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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Easy (Lavender!) Smokey Eye Makeup Look

Hiiii! So I totally wanted to just snuggle in bed all day and eat cool, fun things like popcorn, yaaaaaah!! did my makeup this morning without thinking to do a video, even though this look would have been perfect to do so! I wish that I had taken pictures after each step, rather than only for the final look, but hey, t'was a learning experience, amiright!? So now I know for next time to document each part of the process rather than just the end result! ;)

Also, before I get into things, like describing the steps, I wanted to make a few exciting social media-related announcements! *cue the happy dancing*

1. I've rebrandeddddddd! <---picture me shouting this, except that I can't really, because my throat/voice is still dead and I am supposed to take a multitudinous amount of "periods of vocal rest", apparently (which is not something that I do -ever, really- but whatevs, I shall learn if I must~~) Lol!! So my new Twitter handle is @ThePinkLyme and my new Instagram is @ThePinkLyme and my new Pinterest username is ThePinkLyme

2. That being said, Snapchat is one of my new favorite methods of social media! Add me; my username is still "buhhrook" and I've been rather snap-happy, lately, shall we say, so if you ever find yourself at a hella awkward dinner date or at some party where you don't know anybody and just want to stand around by the bowl of potato chips all night (same, tho.) rather than do normal things like idk maybe make new friends, you can just whip out your smart phone and chances are, I'll have a new Snapchat "story" up! I like documenting things through little videos (and pictures, too!), so you'll be able to learn a lot about the girl behind the blog (aka ME!) and I'll ask you questions in videos about yourselves that you can send me videos back in response because I'd love to get to know all of you better as well! <3333 omg, so warm & fuzzy feeling right now ahahah! Naturally, I can't possibly put everything on the blog, so being my Snapchat buddy will give you access to exclusive content not featured on the blog!

Okay okay, *drumrollll* now for the makeup look!
~~Sometimes I like to pretend my eyelashes are like spiders except not really, like jk all the way, b/c I hate spiders~~

"You look like a French girl on a cloudy day." - My father, analyzing my selfie. LOLZ no clue what that means, but I'm going to go ahead and hope he meant, "Très chic!!!"

Your tools that you'll need as a girl doing her makeup in front of her bathroom mirror fancy-pants makeup extraordinaire are as follows!:
Eyeshadow Primer // Eyeshadow Palette (in "Purple Icon") // Eyeliner (in "Absolute Black") //
                                            Eyelash Primer // Mascara // Lipgloss (the dark tan color…)

Note: I didn't put on any face makeup (so no foundation, bronzer, blush - I never wear blush anyway but still, ahaha!-, concealer, etc.) because unfortunately what I initially thought was just eczema might actually be psoriasis :'( !  So I'm trying to give my skin some air to breathe, and not put as many chemicals on my face right now for a little bit until it (a teensy red flakey patch by my left eyebrow; you can sorta see it in the pictures up above if you look hard enough) clears up!

Step 1: Put on the anti-aging (hey, you're never too young - or old - to make a positive change!) eyeshadow primer, gently gliding the brush over your eyelids and touching up any missed areas. Be sure to only do a thin one-layer coat or else you might need to apply extra eyeshadow on top to ensure the pigment will still be vivid!

Step 2: Neglect that little eyeshadow applicator brush!! Dip your index or middle finger into the second purple shadow in the palette, and spread the pigment across your entire eyelid.

Step 3: Take the first purple shadow in the palette and spread it from the middle of your eyelid to the inner corner of your eyelid.

Step 4:  Take the white shadow in the palette and spread it around your inner corner of your eye for brightness - this will help you look fresh and brighter-eyed, which creates a nice contrast against the purple!

Step 5: Take the last/darkest purple shadow in the palette and spread it on the upper & outer corner of your eye - this will create the "smokey" effect.

Step 6: Line your eyelid with the eyeliner - only do from the middle of your upper lid to the end of your upper lid!! Not the whole lid, because it would defeat the purpose of white shadow -to brighten ya up- in that area. Then, line the bottom of your lid and use the smudging tip, blending the line to make it less precise, in order to further achieve that smokey eye effect.

Step 7: Put on the eyelash primer so that they are fully coated in white. Then put on the mascara, coating from root to tip, wiggling the brush slightly side to side as you do so in order to better define your lashes. Squint your eye slightly and then put on a second coat of mascara using an upward flicking motion with the brush against your upper lashes, this time concentrating on the tips of your lashes to add lift & curl! Then, put on one-two coats of mascara on your bottom lashes.

Step 8: Repeat on your other eye! #twinning

Step 9:  Since you'll want your eyes to be the star of the show with this look, the neutral color of the lipgloss allows your pretty peepers to truly shine! Trace the outer lines of your lips with the lipgloss first, then fill in the rest afterwards so you'll have a perfectly-shaped look.

Step 10: Go forth & stay fierce! *cue sassy hand flip*

I'd love to see the outcome of your results, too! For Twitter or Instagram, use the hashtag #ThePinkLyme and tweet at me/tag me in your picture comments! <3

Are you going to try out this easy lavender smokey eye makeup look? 
xoxo, Brooke


  1. Can I just say that I normally don't enjoy makeup tutorials but yours was just so fun that I read the entire thing?! I love your way of writing! So cute!
    I'm going to try a version of that, for sure, and I"ll tweet you when i do! ;) I don't own any purple eyeshadows because it just doesn't work with my skin tone but maybe in rosey pinks... hmmm.. :)

    Love the blog :)

    Life as a Dare

    1. Awwwww, wow!!! <3 Thank you SO much! I feel -so- honored!!! *takes a grand bow* Ahh, that would be super cute too! Looking forward to seeing that tweet, gurl frand! <3

  2. Super cute! Love the color on you, & you don't even need face products! Your skin looks awesome :)