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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

4 Easy Ways to Become "More Beautiful" (They Aren't What You Think!)

Are you as tired as I am, friends, about magazines telling you that you'd be waaaaaay more attractive if you use such-and-such a product, or if you got this treatment or that procedure done? I love makeup and beauty products as much as the next girl (actually, probably more - I'm pretty much a self-proclaimed "makeup junkie", considering how many different products I own!), but that doesn't negate the fact that true beauty doesn't come in a bottle or tube or some lotion that you slather on your face.

As one of my absolutely favorite quotes goes:
Want to become "more beautiful"? Try projecting love out into the world around you! Does that sound cheesy? Mayhapz… but I can assure you that it's true, and it works very, very well. Spread love around: to strangers, to best friends, to enemies - emit that positive, kind, giving energy and emit it ceaselessly. Here are four easy ways to do so:

Volunteer // I think it means so much more to give your time to a cause than your money because you actually put in effort, which thereby creates a stronger emotional bond and sense of community with the organization/people being helped/etc. If you give money, all you'll really feel is that gaping hole in your bank account, but if you labor alongside others to help a cause, seeing the change actually being made, well that is truly priceless! Get involved - whether you want to knit or crochet doggy blankets (I used to do this, personally, and loved it!) for animal shelters, serve meals at your local Soup Kitchen, or help play with little kids at the nearby preschool, you will be so happy you did.

Donate // Clothing and books are two things that I highly recommend donating to Goodwill! Whether it's those yoga pants that no longer fit (because you've been beastin' it up in the gym, obvii! oww owwww, lookin' gooooood! *wiggles eyebrows*) or that classic novel 1984 that everyone loves but it just creeps you out. Give others the gift of style and the gift of reading: two things that every classy lady and gent should have.

Get Lost // In the beauty of nature, in an amazing book or article or documentary, in a great conversation with an old friend or a new potential flame, in the eyes of your pet dog as you snuggle him, in the world of meditation - lose yourself in the magic of life, and you'll see just how beautiful it really can be. Our "Digital Age" society is going non-stop, 24/7 and if we're not careful, sometimes we go way too long without pausing to appreciate what's actually important!

Ask Questions // When a friend is telling you about her heartbreak, ask if she wants to hear your advice - she might just want a listening ear for right now. When your grandfather is telling you stories about his experiences back in the Old Country, ask open-ended questions about his favorite memories - things that require lengthy answers rather than a simple yes or no. When somebody at work or school or the book club or sports practice says something you don't necessarily agree with and you want to better understand, (kindly, and with good intentions!!!) ask where they're coming from when they say that. When we do these things, we allow others to actualize their importance, to feel like their opinions matter - because they most definitely do matter! It's always nice to take a step back from time to time, letting others take the lead with us just listening and learning and supporting them with their thoughts and feelings and passions, you know!?

Don't hold back when it comes to showing others how much you genuinely care about them because it's all too often that the people close to us can feel unappreciated! This, my friends, is how you can become "more beautiful". <3

Which of these four easy ways to become "more beautiful" will you try?
xoxo, Brooke

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