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Monday, May 18, 2015

Why I Said No (Summer Plans, Personal Schedule, & More)

Done with finals! Done with junior year!

But, there's a catch: As I posted on my personal Facebook account (if you want to be FB friends and get to know me better, send me a direct message on The Pink Lyme blog's Facebook page at and tell me that you are a reader and would love to connect! Always looking to get to know my readers better!<3)… 

"I'm writing this status primarily because this is normally the type of thing that people avoid sharing online because they're afraid of what people might think or say, and this might come as a shock, but I will no longer be interning this summer. (They were so kind and understanding about it.) I want to do my part in ending the stigma about anxiety, because even though everybody gets a little nervous sometimes, occasionally people get nervous to the degree where it develops into severe anxiety that affects daily functioning (can I just stay all snuggled up in my bed forever, orrrrr!?!). When I came to the realization that I’ve reached an all-time low and need this summer to get my life back on track, I was originally feeling ashamed, embarrassed and like a disappointment. I know the internship would have been an amazing experience, but the truth is sometimes you have to say no, even if it’s an amazing opportunity and say yes… to yourself. heart emoticon Sometimes we go through things where we can’t just “snap out of it” or just “pull yourself together” because it’s an issue greater than we can tackle on our own. Never feel alone or scared to reach out for the help you need because of what others might think. People aren’t afraid to say that they want to become more physically healthy, so we shouldn’t be afraid to say that we want to become more mentally healthy, either. ‪#‎EndTheStigma‬"

So, this summer I am planning on posting on The Pink Lyme most likely on MWF, focusing on quality over quantity of my posts, but hey! Maybe some weeks I'll want to write more! So this is why you should follow me on Bloglovin', so you'll never miss a post ;) haha!

As for my non-blogging related schedule: 

1. Every morning, I'll start off with organic/healthy breakfast (Chobani peach yogurt w/ Bear Naked "Fruit & Nutty" granola, omg <333333). Then, I will watch a meditation video (or my personal favorite, an ASMR YouTube video, which let's be honest here is beyond creepy in thought, but simultaneously the best thing to ever happen to YouTube… you can be sure that I'll be writing a post about it in the very near future! :p ). 

2. After comes a brand new yoga DVD that I bought on the cheap at my local Walmart… once I become more familiar with the practices of yoga - I've never done it before, and I'm so excited to get started! - and my anxiety begins to calm down by x10029384829294, I'll sign up for an actual class at the gym! *casually flexes non-existent biceps* 

3. After yoga, it's off to grab some iced decaf coffee and go to one of the beaches around here (I belong to a private one, but there are a few state parks as well with incredibly beautiful beaches that I also love going to, and then one of the public beaches is very carnival-like and fun) as long as I'm not burnt from the previous day (what can I say, I'm a Russian-Ukranian-Polish-Austrian princess!!! We turn into lobsters on the regular, even with sunscreen, just so you know, FYI.) just for about an hour or so! I find the sea air and crashing of the mild Long Island Sound waves to be incredibly therapeutic.

4. Once I'm done beachin' it (does that sound provocative? o____O *cue Where is My Mind by the Pixies*), time to hit the gym because the stationary bike and the Cybex Arc Trainer will be calling my name! As everyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with the Cybex Arc Trainer, this is without a doubt a highlight of my days hahahaha it's TOO good!!! *claps hands and squeals with delight* Also, I used to be terrified of free weights even though I played racquet sports for years and then lol that one year I did field hockey and my knees have been partially dislocated ever since (circa Senior Fall of High School, 2011), but lifting 5-pound weights is something I definitely recommend. You won't look "manly" at all with 5 pounds, which was my biggest fear, I promise - being toned is lovely! You will feel strong, and strength is what builds confidence.

5. After a 45 minute shower extravaganza  a blissful shower, I've got the whole afternoon to nourish my mind. I do a lot of work as the Editor-at-Large for the Smart Girls Group and as a Blog Copyeditor for Her Culture and am a Staff Writer for Inkling Writing Co. so I definitely do somewhere around 10hrs of work per week for those, in total. Besides that, when my eye strain goes away more completely (after writing a 31-page term paper about how relationships in Jane Austen's novels only succeed when they are based off of emotional substance rather than artificiality manifested in the form of trying to increase socio-economic status, and then zoning out the next day with screen time, literally everything was blurry and painful to look at. Now things are still somewhat fuzzy-ish but way way better!), I will try to get into watching thought-provoking, intellectual documentaries. Naturally, I'll also be reading a whole bunch of great books (and magazines! Here's lookin' at you, HGTV mag!) so add me on GoodReads to follow along with me for recommendations or just to see what I've been up to! I'd love your recommendations, too, so if you have any books that you've read lately that you're just dying to discuss with somebody, please please tell me so I can read it and then we can talk about it! <3

Have you ever battled against anxiety? What are your plans for this summer?
xoxo, Brooke


  1. Wow I may not know you personally, but know that I am proud of you for standing up for yourself, loving yourself and also standing up for those who battle anxiety out there too. it is more than just someone being irrationally afraid and just choosing not to do something, there are real mental blocks in there that cause the anxiety to begin with that one must work on. And I am SO glad you're doing just that and taking the time out for yourself to work on it.

    For awhile, a year ago, I battled drivers anxiety OUT OF THE BLUE. I had no idea where it came from, but it just came on one evening as I was driving to pick up my hubby from school and halfway there, I had to pull over because I had a panic attack that nearly made me crash my car. For about four months I was battling it and didn't understand why for the first 2 months, then after a lot of healing, inner searching and exploration I uncovered A LOT and have never felt better! :D

    1. Thank you so so much for your encouragement and support; I appreciate it more than words can even begin to express! I really appreciate you sharing your story, and I am so happy for you that you conquered your troubles/are now feeling great!! <3

  2. Wow, you seem to have your stuff together! I wish I could do something similar.
    I love Jane Austin by the way (although I'm more of a Charlotte Bronte fan)

    1. Thank you so much!! I definitely am ~trying~, haha!!! YES Jane Austen is so great, and so is Charlotte Bronte! Jane Eyre is an incredible book! <3

    2. It is. I had to read that and Pride and Prejudice for AP English in high school. I hated them at the beginning, but soon found myself enjoying them.