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Saturday, August 29, 2015

20 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Heading back to school soon (like me)? Recovering from yesterday's break-up (also like me)? Just stuck in an overall rut and wanting to boost your spirits a little bit? Here are 20 ways to boost your confidence!

1. Smile! Smile often. Smile at the mailman. Smile at the barista. Smile at the boss who makes your life a living hell. Smile at your kid sister. Smile at the professor you really admire. Smile at the homeless woman as you give her a warm bagel toasted with butter on a chilly day. Smile at everyone - never hold back when it comes to an opportunity to spread warmth and cheer! #everydayischristmas

2. Be your own kind of beautiful. It's okay to be pale and not tan your skin. It's okay to have dark skin and be proud of it. It's okay to be bigger than a size 6. It's okay to be a size 2. It's all okay! You are good enough. <3 Whenever you doubt that, remember me telling you this. Don't ever listen to critical or judgmental people. Even if you think "what if they're right!?", most likely they aren't. And if they are? Some things we genuinely dislike about ourselves, not things that society tells us we shouldn't like ( I prefer to think of my thighs as desirable - a little something to grab is never a bad thing, am I right!? bahahaha ;) !), we can change - perhaps by going to the gym or eating less fried/sugary foods. But for the things we can't necessarily change that easily? Maybe something like, our beliefs aren't aligned with popular culture (such as waiting for marriage to have sex), but we ought to own it!

3. Splurge on a really nice pair of shoes, whatever that means to you.

4. Take a bubble bath while playing smooth jazz (if you're bathing at night) or classical music (if you're bathing in the morning/during the day). Sip some wine or sparkling grape juice and eat squares of dark chocolate… if you're ready to embrace your inner relaxation diva to her fullest, that is! ;) ahaha!

5. Wake up at the same time every morning, as it will make you want to get to bed relatively early and stay on track with getting everything done!

6. Teach yourself how to cook the basics. ~~"No, Patrick, mayonnaise is not an instrument!"~~

7. Brush up on a language you've been studying, or learn a language that you've always wanted to know!

8. Dance around in your room to your favorite music playlist on Spotify! +5 bonus points if you dance without pants on! :p Oww owwwwwww, werk ittttt! Ya look fab. *gives you elevator eyes & a head-nod of approval*

9. Clean your room/desk/home. It makes more of a difference than you think.

10. Write a letter to somebody you really, really love telling them that you really, really love them. We so often forget to express appreciation and gratitude because we think these feelings are surely "already understood". If there's one thing I know, it's that people need to hear that they are appreciated to truly know that they are appreciated. Assumptions are dangerous things to make - you're almost always better off brave (letting them know how much you care) than sorry (never letting them know how much you care) when it comes to sharing your feelings with others.

11. Get a new hair cut or color… my Pinterest board has a lot of ideas! Granted, most of the looks are blonde, but I'm just a fan of bringing the sunshine to my hair, ya know!?

12. Get some sort of good luck charm - whether it's a trusty pair of socks or a fuzzy keychain, just arbitrarily say, "Okay, this is my good luck charm now... because I say so!". Go forth and let the placebo effect do its job, people!!! :p

13. Read up on your interests - whether a hobby or your field of work, learn everything you can about the subject! Becoming an "expert" on something that's close to your heart or otherwise important to you is always a good choice.


15. Single and wanting to find something real and meaningful? Try Ok Cupid. …You're welcome. :p

16. Single and ready to mingle? Download Tinder. …You're still welcome. :p

17. Not single? Don't download Tinder!!!! Or Ok Cupid, for that matter!!!! Plan a #hawtdate night with your snuggle buddy! <3 :'D

18. Make a "You Got This!"-type of music playlist on Spotify.

19. Keep a running list in a journal or notebook and call it "Things That Make Me Happy"! Include everything from songs you like, to ideal weather conditions (some people love snuggly rainy days while others prefer bright and sunny!), to potential date ideas (hot air balloon rides are my dream, jussayin'), to your favorite ice cream flavors, to favorite activities spent with family or friends, and more! Whenever you're feeling down about yourself or just things in general, look at everything that makes you happy and realize things could be a LOT worse!

