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Monday, July 27, 2015

Myths About Blogging

First of all, on a totally unrelated note, I've got a confession to make… You guys……I ordered fish today when I went out for a lunch date with my mama bear *sigh*. The strictly vegetarian thing is new to me, so I'm clearly still getting used to it - all in good time, though! Anyway, on to clear up a few myths about blogging that I've been asked about recently!

Myth 1// Blogging isn't a "real" job.
Blogging is TONS of work!! You must be a creative non-fiction writer, a social media marketer, an entrepreneur, your own personal brand ambassador, and a public figure, among a multitude of other roles to take on. Whether you are involved in sponsored opportunities and actually making an income or you are merely partaking in the blogging world for an enjoyable (and hella time-consuming!) hobby, maintaing your special space online is no easy feat!

Myth 2 // Companies send you tons of free goodies all of the time, just because you're "internet famous".
Well, this is somewhat true - but these companies don't do so just for the heck of it! If you're sent something for free, you're expected to write a (positive) review. I cannot stress the importance enough that if you are a blogger and you don't -genuinely- like the product you receive, you should not write a fake positive review!!! It is important to be true to your honest opinions, so that way your readers can rest assured that they will always be able to trust that what you write is the real deal.

Myth 3 // Writing a blog is solely competitive and there isn't much camaraderie amongst bloggers, in general.
Actually, most bloggers are -not- cutthroat! I love a community where everyone builds each other up instead of tearing each other down, even though there are so many of us out there so it can be somewhat difficult to make a name for yourself when you're just first starting out. There are "tribes" and "blogging best friends" and various types of networking groups for bloggers to connect with one another make new friends virtually, which could potentially turn into meeting IRL (in real life)!

What other questions do you have about blogging? I'd be more than happy to answer any of them!
xoxo, Brooke


  1. Grrrr blogging myths make me so dang mad sometimes!!! Couldn't agree more on writing a real review regardless how crazy expensive the product is that was gifted to you. Also, I've made so many blogging friends it's literally insane! I really hate when people who don't blog have their little minds made up on just how things are hahaha thanks for writing this!

    1. Hahaha, I know, right!?! <3 Sometimes when I talk about blogging to non-bloggers, they don't see that blogging requires a lot of work, but it TOTALLY does! *sigh* !

  2. Totally true about writing positive reviews. If I don't like a product I don't bash the product, but simply give my reasons why I don't like it and state any positives that have been said about it. It's all about being balanced.

  3. Myth 1 is the biggest misconception! I can never stress to people how much work blogging really is! I'll admit, before I started my blog I was in total disbelieve that there was enough to do to keep a person busy and consider it a full time job, but boy was I wrong!

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    1. Hahaha, ahhhh! I know!!! TONS of work - but it's definitely a labor of love :p ! <3

  4. Blogging is insanely hard work and on top of it can take a lot of time, especially research!

  5. So true. I was explaining what I have to do on a daily just as a blogger. Thank you for sharing this info.