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Saturday, August 29, 2015

20 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Heading back to school soon (like me)? Recovering from yesterday's break-up (also like me)? Just stuck in an overall rut and wanting to boost your spirits a little bit? Here are 20 ways to boost your confidence!

1. Smile! Smile often. Smile at the mailman. Smile at the barista. Smile at the boss who makes your life a living hell. Smile at your kid sister. Smile at the professor you really admire. Smile at the homeless woman as you give her a warm bagel toasted with butter on a chilly day. Smile at everyone - never hold back when it comes to an opportunity to spread warmth and cheer! #everydayischristmas

2. Be your own kind of beautiful. It's okay to be pale and not tan your skin. It's okay to have dark skin and be proud of it. It's okay to be bigger than a size 6. It's okay to be a size 2. It's all okay! You are good enough. <3 Whenever you doubt that, remember me telling you this. Don't ever listen to critical or judgmental people. Even if you think "what if they're right!?", most likely they aren't. And if they are? Some things we genuinely dislike about ourselves, not things that society tells us we shouldn't like ( I prefer to think of my thighs as desirable - a little something to grab is never a bad thing, am I right!? bahahaha ;) !), we can change - perhaps by going to the gym or eating less fried/sugary foods. But for the things we can't necessarily change that easily? Maybe something like, our beliefs aren't aligned with popular culture (such as waiting for marriage to have sex), but we ought to own it!

3. Splurge on a really nice pair of shoes, whatever that means to you.

4. Take a bubble bath while playing smooth jazz (if you're bathing at night) or classical music (if you're bathing in the morning/during the day). Sip some wine or sparkling grape juice and eat squares of dark chocolate… if you're ready to embrace your inner relaxation diva to her fullest, that is! ;) ahaha!

5. Wake up at the same time every morning, as it will make you want to get to bed relatively early and stay on track with getting everything done!

6. Teach yourself how to cook the basics. ~~"No, Patrick, mayonnaise is not an instrument!"~~

7. Brush up on a language you've been studying, or learn a language that you've always wanted to know!

8. Dance around in your room to your favorite music playlist on Spotify! +5 bonus points if you dance without pants on! :p Oww owwwwwww, werk ittttt! Ya look fab. *gives you elevator eyes & a head-nod of approval*

9. Clean your room/desk/home. It makes more of a difference than you think.

10. Write a letter to somebody you really, really love telling them that you really, really love them. We so often forget to express appreciation and gratitude because we think these feelings are surely "already understood". If there's one thing I know, it's that people need to hear that they are appreciated to truly know that they are appreciated. Assumptions are dangerous things to make - you're almost always better off brave (letting them know how much you care) than sorry (never letting them know how much you care) when it comes to sharing your feelings with others.

11. Get a new hair cut or color… my Pinterest board has a lot of ideas! Granted, most of the looks are blonde, but I'm just a fan of bringing the sunshine to my hair, ya know!?

12. Get some sort of good luck charm - whether it's a trusty pair of socks or a fuzzy keychain, just arbitrarily say, "Okay, this is my good luck charm now... because I say so!". Go forth and let the placebo effect do its job, people!!! :p

13. Read up on your interests - whether a hobby or your field of work, learn everything you can about the subject! Becoming an "expert" on something that's close to your heart or otherwise important to you is always a good choice.


15. Single and wanting to find something real and meaningful? Try Ok Cupid. …You're welcome. :p

16. Single and ready to mingle? Download Tinder. …You're still welcome. :p

17. Not single? Don't download Tinder!!!! Or Ok Cupid, for that matter!!!! Plan a #hawtdate night with your snuggle buddy! <3 :'D

18. Make a "You Got This!"-type of music playlist on Spotify.

19. Keep a running list in a journal or notebook and call it "Things That Make Me Happy"! Include everything from songs you like, to ideal weather conditions (some people love snuggly rainy days while others prefer bright and sunny!), to potential date ideas (hot air balloon rides are my dream, jussayin'), to your favorite ice cream flavors, to favorite activities spent with family or friends, and more! Whenever you're feeling down about yourself or just things in general, look at everything that makes you happy and realize things could be a LOT worse!

20. Perhaps the most important - send love out into the world, and it will surely return to you. Last winter/spring semester, I got caught up with the wrong (WRONGWRONGWRONGGGGGGG) guy and the wrong friends - the type to act super nice in the beginning to win you over but in the end are rather sociopathic, only out for themselves and don't feel guilty about crushing other people in a self-absorbed way, type of people. I felt like, what good is it to give love out to others if people were just taking advantage of me for it? The truth is, most people really are good! We tend to think most people really are bad, but it's just not true. People become bad when bad things have been done to them. Never give up hope. Never, like I did, walk around afraid of people, afraid of showing your shining smile to the world because you were afraid of criticism or judgment or being treated horribly. Yes, some people will say or do bad things to you, no matter who you are - this is just inevitable. But something to remember is that if you are, in fact, good to somebody, but they make you feel worthless and unlovable almost to the point where you feel dehumanized, well… they're the unlovable one, not you! <3 When I realized this, I was able to let love in again. I was able to smile at people again. I was able to crack a joke again, once in a while. If you ever feel like you are constantly judged or criticized by others, please PLEASE reach out to me. I don't want you to suffer like I did. I'll tell you why you're great. Not just feeding you lines of total BS, but even if we don't really know each other at all, if you tell me some things you're passionate about and what makes you you (or lack thereof - sometimes we don't even know who we are in the first place), I'll tell you why what other people are saying isn't true or doesn't matter. I'm here for you, ya loyal reader, you!!!! ahaha! <3 :)

What is your favorite way to boost your confidence?
xoxo, Brooke


  1. This was so inspirational and I love every single one of these especially #19. I will definitely be starting that. Thank you!

    ♥, Brooke

    1. Awwww!! Brooke, I'm so glad that you found the list inspiring!! :p Let me know how #19 goes for you!! <3 xoxoxo