20. Perhaps the most important - send love out into the world, and it will surely return to you. Last winter/spring semester, I got caught up with the wrong (WRONGWRONGWRONGGGGGGG) guy and the wrong friends - the type to act super nice in the beginning to win you over but in the end are rather sociopathic, only out for themselves and don't feel guilty about crushing other people in a self-absorbed way, type of people. I felt like, what good is it to give love out to others if people were just taking advantage of me for it? The truth is, most people really are good! We tend to think most people really are bad, but it's just not true. People become bad when bad things have been done to them. Never give up hope. Never, like I did, walk around afraid of people, afraid of showing your shining smile to the world because you were afraid of criticism or judgment or being treated horribly. Yes, some people will say or do bad things to you, no matter who you are - this is just inevitable. But something to remember is that if you are, in fact, good to somebody, but they make you feel worthless and unlovable almost to the point where you feel dehumanized, well… they're the unlovable one, not you! <3 When I realized this, I was able to let love in again. I was able to smile at people again. I was able to crack a joke again, once in a while. If you ever feel like you are constantly judged or criticized by others, please PLEASE reach out to me. I don't want you to suffer like I did. I'll tell you why you're great. Not just feeding you lines of total BS, but even if we don't really know each other at all, if you tell me some things you're passionate about and what makes you you (or lack thereof - sometimes we don't even know who we are in the first place), I'll tell you why what other people are saying isn't true or doesn't matter. I'm here for you, ya loyal reader, you!!!! ahaha! <3 :)

What is your favorite way to boost your confidence?
xoxo, Brooke

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

General Life Update (Class Schedule for Fall Semester, Blogging Goals, and More!)

Hiiii! So basically I just wanted to give you guys a general life update - sometimes it's nice to just share a little bit about my own life to let you into my world, as an "internal" sort of post rather than writing an "external" post that focuses on things I love, sponsored posts, etc. Here's a little slice of my current happenings! *casually hands you a slice of pie ~~with ice cream~~ to be pun-ny about the word "slice"*

1 // Class Schedule for Fall Semester
This is the semester when I will be completing my English major!! *happydances all around* I'm taking "The Novel and Globalization", "The Rise of the Novel", Social Psychology, Intro. to Yoga, and a religious studies class. No classes on Fridays? Yes, pleeeeeeease! :D Social Psych is a once-a-week night class on Mondays and Intro to Yoga is bright and early twice a week (Tues/Thurs). The Novel and Globalization is after Yoga, and The Rise of the Novel and the religious studies class are both Monday/Wednesday. I'm truly excited for all of the classes I'm taking, and I'm really eager to get started with the semester already… after all, I'M GRADUATING THIS SPRING!!!

2 // Blogging Goals
One of my major blogging goals for the rest of the year is to keep writing content that is truly meaningful to me… by that I mean that it is so easy to get swept away by what other bloggers are posting and feel as if in order to stay relevant, you need to post about similar topics (blogger friends, ya know what I mean, jellybeanz!?) . However, staying true to one's self is far more important than being relevant ever will be, so I'm going to keep my posts in check to make sure that not only are they written genuinely, as they always are, but the subject matter, too, will be keepin' it just as real! If you're a blogger, what are some of your goals for a strong finish to the year?

3 // New Hair
If you're my Snapchat buddy ( @buhhrook ), you've seen my new hair!! 5 inches *faints* are gone, and the dramatic bleach dip-dye has been removed in favor of brand-new natural-looking balayage. Before I was rockin' the mermaid-chic look, ideal for the summer, and now I have an urban cool girl-chic look which is a nice seasonal update for fall! Having such a thick head of hair is never easy, but my new style makes it pretty low-maintenance as the windswept appearance doesn't require much more than a casual tousle.

4 // Healthy Journey
This summer, my goal was to achieve a greater level of healthiness…. well, at least my intent was good!?!?!?! *guiltily shovels large order of french fries down throat as quickly as possible* Taking yoga at college will be a step in the right direction, but I will also try to exercise 5-6 days a week -something that is sometimes easier said than done during the academic year-, attempt to avoid the Toll House Pie nights in the dining hall on campus, and do my best to just say no to eating gargantuan amounts of tortilla chips with salsa & an ice cream bar for dinner! Growing up, I always wanted to be healthy just so I could look my best, but now I want my insides to feel best! I want healthy organs and a well-functioning body to live my happiest life! <3

What's been going on in your life lately!?
xoxo, Brooke

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Links I'm Lovin'!

