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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring Fashion in Film

Sometimes I get the best fashion inspiration from Cher in the movie Clueless watching movies, a true luxury that I rarely ever have time to participate in. But when I do…..!!!!! Fashion genius and inspiration are in abundance.

As you guys all saw in my Monday post, I was already planning on writing this post…. but I Googled this topic earlier tonight and literally, 6 hours ago, wrote basically the exact same post I was going to write! How uncanny... what a coincidence, am I right!? Click here to read Glamour's article.

Personally, here are a few others that I would add to the list! :

 500 Days of Summer //
When Summer is riding her bicycle, it always symbolizes the epitome of  sunshine and warm weather to me!

Mean Girls // 
When Cady Heron gets her crown at the Spring Fling dance while wearing her Varsity Mathletes jacket, we learned that "the limit does not exist" when it comes to being funky with your fashion. You can pull off any look as long as you personally feel great about you who are in it.


The Notebook // Warmer weather fashion today seems to be centered around showing as much skin as one can possibly get away with… but for me? I don't want everybody seeing all of my skin - ya gotta work for that! HAHA! Jokes jokes (but actually kind of serious though!). While everybody has the right to express themselves, I personally prefer not to show -everything- off because I find that there's something so mysterious and alluring about being a little bit modest! I find 1940's and '50's fashion trends really appealing.

Which movies do you find fashion inspiration from?
xoxo, Brooke

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