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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Off The Radar (Baby Duck, Bullying, Summer Online Classes, and More!)

Hi, you guys!! <3 I'm so sorry I've been off the radar - I haven't been feeling well lately, at all! :0 Also, that's why if you've left a comment on my most recent post I haven't responded back yet - I'm so sorry!! I'll be responding in just a bit :) I love and appreciate all the comments that I get - like honestly it means so much that you're even reading this, let alone that you get something out of it to the extent that you write a comment after! Although in the past I've gotten some hurtful comments (and as someone who was bullied on and off from the 3rd-8th grades of school back in the day, I'm super-sensitive to hurtful remarks…) , you guys have stuck up for me!!!! And honestly, I got all teary-eyed from how supportive you were so thank you, thank you, thank you! SO much! <3
I might have lost my voice, but my sassy-ness will never be lost, ahaha!!!!!! ;)
Sound like a duck? The logical solution: make a duck face!! <3 Lol!
~This totesmygoats bada$$ selfie is also in honor of tomorrow's #nomakeupMonday ~

I planned a really fun video that I was so excited to make, and kept wanting to make it every day last week and upload it but alas~~ my throat is SO sore that I lost my voice and kind of just sound like a baby duck #quackquack lol!! I will still be making the video in the future, though, so no worries!

So, to make up for my absence, I'm going to try (emphasis on the try because I'm still not feeling great, *cue dramatic cough reminiscent of that of your grandfather's* ;) ahaha!!) to post more than usual this week. Maybe not the video, but written posts, at least!

Today I wanted to share some really cool courses online that I've signed up for this summer! They're not the kind you can get college credit for, but if you do pass the "exam" at the end, they give you a certificate! *runs out to Bed, Bath & Beyond to buy some magnets so I can hang it up on my refrigerator*

As a highly-related side note, and I'm going to be writing a post on this most likely for tomorrow, even though I've been an ENFJ personality type my whole life (and totally super excited about it! Yay for self-realization!!), this past year I've noticed a definite change in the type of person I've become and the way I think and act…. *drumrolllll* it turns out that I'm now an ENFP! Ahh, I want to keep talking about this, but I don't want to spoil tomorrow's post! Anyway, basically a characteristic is that you're just really passionate about life, almost to a fault, because you just want to try a million different things and sometimes you have so many projects going on that it takes you forever to actually finish one of them/follow through with what you've started (I mean have you seen how many books I'm currently reading at one time on my GoodReads account orrrrrrrr!?!) So because of this, I've signed up for several different classes and haven't actually started more than two of them yet… oops!? :p

Although many of the classes are on a weekly basis with homework (in the summertime?……absolutely not.) and all that, the classes that I personally chose to join are more like Netflix's Orange Is The New Black, in the way that this website puts up all the class lecture episodes beforehand rather than weekly! This way, there's no pressure to get things done every single week if you're busy working on other projects or if you have a full-time job or an internship or are busy being a caring papa/mama bear or whatever your personal situation is!

I also think that it's a lot better to pick one of the courses where you have the option to complete things at your own pace if you are the type of person who gets stressed out easily (STORY OF MY LIFE, LOLZ. I've definitely been working on teaching myself how to relax this summer, for a change, though!!) What could be better than taking interesting, engaging classes without the added stress of deadlines, am I right!? I mean, normally I definitely do appreciate a good deadline to motivate me, but these are just for fun sooo…  !

Knowledge is power, so here are the classes I've signed up for:

1. Foundations of Business Strategy by University of Virginia
2. Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills by University of Michigan
3. Introduction to Public Speaking by University of Washington
4. Project Management: The Basics for Success by University of California, Irvine
5. A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment by Indian School of Business
6. Effective Problem-Solving and Decision-Making by University of California, Irvine
7. The American South: Its Stories, Music, and Art by University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (I swear, I'm such a southern belle at heart, lol!!)

I'd love for you to take them with me!! <3 Let me know when you sign up and we can talk about the class! :)
xoxo, Brooke

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