It's Thursday night…. you know what this means! *gulps down a glass of my favorite beverage - a sultry, devious, glassy, icy, delicately-flavored………………….water.* LOLZ.

Anyway, here are some links I'm lovin' lately!

1 // Want to be a happier person!? Try Happify - it's free ;) ;) ;) <--- because who has the dough to pay for yet another subscription service in our lives, am I right!?! It's a bunch of fun games and exercises to help you manage/lower stress and decrease unwanted negative thoughts!

2 // I want to try this delicious recipe for Snoopy cake pops to honor Snoopy's birthday!! #woofwoof

3 // I am (and always will be <33333) such a dog lady!! This guide from Animal Planet is a list of all breeds of dogs so you can check them all out - as a little girl, I had a book that listed every dog breed, but so many new ones have emerged since 1994 :0 !

4 // These heels are everything! The Andy Warhol-lover in me appreciates them so much!! Sadly, though, they are all out of the size 6.5 *sighs mournfully*…. :p

5 // This list of "14 Game Night Games Better Than Cards Against Humanity" makes me want to have a girl's night, pronto!

6 // Curious to learn more about my personality type? Want to find out if we would make good friends? Check out the link and let me know!! <3

What links have you been lovin' lately!?
xoxo, Brooke

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Currently Trending: Touchy Topics But Raw, Nothing-To-Hide Version

Here's the low-down on culture in my life lately! (Pssst… Eating = new category alertttt!)

Also please note, when I started this blog, I vowed to never bring up race/politics/religion. However, this is probably the only post where you will ever see me write about all three of these things. I have disabled anonymous comments. If you are going to write attacking, belittling, argumentative, degrading comments - just don't. If you disagree, well, of course you are allowed to disagree!!!! But there is a difference between disagreeing and being nasty/just plain disrespectful. Let us not degrade or belittle others who have different opinions than that of our own. Let us keep an open mind. Let us treat each other with kindness and open arms, rather than fear and contempt. If I have offended you, of course you do not have to read my blog anymore!!! But please do not offend me if I have accidentally offended you because it is NOT my intent to hurt anybody in any way!

Reading: Blink by Malcolm Gladwell
Last summer, I read Malcolm Gladwell's popular book, Outliers, and I'm excited to now be reading another one of his sociological/psychological literary masterpieces! This book, while praises the value of making quick decisions, also acknowledges and discusses the true dangers of judging people incorrectly…. something I, too, discuss further down in this post. (PLZ BE NICE PLZ) I'm less than halfway through at the moment, but you can truly never go wrong with his books (as I've mentioned recently on Snapchat, ahaha!)

Watching: ASMR videos
Okay, okay. I will admit they are very creepy at first when you start watching them. But after a while? Omg, blissThis website explains what ASMR means and what it is and all that. It's like guided meditation in a way, except you get a calming, tingly feeling in your head and neck. Basically they are videos of people whispering or speaking in soft soothing voices about a variety of things… *cringes* I KNOW HOW BIZARRE IT SOUNDS, JUST GO WITH IT PLZ ahahahaha! Sometimes the videos are like "playing pretend", so they pretend to give you a facial or a hair cut or something. It's supposedly very helpful for people who have a hard time falling asleep, but I can attest that it helps tremendously for social anxiety! It sort of retrains your brain to remember how to interact with people, if that makes any sense!?

Eating: Godiva Mint Chocolate Chip Truffles (unfffff.)

My dad has recently become one of my best friends. He was always working when I was growing up so he wasn't really around much, but this summer we've had countless heart-to-hearts and even though we always seem to butt heads (I mean….#typeAlifestyle), we really are quite similar in many ways. I SUPPOSE THIS CLOSENESS IS WHY HE FELT THE NEED TO EAT THE ENTIRE BAG OF GODIVA MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP TRUFFLES I BOUGHT LAWLZ. *sobs into empty bag with no chocolate left* Granted, they are the most delicious little nuggets of goodness on the face of this Earth, sooo I'll give him that. Speaking of give, Josh helped me cope with the loss by surprising me with not just one, but TWO WHOLE BAGS OF THEM TO CHEER ME UP!!! He also double-surprised me by getting five of those chocolate hazelnut truffles that you can hand pick at the glass countertop….and if you've been following my blog, you know how much I dig my Nutella/anything chocolate-hazelnut in flavor. Shout out to Josh for being the greatest human being ever, yayyyyy!!<3

