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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

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Here's the low-down on culture in my life lately! (Pssst… Eating = new category alertttt!)

Also please note, when I started this blog, I vowed to never bring up race/politics/religion. However, this is probably the only post where you will ever see me write about all three of these things. I have disabled anonymous comments. If you are going to write attacking, belittling, argumentative, degrading comments - just don't. If you disagree, well, of course you are allowed to disagree!!!! But there is a difference between disagreeing and being nasty/just plain disrespectful. Let us not degrade or belittle others who have different opinions than that of our own. Let us keep an open mind. Let us treat each other with kindness and open arms, rather than fear and contempt. If I have offended you, of course you do not have to read my blog anymore!!! But please do not offend me if I have accidentally offended you because it is NOT my intent to hurt anybody in any way!

Reading: Blink by Malcolm Gladwell
Last summer, I read Malcolm Gladwell's popular book, Outliers, and I'm excited to now be reading another one of his sociological/psychological literary masterpieces! This book, while praises the value of making quick decisions, also acknowledges and discusses the true dangers of judging people incorrectly…. something I, too, discuss further down in this post. (PLZ BE NICE PLZ) I'm less than halfway through at the moment, but you can truly never go wrong with his books (as I've mentioned recently on Snapchat, ahaha!)

Watching: ASMR videos
Okay, okay. I will admit they are very creepy at first when you start watching them. But after a while? Omg, blissThis website explains what ASMR means and what it is and all that. It's like guided meditation in a way, except you get a calming, tingly feeling in your head and neck. Basically they are videos of people whispering or speaking in soft soothing voices about a variety of things… *cringes* I KNOW HOW BIZARRE IT SOUNDS, JUST GO WITH IT PLZ ahahahaha! Sometimes the videos are like "playing pretend", so they pretend to give you a facial or a hair cut or something. It's supposedly very helpful for people who have a hard time falling asleep, but I can attest that it helps tremendously for social anxiety! It sort of retrains your brain to remember how to interact with people, if that makes any sense!?

Eating: Godiva Mint Chocolate Chip Truffles (unfffff.)

My dad has recently become one of my best friends. He was always working when I was growing up so he wasn't really around much, but this summer we've had countless heart-to-hearts and even though we always seem to butt heads (I mean….#typeAlifestyle), we really are quite similar in many ways. I SUPPOSE THIS CLOSENESS IS WHY HE FELT THE NEED TO EAT THE ENTIRE BAG OF GODIVA MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP TRUFFLES I BOUGHT LAWLZ. *sobs into empty bag with no chocolate left* Granted, they are the most delicious little nuggets of goodness on the face of this Earth, sooo I'll give him that. Speaking of give, Josh helped me cope with the loss by surprising me with not just one, but TWO WHOLE BAGS OF THEM TO CHEER ME UP!!! He also double-surprised me by getting five of those chocolate hazelnut truffles that you can hand pick at the glass countertop….and if you've been following my blog, you know how much I dig my Nutella/anything chocolate-hazelnut in flavor. Shout out to Josh for being the greatest human being ever, yayyyyy!!<3

Wearing: A Smile :D !! (okay okay be nice, now…)
I was about 5 years old here! 17 years later and I haven't changed a bit! :p

