to keep writing content that is truly meaningful to me… by that I mean that it is so easy to get swept away by what other bloggers are posting and feel as if in order to stay relevant, you need to post about similar topics (blogger friends, ya know what I mean, jellybeanz!?) . However, staying true to one's self is far more important than being relevant ever will be, so I'm going to keep my posts in check to make sure that not only are they written genuinely, as they always are, but the subject matter, too, will be keepin' it just as real! If you're a blogger, what are some of your goals for a strong finish to the year?

3 // New Hair
If you're my Snapchat buddy ( @buhhrook ), you've seen my new hair!! 5 inches *faints* are gone, and the dramatic bleach dip-dye has been removed in favor of brand-new natural-looking balayage. Before I was rockin' the mermaid-chic look, ideal for the summer, and now I have an urban cool girl-chic look which is a nice seasonal update for fall! Having such a thick head of hair is never easy, but my new style makes it pretty low-maintenance as the windswept appearance doesn't require much more than a casual tousle.

4 // Healthy Journey
This summer, my goal was to achieve a greater level of healthiness…. well, at least my intent was good!?!?!?! *guiltily shovels large order of french fries down throat as quickly as possible* Taking yoga at college will be a step in the right direction, but I will also try to exercise 5-6 days a week -something that is sometimes easier said than done during the academic year-, attempt to avoid the Toll House Pie nights in the dining hall on campus, and do my best to just say no to eating gargantuan amounts of tortilla chips with salsa & an ice cream bar for dinner! Growing up, I always wanted to be healthy just so I could look my best, but now I want my insides to feel best! I want healthy organs and a well-functioning body to live my happiest life! <3

What's been going on in your life lately!?
xoxo, Brooke


  1. I definitely have the same blogging goal as you do. I want to write something I know I am passionate about! I love following your snapchat!

    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

    1. Ahhh, yes we are twinzies!! *cue sassy hand flip* lol!! AHHH oh my gosh, I LOVE following yours too! This is honestly both hilarious (and fate too probably) because two days ago I was scrolling down the "Recently Updated" Snapchat feed because I wanted to see if you in particular had added a new Snap Story because I love watching yours too! <3 It is always so fun to get a sneak peek of your life lol (ugh does that sound creepy? I totally don't mean it creepily, lmao!!!!)

  2. Oh Brooke I'm thinking of chopping off a lot of my hair too lol. What style did you go with? I'm thinking a lob. :)

    1. Oh!!!! Oh my gosh, you should totally go for it! It feels so flirty & freeing! Okay okay so I know how guys and girls alike always say they prefer long hair to short hair but, when done right, short hair can actually be far more flattering because it makes the face really shine!! :p My hair is a litttttle bit longer than a lob; it's layered, so some is chin-length while some is shoulder-length! *swishes hair about majestically* Send me a picture if you go for it!!! <3