Wearing: A Smile :D !! (okay okay be nice, now…)
I was about 5 years old here! 17 years later and I haven't changed a bit! :p

Although I am not yet at a place of peace and calm, my stress has been incredibly diminished from where I used to be at the beginning of the summer. Sometimes I think about going back to college in like a week and a half, and my soul shrivels up and dies a little bit at the thought of judgmental eyes, something that tends to happen in a small school environment, feasting upon me as I walk to my next class. It's never fun when people think you fit a stereotype to a T, so to speak, whatever that stereotype might be. To have them look at you up and down while rolling their eyes and then letting the door slam right in your face on your way walking to class on purpose. They might tend to think that because you dress nicely, you must be not at all down-to-earth, you must be an overprivileged snob, and yet they are never knowing the half of your story and your family's situation. That your religious-minority father grew up in absolute poverty in the South Bronx, where his parents fled to because they would have been murdered in their home countries for not being a Christian, and how they struggled each and every day to survive. That these values of working for a better life have been passed on to you, and that you do hard work every day to honor those who, by keeping themselves alive, thereby granted you the gift of your very own life, your deep appreciation of each and every thing - the food that shields your stomach from the ache of emptiness, the clothes on your back that keep you warm during those chilly days, the roof over your head that provides you shelter each night- and each and every day…but who would know this by looking at you? They look at your skin, not your mind, so they might not consider what it's like to be a religious minority - and often facing really harsh criticism for being that religious minority. They don't think to consider what it's like that because you look "Semitic" with your wild lion's mane of hair and architectural nose (trust me, I'd been bullied for years about these two things; I've somehow learned to find a way to love them despite it all), you get patted-down in public every. single. time. you go to an airport. (Like lmao, plzzz - the only weapon I wield is my sass *flips hair*) We all have our own unique struggles, some are just more visible than others… like when you have battles going on in your mind every day from the time you wake up to the time you fall asleep at night because you keep seeing and hearing injustice everywhere you go - on the television, in line at the grocery store, on your homepage on the internet. All humans are born equal; this is something that is a fact, not an opinion. I learned this when I was a kindergartener living in the borough of Queens, New York, attending the United Nations International School. This is where I learned the value of everybody being unique - it is truly a beautiful thing and ALL cultures deserve to be celebrated… BUT! This celebration ought to be in a way that does not further divide. Division causes hatred and a fear of others who are unlike yourself. Celebrating others' cultures without dividing is much easier said than done. We tend to push away others who are interested in our culture or who want to learn more because we think they are trying to be condescending, or that they are treating us like a form of entertainment… but what if this isn't actually the case 100% of the time (often times it is the case, unfortunately, but many more times it is not the case), and we are just projecting our insecurities onto them? What if they genuinely do respect and appreciate our backgrounds - race, religion, sexual orientation - and want to be an ally, want to learn more? If somebody chooses to be a good, kind, loving, considerate, generous person who gives back to society - or not- is what determines if someone is a "better" person. Not the color of their skin. Not which God, or lack thereof, that they pray to. Not who they enter into romantic relationships with. There will be no peace until we learn to accept that human beings are simply books, and we all have our own unique stories to tell, but we harm one another by judging one another's covers, taking the lazy route, rather than taking the time to actually get to know one another on a level of true, real substance. Perhaps you've read this and think that identify as Liberal. I do not identify as Liberal, and I do not even identify as a Democrat, believe it or not. I just identify as somebody who respects the various peoples of this world. I find it sad that these values of mine would be classified as "liberal", and not just common sense. It scares me that respecting others is a political issue! We all learned this in school at a young age, right? If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all? So recently, despite this internal conflict, I have chosen to wear a smile. I smile because the world, despite its atrocities, is too beautiful not to smile. I smile because there is always hope for a better future. I smile because I have faith that we can become a more accepting, tolerant world where humans build each other up for who they are rather than tear each other down for who they are not, for the most part - realism is key, not idealism.