Although I am not yet at a place of peace and calm, my stress has been incredibly diminished from where I used to be at the beginning of the summer. Sometimes I think about going back to college in like a week and a half, and my soul shrivels up and dies a little bit at the thought of judgmental eyes, something that tends to happen in a small school environment, feasting upon me as I walk to my next class. It's never fun when people think you fit a stereotype to a T, so to speak, whatever that stereotype might be. To have them look at you up and down while rolling their eyes and then letting the door slam right in your face on your way walking to class on purpose. They might tend to think that because you dress nicely, you must be not at all down-to-earth, you must be an overprivileged snob, and yet they are never knowing the half of your story and your family's situation. That your religious-minority father grew up in absolute poverty in the South Bronx, where his parents fled to because they would have been murdered in their home countries for not being a Christian, and how they struggled each and every day to survive. That these values of working for a better life have been passed on to you, and that you do hard work every day to honor those who, by keeping themselves alive, thereby granted you the gift of your very own life, your deep appreciation of each and every thing - the food that shields your stomach from the ache of emptiness, the clothes on your back that keep you warm during those chilly days, the roof over your head that provides you shelter each night- and each and every day…but who would know this by looking at you? They look at your skin, not your mind, so they might not consider what it's like to be a religious minority - and often facing really harsh criticism for being that religious minority. They don't think to consider what it's like that because you look "Semitic" with your wild lion's mane of hair and architectural nose (trust me, I'd been bullied for years about these two things; I've somehow learned to find a way to love them despite it all), you get patted-down in public every. single. time. you go to an airport. (Like lmao, plzzz - the only weapon I wield is my sass *flips hair*) We all have our own unique struggles, some are just more visible than others… like when you have battles going on in your mind every day from the time you wake up to the time you fall asleep at night because you keep seeing and hearing injustice everywhere you go - on the television, in line at the grocery store, on your homepage on the internet. All humans are born equal; this is something that is a fact, not an opinion. I learned this when I was a kindergartener living in the borough of Queens, New York, attending the United Nations International School. This is where I learned the value of everybody being unique - it is truly a beautiful thing and ALL cultures deserve to be celebrated… BUT! This celebration ought to be in a way that does not further divide. Division causes hatred and a fear of others who are unlike yourself. Celebrating others' cultures without dividing is much easier said than done. We tend to push away others who are interested in our culture or who want to learn more because we think they are trying to be condescending, or that they are treating us like a form of entertainment… but what if this isn't actually the case 100% of the time (often times it is the case, unfortunately, but many more times it is not the case), and we are just projecting our insecurities onto them? What if they genuinely do respect and appreciate our backgrounds - race, religion, sexual orientation - and want to be an ally, want to learn more? If somebody chooses to be a good, kind, loving, considerate, generous person who gives back to society - or not- is what determines if someone is a "better" person. Not the color of their skin. Not which God, or lack thereof, that they pray to. Not who they enter into romantic relationships with. There will be no peace until we learn to accept that human beings are simply books, and we all have our own unique stories to tell, but we harm one another by judging one another's covers, taking the lazy route, rather than taking the time to actually get to know one another on a level of true, real substance. Perhaps you've read this and think that identify as Liberal. I do not identify as Liberal, and I do not even identify as a Democrat, believe it or not. I just identify as somebody who respects the various peoples of this world. I find it sad that these values of mine would be classified as "liberal", and not just common sense. It scares me that respecting others is a political issue! We all learned this in school at a young age, right? If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all? So recently, despite this internal conflict, I have chosen to wear a smile. I smile because the world, despite its atrocities, is too beautiful not to smile. I smile because there is always hope for a better future. I smile because I have faith that we can become a more accepting, tolerant world where humans build each other up for who they are rather than tear each other down for who they are not, for the most part - realism is key, not idealism.

Listening to: Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert's music is just, ugh, BAEEEEEE <3333 Josh and I love his new song "Ghost Town" *casually starts dancing like a Britney Spears backup dancer in my bedroom when the beat drops* Oh, and if you're a diehard Pretty Little Liars fan, such as myself, you'll remember that he performed in one of the episodes!!! #Yay.

Inspired by: #BloggerBlab

Basically, every Wednesday night for this month, a group of us female bloggers has had a Twitter chat (but it's more like a Twitter "party" let's be real here~~) and it is truly the highlight of my Wednesdays (besides talking to Joshy, of course <3!!) It's so incredible to have a great group of girls to just chat about all-things bloggy/lifestyle/#BloggerBTS (a back-to-school link up that is hosted by @classycathleen and @empirestyles ). It feels great to know that every week I can chat online with people I have so much in common with - it truly is my "happy place"! Come join the chat! It is hosted by the two girls who created the #BloggersBTS link up, as well as @fashionnewcomer on Wednesday nights in August at 8:45pm. It usually goes until 10 or 10:15 just because we have such a fun time but you can literally stay as long as you want - 5 minutes or the full time until 10, anything is totally, totally fine!! :)

What are you reading, watching, eating, wearing, listening to, and inspired by lately?
xoxo, Brooke



  1. Reading - I read The Martian by Andy Weir and while I'm not into science or maths or space, I really enjoyed the book. A few pages into it and I knew who would absolutely love it would be my other half, so I put it on his tablet and told him to read it. I hugely recommend this book and we are looking forward to the movie.

    My other half is a notoriously slow reader. He finished that book faster than I did. We're both looking forward to the movie.

    Watching - Mr Robot. It is an amazing show. Rami Malek is incredible, and I'm always on board for Christian Slater.

    Eating - Bolognese sauce on potatoes rather than pasta. I like how they soak up the sauce.

    Wearing - my nickname is sparkles, so obvs, sparkly things!

    Listening to - A lot of 80's music inspired by a local band we have enjoyed.

    Inspired by - thinking about writing a book.

    I found your blog back in July and added it to my feedreader. :)

    1. Awwww! I am so glad you've found my blog & reached out! I just checked out your blog and saw that you're from Australia… WOW!! That is so cool!!! :D I'll be sure to add The Martian by Andy Weir to my "to-read" list on GoodReads!! Hahahah, my other half isn't as quick at reading as I am, either ;)! I totally love your nickname because I really love sparkles, ahaha ! <3 You should DEFINITELY write a book - have you picked out a topic/subject yet!? I will buy it, if you write it!!! :)