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Monday, August 3, 2015

5 Things I Learned From Freshman Year in College

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Thinking about how next month I'll be back in classes made me think back to how far I've come since freshman year; although I'm not an entirely different person, I no longer drown my sorrows in muffins from the library's cafe (THAT GERMAN CHOCOLATE MUFFIN, THO.) and I actually love the classes that I'm taking, (see ya never, Gen Eds! *waves buh-bye*). I'm much more open-minded and worldly than I was back then, that's for sure!

My college experience, in general, has definitely very different from the norm. First of all, I go to a small private liberal arts college where there are no fraternities or sororities, and no football or baseball teams - *gasp*! That being said, the whole "Animal House" vibe doesn't really exist, although there is naturally still Saturday Night (and "Thirsty Thursday") debauchery present. I also live only 18 minutes away from campus, and for my last two years of high school, went to a private school that is on the same campus grounds as my college is! I'm really well-aquainted with the area, and this will be my sixth year on these campus grounds. Here are five things I learned from freshman year in college, and who knows, maybe you can relate anyway, I hope!!:

1. One piece of Toll-House pie = beloved soul-nourishment sent from the gods above that is also good for your booty. Two pieces of Toll-House pie = congratulations, it's a food baby!!!!!! in your tummy. It's alllllll about that portion control when it comes to dining in the dining hall, where there are no longer any parents/guardians present to tell you to eat your greens.

2. Unless you've wanted to be a doctor since you popped out of your mama bear's womb (love my Dr. Papa Bear, but I have no idea how he always knew exactly what he wanted his career to be!?), chances are you might switch your major once or twice (~~or thrice~~) times. Particularly if you're one of those people who is uber-passionate about life… maybe one day you come to the [[correct]] conclusion that English is the best of all the majors combined into one. #represent !!!!! Where else can you combine language with other interdisciplinary topics, like psychology and sociology and history and, hey, depending on what book it is, maybe even some science (The Botany of Desire, anyone!?). English is bae, jussayin'.

3. As scary as it might be to go to the gym by yourself… go to the gym by yourself! I recommend going early in the morning, first thing, when the gym opens, so you can beat that 4:30pm-after-class-rush (and avoid crowds, too, so you don't turn around from the wall you were leaning up against for your glutes exercises to find you've magically developed an audience, if ya know what I mean…*winces*)

4. Take it slowly with the guy who asks you out during orientation week (I mean, or the first day of orientation……. *hides face*). The truth is, you never know somebody until you really know them - you know!? Not rushing into things at the beginning (or, um, ever) can allow you to not make the mistake I did by rushing into a BAD, danergous relationship which ultimately crashed and burned in the worst way  look beyond your metaphorical excited-about-your-new-school-rose-colored-glasses and see this potential suitor - and just life in general - for who and what they really are.

5. It is once again socially acceptable to take naps. Ahh, nostalgia. In fact, it's highly recommended to take naps! Let's nap! You nap, I nap, we all nap! Nap. It's good for you. You've got uh, everybody else's and your old kindergarten teacher's, permission.

What did you learn your freshman year in college?
xoxo, Brooke


  1. love this post! I agree with ALL of these (especially number five!!) if college has taught me nothing else it's that naps are essential to surviving finals week :)

    Ciara |

    1. Awww, thank you so much :D!! <3 HAHAHA naps = bae, let's be real here…..! lol!! :p