Listening to: Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert's music is just, ugh, BAEEEEEE <3333 Josh and I love his new song "Ghost Town" *casually starts dancing like a Britney Spears backup dancer in my bedroom when the beat drops* Oh, and if you're a diehard Pretty Little Liars fan, such as myself, you'll remember that he performed in one of the episodes!!! #Yay.

Inspired by: #BloggerBlab

Basically, every Wednesday night for this month, a group of us female bloggers has had a Twitter chat (but it's more like a Twitter "party" let's be real here~~) and it is truly the highlight of my Wednesdays (besides talking to Joshy, of course <3!!) It's so incredible to have a great group of girls to just chat about all-things bloggy/lifestyle/#BloggerBTS (a back-to-school link up that is hosted by @classycathleen and @empirestyles ). It feels great to know that every week I can chat online with people I have so much in common with - it truly is my "happy place"! Come join the chat! It is hosted by the two girls who created the #BloggersBTS link up, as well as @fashionnewcomer on Wednesday nights in August at 8:45pm. It usually goes until 10 or 10:15 just because we have such a fun time but you can literally stay as long as you want - 5 minutes or the full time until 10, anything is totally, totally fine!! :)

What are you reading, watching, eating, wearing, listening to, and inspired by lately?
xoxo, Brooke


Monday, August 17, 2015

Reading Is My Addiction Book Tours PROMO: Dazzled

Today I wanted to tell you about a mystery/contemporary noir novel, Dazzled by Maxine Nunes, that I recently received from Reading Is My Addiction Book Tours! Although I haven't read it yet, and although I don't ordinarily promote books that I have not yet read, this one sounds pretty promising!

Here is the pitch:

"During a brutal L.A. heatwave, four people are murdered in the Hollywood Hills and Nikki Easton's best friend Darla Ward has disappeared. The police think she might be one of the victims. In her relentless search for the truth, Nikki discovers the hidden side of her friend's life, laying bare secrets buried before Darla was born, and uncovering widening layers of corruption that reach far beyond Hollywood to the highest levels of government."

Exciting, right!? *wiggles eyebrows* You can snag your own copy for a really cheap price (just $6.37 !!) before it goes back up to the original price of $12.99 at either Amazon or Barnes and Noble. The Kindle edition is even cheaper - just $3.99 ! Hey, I'll happydance to that!

Want to learn more about the author? 
Reading Is My Addiction Book Tours says, "Maxine Nunes is a New Yorker who's spent most of her life in Los Angeles. She has written and produced for television, and currently writes for several publications including the Los Angeles Times. Her satiric parody of a White House scandal won the Pen USA West International Imitation Hemingway Competition." Impressive!? That would be a yes!

Happy reading!
xoxo, Brooke

Note: I have received compensation for this promotional post in the form of a free novel via Reading Is My Addiction Book Tours; however, all opinions are my own, unless otherwise stated.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Blogging World: Keepin' It Real

Sooo just a warning that this is post is a little (okay okay more than a little!) rant-ish and vv emotional (lol, blame it on the misfortune of lady cramps, lolz) but when have you ever known me to write non-emotion-provoking posts, am I right!? ;) ahaha! *embraces sweet, sweet bottle of Advil*

< rant > Since when has blogging become a sport? Okay, so maybe not like football…maybe more like chess? Mental agility needed at all times, calculating four steps ahead, seeing what others do then trying to do it better - you know the drill. A chore for many people rather than a method of relaxing. You can't only post blog articles… ooooh no, you've got to be on top of the social media game, as well. You've got to tweet, pin, 'gram - you've got to do it all.

Personally, I really do enjoy social media - I'd even go so far to say that I truly love it! <3 However, many bloggy friends I've been talking to recently have told me that this is so much more than they've bargained for by signing up to create a blog and I can understand what they mean.

For me, though, I want blogging to be a creative outlet first and a business second. I want to talk about the things I love and share them, as well as my life pretty much (lawlz, how sappy of me *wipes away little tears*), with all of you. Naturally, when you're a part of an industry, you need to keep up on industry news. You need to read other blogs. I see people writing things that are heartless, or topics they think they should write about simply because they think their audience would like these things: Like for a like! Follow for a follow! Comment for a comment! Where is the -genuine-? Where is the personality?

Of course I hope to write about things you would like to read about - but it wouldn't be my blog if I didn't actually, genuinely enjoy these things, too! I've found that bloggers keep putting so much emphasis on what they think would "sell" (not literally sell, but what would get the most views). Recently, I attended a webinar for entrepreneurs and bloggers (name of webinar withheld out of respect, of course) that said bloggers should only post content that we think our audience would like to read. The day I post about things that I think others would like, even if I don't genuinely promote it and support it personally? Is the day I would quit blogging for good.

I've decided to cut back a bit on sponsored posts and promotional posts - yes, I am definitely still excited about promoting books and brands that I love!! Just going to be more selective about it :p! - and try to write posts that really resonate with people - real issues, real fashions (like idk about you but I cannot afford $300 shoes…. like there are good causes out there to donate some of that money to -the environment, animals, curing cancer-, people!!!!), just keepin' it real in general. < /rant >

My favorite posts to write are the personal, deep ones because I feel like those matter to me a lot AND many of you can relate and therefore feel less alone <3. I'd really like to do more of those in the future and also fashion photo shoots! I haven't done enough of those and I've got more than a few fun shoots planned for the upcoming autumn season (because autumn is the greatest, ahhhhh!! *waves hands wildly about* :D :D :D).

Bloggers, do you know what I mean? Non-bloggers, how do you keep it real while partaking in your own daily passions?
xoxo, Brooke

Thursday, August 13, 2015

(Video AND Free Giveaway) Evian Facial Spray & Fitness!

You guysssss! *jumps up & down with excitement* I'm so excited to share a new product with y'allz that I absolutely love! <3

If you've been following along with my blog for a while now, you know how passionate I am about certain machines at the gym (ahem, that Arc Trainer!!! *swoon*). But now? I've got a new workout secret weapon that I'm totally loving: evian Facial Spray.


What do you do with it, you ask!? It is absolutely perfect for the following: keeping your skin hydrated (vigorous exercise…okay okay or if you're like me and enjoy chillin' on the stationary bike #letuskeepitrealnow…. tends to make you dehydrated - and that includes your skin!), maintaing a cooler temperature of your skin overall so that you can train harder and faster for a longer period of time, washing away potentially acne-causing bacteria and sweat, getting rid of salt water or chlorine if you like to go swimming and/or enjoy pretending that you're like, a fish or something….casual.

There are soooo many awesome uses for this; I could honestly go on and on and on and….you get the point, ahaha! :p Oh, and fun fact alertttt! evian's USA exclusive distributer, The Wilkes Group, is located in OLD LYME! Who ever would have thought!? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
I truly love supporting local brands, and evian fits the bill, completely. Check out the video below to see how I used my evian Facial Spray after my latest gym sesh! (Hint: I recommend watching the video just on the small screen, as enlarging it causes the image to be rather grainy! Like, I mean, iPhone 6 Plus, imma let you finish but… a digital camera would have been a better camera~~)


It's also interesting to note the origins: evian Facial Spray's water is sourced from the French Alps and is tested 300x per day to ensure that the mineral content is constant in each and every bottle! Nordstrom and Sephora (oh you fancy huh!!!) carry this product, and it is often provided at luxury hotels and resorts, such as Four Seasons. In 1978, it was introduced as the first facial spray in the United States of America!

Here are some more lovely pictures of the 5oz. bottle I was gifted by evian via BrandBacker… it was clearly ready for it's close-up! *sassy hand flip*

Observe the majestic beauty of evian Facial Spray in all of its glory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#werkit , evian Facial Spray!!!

One of these objects is more fab than the others… ;)! ahaha!

Nooo clue why this thing was at the gym, but I enjoyed being a goofball with it! :p

Want to try it out for yourself!? There will be TWENTY (20) WINNERS!!!!! *happydances in your honor*

Have you ever used #evianspray before? Good luck with the giveaway!
xoxo, Brooke

Note: I have been compensated in the form of a free 5oz. product by Evian via BrandBacker; however, all opinions are my own, unless otherwise stated.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Love Chronicles: Arguing (The Right Way)

Today's topic is a bit tricky: how to argue with somebody you care about…the right way.

Something that tends to happen is when my feelings get hurt by somebody I care about deeply, my emotions run high. The more emotionally invested I am, the more OHMYGODITFEELSLIKETHEWORLDISENDING,SOLETMEJUSTCRYMYFEELINGSOUTOFMYEYEBALLS~~ I tend to be. This being said, that can throw somebody (ahem…like a special somebody *swoons casually*) off if they think intense emotions automatically = so done with the friendship/relationship/what-have-you. (Pssst…if you've been following along with me on Snapchat @buhhrook -add me so we can learn about the most important aspects of each others' lives, like my Outfit Of The Day or where I'm out at lunch or what Pinterest project you're attempting to make but failing miserably making-, you've already met Josh <333333.)

D'awwww! :'D

After noticing some tension recently, we had a huge talk. It turned out that when I would try to start a dialogue about something troubling that was on my mind, he thought it was an attempt to end things between us! Which was definitely not the case, at all.

HAHAHA. I'm like half asleep in this, apparently, but oh well!!!! We couldn't find the camera for this gem. :F .

The truth is that when you really care about your relationship - romantic or otherwise - with a person, you both deserve it to yourselves and to your relationship to talk about what's going on beneath the surface level. Trying to ignore feelings of tension by being in the beloved la-la-land of denial will ultimately just make things worse in the end. Being brave and discussing this with each other has only brought us even closer! <3

*SWOONS*. *FAINTS*. *DIES*. This was taken at Junior's Restaurant at Foxwoods!

So… how does somebody fight the "right way", you ask!? Listen up, friends! *hands you a pen + some paper for note-taking purposes*

1 // Take ownership of your feelings. When you use phrases such as "I feel", "I thought", "What I meant was", etc., your tone comes off far less offensive/attacking than using phrases such as "You never", "You always", "You're so". Serious relationship-saver right here.

2 // When it comes to making an apology…make an apology. Lose that ego! Apologize always when you make your friend/special friend/family member sad or angry. Even if you can't see what you "did wrong", I would hope you would at least have remorse that your actions, even if you had only good intentions (and this is a biggie), caused them emotional pain!

3 // If you ever get the "flight" feeling from a fight or flight response that arguing commonly causes, remember how sad you would be without this person in your life! Even if you're feeling so upset that you just want to walk away from the situation, consider the consequences. You never know if this fight could be the last one you'll ever have - not because everything will be just happy for the rest of ever, but I mean because there is a very real possibility that this could be a fight that would result in never talking again. It's always okay to pause if things get too heated and say, "Wait, I care about you so much and this hurts me so much that we are so upset right now. Let's think of a solution about how we can fix this because I don't want to lose you in my life." By reassuring the person how much you care about them, it can calm them down tremendously, particularly if they feel that you are arguing because you no longer care.

4 // Be careful not to invalidate their feelings in an attempt to validate your own. Telling somebody "no, you're wrong" isn't going to make you any more correct in what you say, you know?? Oftentimes, many arguments are about matters of opinion: it helps to remember that -neither party's- mere opinion is a true fact.

What are your best tips for arguing the right way!? Let me know in the comments below - let's share our knowledge!
xoxo, Brooke

Saturday, August 8, 2015


Today I wanted to tell you about a movement that I am honored to be a part of called #ActuallySheCan   (Pssst... Click here to check it out on Facebook!)

My friend Rachel who I met through Her Campus reached out to me about #ActuallySheCan, and I am so happy to share it with all of you, now, too! <3

The basis of this innovative campaign is to inspire millennial women to achieve their goals in various aspects of life, including but not limited to: personal, professional, health + wellness, and other goals. Lea Michele is the celebrity face of this empowering movement, and others have recently joined, as well!

Take a look at the tweets by Lea Michele, Emmy Rossum, Estelle, Mel B, Lo Bosworth, and iJustine:

Lea Michele - "You shine, I shine, #actuallyshecan" 

Lea Michele - "Dreaming out loud, #actuallyshecan"

Emmy Rossum - "Be your own best friend, #actuallyshecan"

Estelle - "Told I'll never make it in the music biz, went onto win two Grammy's and certified double platinum, #actuallyshecan"

Mel B - "Be your own boss, #actuallyshecan"

Lo Bosworth - "Head of the kitchen, #actuallyshecan"

Louise Roe - "Wear high heels and be a book worm, #actuallyshecan"

iJustine - "Not knowing what is coming next, but knowing I can handle it" #actuallyshecan"

Feeling inspired? Tweet at me @ThePink Lyme using the hashtag #ActuallySheCan telling me how you're going to go after your goals…and achieve your dreams! <3
xoxo, Brooke

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Dorm Room Checklist

Recently, On Campus Marketing reached out to me about their company which specializes in dorm room bedding & other college essentials. If you use this special promo code STUDENT10, you'll receive $10 off of your purchase of $50 or more!

They've provided me with this list of "to-buys" for Back-to-School to share with you - whether you're off to boarding school, college, or are a caring parent wanting to help prepare your child for life away from home, this list will really help! Just enlarge the size of this page by pressing "Command" and "+" to read the checklist more clearly ;).

Note: I have NOT been compensated for this post, other than the free checklist to provide for readers. As, always, all opinions are solely my own.

What's on your Back-To-School shopping list?
xoxo, Brooke

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Monday, August 3, 2015

5 Things I Learned From Freshman Year in College

The Calico Cat
Today's post is a link-up with The Calico Cat blog!

Thinking about how next month I'll be back in classes made me think back to how far I've come since freshman year; although I'm not an entirely different person, I no longer drown my sorrows in muffins from the library's cafe (THAT GERMAN CHOCOLATE MUFFIN, THO.) and I actually love the classes that I'm taking, (see ya never, Gen Eds! *waves buh-bye*). I'm much more open-minded and worldly than I was back then, that's for sure!

My college experience, in general, has definitely very different from the norm. First of all, I go to a small private liberal arts college where there are no fraternities or sororities, and no football or baseball teams - *gasp*! That being said, the whole "Animal House" vibe doesn't really exist, although there is naturally still Saturday Night (and "Thirsty Thursday") debauchery present. I also live only 18 minutes away from campus, and for my last two years of high school, went to a private school that is on the same campus grounds as my college is! I'm really well-aquainted with the area, and this will be my sixth year on these campus grounds. Here are five things I learned from freshman year in college, and who knows, maybe you can relate anyway, I hope!!:

1. One piece of Toll-House pie = beloved soul-nourishment sent from the gods above that is also good for your booty. Two pieces of Toll-House pie = congratulations, it's a food baby!!!!!! in your tummy. It's alllllll about that portion control when it comes to dining in the dining hall, where there are no longer any parents/guardians present to tell you to eat your greens.

2. Unless you've wanted to be a doctor since you popped out of your mama bear's womb (love my Dr. Papa Bear, but I have no idea how he always knew exactly what he wanted his career to be!?), chances are you might switch your major once or twice (~~or thrice~~) times. Particularly if you're one of those people who is uber-passionate about life… maybe one day you come to the [[correct]] conclusion that English is the best of all the majors combined into one. #represent !!!!! Where else can you combine language with other interdisciplinary topics, like psychology and sociology and history and, hey, depending on what book it is, maybe even some science (The Botany of Desire, anyone!?). English is bae, jussayin'.

3. As scary as it might be to go to the gym by yourself… go to the gym by yourself! I recommend going early in the morning, first thing, when the gym opens, so you can beat that 4:30pm-after-class-rush (and avoid crowds, too, so you don't turn around from the wall you were leaning up against for your glutes exercises to find you've magically developed an audience, if ya know what I mean…*winces*)

4. Take it slowly with the guy who asks you out during orientation week (I mean, or the first day of orientation……. *hides face*). The truth is, you never know somebody until you really know them - you know!? Not rushing into things at the beginning (or, um, ever) can allow you to not make the mistake I did by rushing into a BAD, danergous relationship which ultimately crashed and burned in the worst way  look beyond your metaphorical excited-about-your-new-school-rose-colored-glasses and see this potential suitor - and just life in general - for who and what they really are.

5. It is once again socially acceptable to take naps. Ahh, nostalgia. In fact, it's highly recommended to take naps! Let's nap! You nap, I nap, we all nap! Nap. It's good for you. You've got uh, everybody else's and your old kindergarten teacher's, permission.

What did you learn your freshman year in college?
xoxo, Brooke